Buy 4CHN

Buy 4CHN

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don't forget blockfolio


Care to elaborate?


w00t w00t giving 200 coins to first three dubs or bigger

4chn also on blockfolio now


now to send some BTC to novaexchange to get me some cheap 4CHN before they go up




hell yeah

Fake and Gay! if it was worth 1$ i would be so happy.

there was a sale right now in novaexchange, for 1 BTC price
0.00010542 4CHN
like it always happens when a coin is starting in any exchange all the time for some fucking reason

where the dubs at?


in my pants



I beg

I will compensate for the lack of one lower value digit by posting some dank 4CHN meme. Cheers!

boom there goes first one



already done baby see you on the moon





I like btc but I wouldn't kick a 4chn out of bed.


Your coin is already dead hashlets


You're up m8. Give us screenshots of the transaction. Show these no coiners the potential of this coin

Tell Nova exchange to change the Veeky Forums logo plz.


still one dubs left!

Did the ASICs stop mining memes? Is it a good time to hop in with a 1070?

enough with the stolen memes already.

oops wrong image


Mah nigga. You should get your adress sorted so you can get tipped

Thnx for free 200 4CHN. I love 4CHN people! Please, give me the Discord channel to the 4CHN community.




What's these.

I would not mind more 4CHN for another dubs here. CTPfonmoTHJ68tzLhyd98rbD92K83W3j2U

le roll


Wow, i made another dub roll here. CTPfonmoTHJ68tzLhyd98rbD92K83W3j2U

easiest coins of my LIFE

tfw he delivers

o fug I'm late, oh well


Will try to make OC for tips.

pls join this channel, i appear to be banned from urs



Lord dubs pl0x

Someone, please, share the official 4CHN Discord link. There are some people willing to support this coin.

No there aren't. No one is mining and the coin was dead on arrival did to scrypt. Delete this scam and start over with a fork that uses an also that is ASIC resistant.

There is. I was one it before I got kicked out.








we might soon see tipping bot for dubs and trips Stay tuned and stop rolling :^)

If you're using Nova then remember to sell for LTC, KIC, ESP2 and DOGE. Not everyone on that exchange operates in BTC, there are buy orders in those markets.



is it working?


donate to help me rent a mining rig... ill pay it forward

at least they plan on dumping over the course of a few years

What's the maximum number of 4CHN which can be mined? If the faggot took more than 5% then this coin is a scam.

i've heard that 9 million is 30% of the total
Devs also "accidentally" lost 500,000 or more to other wallets while doing "tests" so they can spend and it wont be from their wallets

what i was thinking. they can dump from this "accident" wallet instead of their dev wallet

30m total. 9m premined. .5m lost to stranger. .05m mined by community over last week

a good partition of premine will be burn, and rest is shared to devs and community.
be there or be square.

That's fairly outrageous... 1/3 in dev's pocket to dump, more than 1% - significantly more than anyone will mine in foreseeable future - waiting to be dumped. Fucked.