What is worst gundam?


Time to settle this

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>easily rigged strawpoll
>settling anything

Please delete your shitty thread and end your life

How can I take this seriously if X isn't an option?

come on now, CE as one entry?
SEED > IBO > Destiny

Where is the Victory option?

Hi Macross World

Looks like MAHQ is still salty as ever

>War in the Shit got a vote

I'm amazed how hated Try is, sure it had problems, but worst in the franchise? Really? And where is Gundam-san?

I thought people liked War in the Pocket and IBO

0080 was pure nonsense and whining

0080 is currently being bashed by frog posters. IBO is really a deep split right now. Tempers are hot since the show is about to end. Personally I dropped ibo on like episode 14. I don't have the right to call it worst anything, I haven't seen it.

War in the Pocket and Turn A are being shit on by G-Recucks because they hate everything that isn't G-Reco.

Prove it, UCfag

No ZZ, this poll is shit and so is the OP.

>Turn A
Another G-Recuck spotted

Gundam-san was at least short enough, Try offended /m/ in such a way that it turned /m/ into a hugbox

S1 or s2?
If it's s2 they get moving in about 2 eps.

Destiny was stupid
AGE was stupid
G-Reco was boring
IBO is boring and stupid
Guess what's the worst Gundam?
why yes, it's Crossbone Steel 7

All this arguing really breaks my heart.
The only truly crap series were SEED/GSD and AGE.
I've enjoyed everything else.

>Enjoying tv wings outside of the ost
Kys yourself my man

Season 1, I dropped it when I found out biscuit had an until then unmentioned brother after Akiro's until then unmentioned brother just died.

>/m/ was still salty over SEED
Amazing despite it being far better than Active Raid or Southern Cross

All of it is equally bad.



I hesitate to say AGE is outright bad because I recognize it's not "for" me. It's explicitly for kids, moreso than Gundam usually is, which explains a lot about its tone and writing.

The Cosmic Era has nothing. The mobile suit designs are boring, the writing is garbage, the art is horrid, and the soundtracks are mediocre. Not even TM fucking Revolution can save it.

IBO is the same as CE, but in that case I like a couple of the mobile suit designs.

I liked everything about G-Reco -but- the writing.

Turn A was fine, just different. It's what G-Reco tried to be, but Tomino wasn't senile during Turn A.

I haven't seen 0080 or Try yet so I don't have an opinion on them.


1. IBO

>I hesitate to say AGE is outright bad because I recognize it's not "for" me. It's explicitly for kids, moreso than Gundam usually is
So is GBF and people love that. Stop this meme that kids shows can't be bad.

>I liked everything about G-Reco -but- the writing.
Found the retard

IBO suits laugh off beam weapons like no other mobile suits in any era.


AGE was at least amusing to watch for their stupidity. Try was dumb shonenshit but at least stuff happened. Those are so bad but at least you can watch them for how dumb they are.
IBO is bad but also boring so that's the fucking worst.

G-shitco < Seed < AGE < Try < War in The Pocket = Turn A

You'd have to be as senile and out-of-touch as Tomino himself to like G-Reco's writing.

No you'd just have to be not stupid.

CE was so bad, I never even touched it.
AGE was so bad, I had to laugh at it.
G-Reco was so bad, it made me sad for Tomino
Try was so bad, I never bothered buying any of the plastic garbage it was shilling.
IBO was so bad, it legit pissed me off at how normies and assorted niggers are so fucking stupid, they'd try to pass it off as something good.

Come on.
No matter how much you hate IBO or G-reco you cant honestly say they are worse than TRY, you just can't.

Why all the hate for IBO?
I understand if stem from the B.S. characters in Team Rustal, *cough* IokJulietaKimarisVidarvsBaelFinalFight *cough*.
But I'm enjoying the ride that is Gundam: Reverse Garma's Revenge

TRY was an insult to the original BF but it was mediocre, not THAT bad.

It's boring and predictable as fuck.

I felt BF Try could have been better if it was longer than 25 eps or least give us a better OVA to end it, if we saw more character develop outside Try Fighters, if they didn't keep teasing us with a psuedo Erupting Burning/God Finger

This. Not to mention the exposition over the same shit, at least in early and mid season 1 before I dropped it. I mean I'm fine with exposition but fuck if it didn't retread or wasn't just boring.

Beyond that most of the characters were boring, hell only two I could stand were McGillis and Galieo. (At least from the sounds of it, they remained the only good parts of the show, and Gali piloted the best suits)

Really it just couldn't invest me, fuck I think it's the only Gundam show I've outright dropped before a half way point. (And the only other show I dropped was Try and even then I gave enough of a shit to watch the Finale and the OVA afterwards)

To be fair, one thing was unpredictable, mainly that McGillis would reveal himself in his manchild glory, but that's like what? 4 or 5 episodes in a 49 episode series from his reveal and to his death?

