pls buy my bags

damn nice tip user thanks I'm buying 100 btc worth soon

haha np just doing my fellow bitziens a favor haha

How high do you need it to get to dump your bags?


I'm not worried though because ripple will triple soome haha

Wow at last! I am so happy, I can't wait. Finally! Hurray!!!! What great news!

It's gonna be great! Hurrrrraayyyyyyyyy

Just added to my own XRP margin position as well. It just HAS to go up soon r-right?

haha we are going to the moon my friend i sure hope biz joins us haha

whales have kept the price down for so long it is bound moon moon 1000% haha! set your sells at 10$! haha macd rsi ichimoku ema cloud triangle elliot wave are trigger in the reverse batman moonwave formation pattern haha

haha any day now friend ;)

haha that is definitely the reverse batman position cant haha wait haha that red cloud at the end there is just a joke right? haha funny haha silly whale try to trick us haha

xrp only up from here!!!1


wow guys pump so hard and fast only -0.86% 24 hours now!!

really glad I bought this instead of litecoin 3 weeks ago haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No no not "any day." It has finally arrived! All the time wasted bagholding XRP when I could have been swing trading something profitable is FINALLY going to pay off!

The ort cloud / Eliot Rogers formation makes it clear, we're mooning at last! Now! Now! Now! Now!

OP is talking to himself again

desu the ichimoku clouds are looking pretty good on short and midterm. about to twist to green again

haha wow look at folume so big!! we are going to hit 100k in volume really soon haha!! just like the good aold days!!!

OP is excited because XRP is finally mooning!!! I'm excited too!!!

Calloo, Callay, XRP is mooning!!!!

send your cripples to QUICK!

already send them a bag mine :))))

noice m8

no why sell ripple will tripple tonight!!! haha!!!

it will be big explosion haha price so steady so long haha only moon from now on haha future is here haha thailand and japan bank connection already haha real owlrd juse case ahaha 4 seconds transfer 60% reduce fee hahaaaa

dont bet against jews haha it even looks like a fidget spinner haha

Bancor Bag Holder here.

This shit is depressing. How the fuck can these jews not do anything to get some much needed life support injected into their fucking token?

I am truley sorry for your lots. You should have bought XRP, since it's about to MOON, any second now!


cripple and banks and shit yeah we rich soon


When will they ever learn?

It's going to clog this board up so hard if it finally ever does.

any moment now!!!!!

I'm ready! It's happening, it's happening! Bang, Zoom!

I'm about to dump my 100m.


Fucking merk, kek.

what the fuck are you guys doing not monitoring XEM, it's ACTUALLY mooning.

Calloo- Callay! No work today!

That is the saddest tiny pathetic meme triangle I have ever seen. I feel like I ought to take it home and try to nurse it back to health only for it to inevitably expire at my tender, regretful fingertips.

say what you want, the green candles k-keep coming1!

We're cabbages and kings!

haha dont fall for the bear trap guys haha


hey guys look haha whales putting up a haha wall to accumulate haha guess a month and a half wasn't a long enough time for them to accumulate haha dont get squeezed out haha its just bitcoin pumping haha

Hope so. Been holding since that left shoulder. Target 13000 sats

Lmao and there's not even a triangle there. He's got one bottom candle

haha wow guys natural growth coming soon haha

wow its gone now totally normal haha

Feels good to be going to sleep 100% rcck-solid certain that XRP is going to SKYROCKET and I'm going to wake up to find it hit (and probably passed) my .0002 sell trigger.

So excited about this! Thanks, XRP!!! ! ! ! !!!!

haha good night fellow user there is no way we get margin called tonight haha!