I'm into Veeky Forums. Mostly tabletop miniature games. My main focus is miniature painting. The actual gaming is a pleasant divergence when I have time. I used to be really into the gaming aspect of it, going to tournaments and the like. But as I get more into a career the playtime suffers.

So you're one of those people who hate their job but still spend at least 40hrs/week there?


I see nothing wrong in planning you hobby time. In fact, I think it's pretty much mandatory if you're serious about it. It helps to enjoy the process uninterrupted, and enjoy good results at the end of the process.

I like to race my BMX bike, play vidya, watch anime and read visual novels, collect figures, and collect vinyl records.

>Masturbating to hentai

I spend hours every day watching hentai/reading eromanga/etc., it's very pleasurable, like doing drugs but without the side effects. Endorphins for days.