Why would Gundam-san be there? It's a fucking parody.

>mainly that McGillis would reveal himself in his manchild glory
You mean the retard that wore this in the first season, which wind up being completely pointless, turned out to just be a retard after all? How unpredictable!

>tfw I managed to finish Destiny (first compilation's worth of episodes+SEs 2, 3, & 4) but dropped IBO
I liked IBO's first 3, really 4 episodes, but it just lost so much steam by the time I hit episode 8. I think i had dropped it by 10. The story felt like it was marking time and while I didn't really dislike it, I just didn't care to continue. I feel like it's a show that would be better on a binge watch, rather than weekly, and I'm a little antiquated in my feelings about television serialization, and I usually tend not to enjoy those types of stretched out types of shows. I may revisit it someday.

I haven't watched AGE or Try because they don't look like they're "for me", but out of all the other Gendum, save for 0083 and G-Reco, IBO is the only one I ended up dropping.

pacing poblems are 80% fixed with binge watching for IBO S1.

Only portion that still feels like shit is the Dort Arc, which they padded out purposely to figure out how to extend IBO into 2 seasons.

it's not predictable as fuck

there's no way you could predict Mcgilis' entire plan was based around the archaic belief that Gundam Jesus Bael would auto-win

There's no way you could predict that Lafter wouldn't die in battle, but from a hit job

There's no way you could predict that the Calamity War was basically copying the subplot to Terminator

>results of this poll are going to be like the "Zeta Gundam is a terrible show" poll where Zeta is actually well liked

So right now Seed is winning worst gundam show. Not IBO, not Try, Not age, not G-Reco.

NAH Gendum 00 is fucking worst.

I love the way it looks and character designs, but G-Reco is such a mess. It's worse than the blandness of Seed and Try because it least they are mostly coherent

When it first aired, I gave up on IBO around episode 12. Watching 3 eps a night now and getting through it easy. Think you're right.


>but G-Reco is such a mess
Is G-Reco the perfect test to detect retards?

I feel like it's designed to cater to the Netflix crowd. I really prefer more episodic things. I think my favorite show on TV currently airing is probably Billions. It's got common threads tying each episode together, but each one tells its own story.

It's a little extreme, but way back in the day, one of Marvel Comic's (more infamous) editors' had a saying that "any comic could be someone's first". Like I said, it's a little extreme, and it ends up pigeonholing a lot of ideas, but I think there's definitely some merit to that notion. Like, just as an example, Mad Men's episodes, before its 5th season, and then after (for the most part) used to be like standalone vignette's into Don's life (I think there were a couple almost-two-parters). Time between episodes was hard to determine, but each episodes' recaps were directly relevant to the week's episode, and if there was a relevant detail from a random 2 second shot from 5 eps. prior it was sure to let you know. Basically a primer that needed to be considered part of the episode, as opposed to most shows that omit recaps or just show the last scene of the previous week's episode. Jump to season 5 and the start of an episode was often the next line to be spoken from the previous one. The passing of time was much more deliberately detailed. I don't think it's a coincidence that MM s5 ended up on Netflix at the same time as its massive streaming media push led by House of Cards.

Point is, I don't like watching shows that feel like they're made with the streaming audience in mind on a weekly basis. I don't really even have anything against the made-for-streaming shows, I just don't want muh weekly cereal to be made with some of the production sensibilities of the block release streaming shows as I feel it often leads to things becoming drawn out needlessly.

Sorry for the rant.

I mean what was unpredictable was just how HARD he would slam the chuuni button, Montag was really no worse then MISTAH BUSHIDO, which admittedly was pretty bad but people let it slide because GENDUMB.

it's perfect to detect falseflaggers


8th ms team


Found the shitposter

>G-Reco was boring
I disagree

>IBO was so bad, it legit pissed me off at how normies and assorted niggers are so fucking stupid, they'd try to pass it off as something good.
Dammit this. When I watch IBO, they slow down and stretch out the plot, and constantly repeat the same exposition we already heard the last two episodes. I swear it insults my intelligence and they made the show for retards. Then I come to the threads on /m/, and I see that they were right, their audience really is retarded. The amount of delusions that posters can come up with astounds me.

I'm the exact opposite, I hate how western TV tries to be so episodic all the time. I love that anime is not like that for the most part. Perhaps anime is not for you and you should stick to western tv shows then.

Where is the anno domini option? You put Turn-A and 0080 on there but not 00?

>dropping 0083 & G-reco

Shit taste

>Kys yourself my man
>kill yourself yourself

What did he mean by this?

It's a 3 episode comedy featuring 0079 characters. Completely inoffensive. You might as well include SD Gundam if you're gonna get assblasted by that

>3 episode
meant to say 3-minute long

>3 eps a night
That's because it takes 3 episodes to get through what should've happened in one

I haven't even begun them yet, but I can see how the wording isn't as precise as I'd have liked.

There's a LOT of anime that is episodic.
I don't mind two-parters or things like that, but so much of what I end up watching ends up being episodic.
I watch more animu than I do western dramas.

>lack of Zeta
Meme poll only, 0/10.

inb4 "MUH BAEL" comment

Meme comment, 10/10

just the movie


Yes because you totally won't just make a new poll a few weeks later if you don't get the results you like.

G-Reco is set 500 years after Turn A.

G-Reco is set 1,000 years after the Universal Century.

Mobile suits from the OYW are present in Jaburo in G-Reco.

The Moonlight Butterfly was supposed to destroy all technology on Earth.

It's shit writing and you're a retarded motherfucker for not being able to notice how it makes no sense.

>the most popular entry is the most disliked
This poll accurately summarizes /m/.

>Why all the hate for IBO?

I don't know about season 2 since I didn't bother watching it but season 1's hate was due to it wasting like 13 episodes doing fucking nothing but giving exposition dumps to things we've already known for awhile. Also the fight scenes that did occur about every two episodes were complete ass.

Jaburo is completely underground and had been abandoned since Zeta. Its no surprise that suits were still intact


>G-Reco below AGE

Retards really flipped a switch with this show.

The only unpredictable thing that happened was Orga dying two episodes before the end because surprise henchmen. And maybe Julietta not getting turned into a suit but that's because that mechanic girl got so much focus just to end up being nothing but a red herring so they weren't playing it fair to begin with.

>G-Reco is such a mess
If there's one thing Reco wasn't, it's being a mess. Was it bloated? Yes, quite so at times. Was it a mess? No, that's AGE and Destiny.

IBO is a show for foggots, fujos, normies like galifags

>Then I come to the threads on /m/, and I see that they were right, their audience really is retarded
>The amount of delusions that posters can come up with astounds me
What did you expect from a show where all the praise is a list of memes?

>list of memes
You forgot the gross amount of fanboyism, faggotry and homo shopping

>CE obviously winning the shittiest gendum award
no surprise here

Where's G-Savior?

Live Action

>The autists trying to force the 'Destiny and G-Reco are actually good!' and 'Turn A and 0080 are SHIIIIIIIT' memes BTFO



And it's obvious this fandom is currently in the middle of a civil war

Honesly in a way I dislike Wing, X, and even G Gundam to an extent more thsn these shows because of the bad animation and overuse of stock footage. Its forgivable because of the loe budgets animation studios were working with in Japan at the time and the fact that many other studios handled that situation worse, but there's no way it doesn't take away from them on rewatching.
As far as story and characters go I think G-Reco focused on too large a cast and suffered from having to go out in the mobile suits every week which caused a lot of bizarre episodes, like the one where they clean space debris, and also took away time they could have used exploring more completely the different places they went to. Most of the other gundam shows that have that formula are set in worlds more like modern times or a historical setting" like 0079 or Turn A, so they avoid that problem by having the viewer's own knowledge fill in the blanks.

Might be in the minority here but even with all of the issues SEED-Destiny has, I'd rather rewatch it or even the worse HD REMASTERED version over forcing myself to go through IBO's two seasons again.

Destiny is garbage.

But I personally don't see IBO even being better then that.

IBO fans are in the minority.

>IBO fans are in the minority.
However what they lack in numbers they make up for in power/influence such as ANN.

>IBO fans are in the minority.
fujos and normies

>Why all the hate for IBO?
Because season 1 was very much really really bad?

>bad animation
>boring fights (literally its not hyperbole or even strenuous exaggeration that every fight boils down to boring clash in close combat with ineffective ranged fire and the same cycle repeats of Mika hitting them h arder)
>hardly any action
>hardly any GOOD action on top of that
>long stretches of nothing happening in S1
>final fights has one of the show antagonist kills being hand-waved
>characters are generally unsympathetic and feel more like plot-devices with mouths
>transparent theme of "evil adults" ad naseum slammed into the viewer/audience over and over again
>repeat some of that without the "long bits of no action" part
>bad melodrama
I don't really get why people seem to act as if IBO is the second coming of Gundam series as far as AU's go. The show really baffles me as to why it even has a following.

Pretty much