My 600 pound life - Steven Assanti

First episode of the Top Fat Trillogy "The Assanti Brothers" is out

Who is this Steven Assanti you say?
Jim explains it

Will watch it now, made this tread to banter about it, join if you want

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That pic

it's obvious the guy has mental issues

Wait.. what? Steven Assanti will have a trillogy on my 600 pound life!!
Oh lawd, now i have to watch this show


"It sounds like the perfect storm of disfunction is coming" - Dr. Now ( man god)

What the fuck, can I really watch the entire episode outside the US on the official site, or will it eventually show me a screen asking me to sign in?

> No sense of morality
> Literally overgrown manchild
> Not a shred of kindness or remorse for his actions

Just fucking put it down.

What the fuck is this interlacing? Can people working for a tv channel not edit a fucking video properly?

Do you guys think Steven likes pizza?

This guy is just like Jason Blaha.

most fatties do

>when you're so fat even the encoder doesn't know where your real face starts



What is fits fascination with this show? I've never seen an episode

Anyone else feel a little bit for Justin? Seems nice and pretty chill. Steven is such an asshole. He blatantly only wanted to walk around the hospital to visit and torment Justin.

It is similar to slowing down when you drive by a car accident so you can gawk

James and Steven are great eps because it's like a really bad accident

No, not really. Justin had Olympic caliber mobility compared to Steven. If he wanted to he could just waddle over and smash his brother's nose with a frying pan whenever he feels like it. He assumes a victim role much too easily and probably constantly bemoans the unjust plight that is his existence on some reddit version of r9k.

Justin was born to suffer, so suffer he must. I feel nothing.

>800 pound disgusting lazy piece of shit flesh mountain
>glorious Last Samurai hair

>be me, fit, healthy, hard working, overly conscious about my health
>going bald at 15


I lost it when he tore out his hair for fun. JUST

The dad cracks me up. He just dumped his son and ran. And his accent when gets smarmy with fat boy is hilarious.

For anyone who havnt seen it

onwatchseries dot ac/link/

Jesus fuck the two of them are perfect r9k stereotypes.

How do people let themselves get in that state

being addicted to pills and pizza , i pity him

lel ty brah

It's stunning that Steven can even walk at 650lbs

From now til the day I die I will always pronounce the word "pizza" in that thick Rhode Island accent.

>medical RV

okay him being disgustingly fat aside, does he have some form of autism?

Steven enjoyed the hospital attention way too much, last night TLC put extra facts on the screen and one of them said that he kept using his tablet to take photographs of the female nurses. I'm sure he bullied them on purpose too.

some internet commentators think he might be a sociopath or have some type of narcissistic disorder, not to mention that his obvious pain med addiction

the younger brother looks like a classic "adult child of alcoholic" case

Are all three eps out? Late to class because I had to finish watching the first one. Dr. Now is fucking amazing man. Sets those consequences. But fuck I wish like... bob Harper or something is his at home caretaker and just yell at him all day.

The first episode aired on the 29th, so part 2 will be out next wednesday

This fat ass was on Dr Phil 10 yrs ago. He's just a scammer trying to get more drugs and PIZZA.

>he might be a sociopath

This. For sure. He's not a normal human being, he has no empathy and he thrives on causing others pain.

His brother is just a damaged kid, he could probably be saved if Steven wasn't around.

>he's not a normal human being

What was your first clue? The fact that he weighs 800 lbs?


>he broke the fucking bed

no, i think he is more deplorable than his brother because he points criticism at his brother constantly but doesn't know he shouldn't be talking; he only weighs 200 pounds less than him. He is also a fucking baby

Okay.... serious question. I can kind of guess at the answers but I want to ask anyway...

Why not just literally cut away chunks of him?

good question . i dont know
but in the previous ep thats what they did
>fatty lost weight
>no surgery
>start choppin off bowling ball lumps from leg
but that lady had all her extra weight in her legs

i think it's mainly that making large incisions and inflicting large wounds through surgery is dangerous. Obesity also increases the risks of surgery. A lot of the bariatric surgeries on the show are laparoscopically for this reason. And also that without lifestyle intervention you'd expect them to continue eating the same way that got them there in the first place.

The crosstalk between these two organs is vital to both metabolic and vascular homeostasis. On the one hand, adipose tissue is highly vascularized, and maintenance of ample supply of blood flow is essential for both expansion and metabolic functions of adipose tissue.

tl;dr they would either bleed to death or their bodies would die from shock, the palm of your hand is around 1% of your skins surface area so look at one of those fat fucks and do the math.

How the hell do these people have the money to eat so much all the time.

>dat loose skin

Holy christ. Talk about paying for your sins.

Anyone else have trouble loading that stream? Is it on youtube though?

Is James going to be topped for worst ever fat piece of shit on the show?

Send the damn dad to a shrink...

[call button intensifies]

>Daddy won't buy you pizza anymore
>nurses take away your hospital trendies
>no more drugs to soothe my pains from no food in 45 seconds
>doctor no no tells me I need to behave
>throw my piss bottles at the evil nurses
>doctor no no tells me I have to leave

"no please give me a second chance i'm sorry...."


Episode had doctor Now at his most savage.

i can't stop laughing

The best part is when the brother is like "stop enabling it's runining you and him" and mister boston is like "it's nunyah business" and gets mad.

Honestly it's part the mom's fault because those two kids both have fetal alcohol syndrome hard and the dads for not laying the smack on both of them.

The younger brother has a chance with some therapy, distance and Doctor Now. Older brother is gone, either just institutionalize him or get an appointment with doctor buckshot at the behind the shed clinic.

Why can't they do full-body liposuction?

Stevens brother Justin is a savage btw lmao here's some gold...

The body can't handle the damage and blood loss/shock will get you and if that doesn't get you the infections will and after surviving that you could just get a fat emboli and stroke out. That is if you don't die on the table from the stress of simple anesthesia.

Watch the recovery they go through after skin surgery and now add on the hundreds of lbs of fat and all the biological support it requires and how long it would take to remove.Their heart can't take that level of stress.

mods? or are you say you went bald at 15

>go live with mom
>they both get fat living with mom
>mom's bf is violent towards them
>go live with dad
>the dad denies pizza
>him and steven hit eachother
>steven called the cops
>threatened to press charges unless dad buys pizza
>dad is now steven's bitch
all of this is backstory, i can't believe this

I wonder if they still have sexual urges or masturbate.

Oh. That makes sense, I guess.

That scene was actually exactly the one that made me make the post.

I mean ok, I'm cynical enough to... "appreciate"... the entertainment value but trufacts: the whole damn family needs therapy for any of them to have a semblance of a normal life.

Watch a liposuction, it's fucking brutal. It's a giant milkshake thick needle and the they just ram it into the fat and scrape away at it, fat cells blood vessels and all. If you're small and it's not in a critical area it's fine but these people, nope.

Definitely doesn't seem like Justin was being bulled by his brother like he accused him of it seems like the other way around.

Steven was a manipulative dick and was easily bullying his brother by using him for whatever he wanted.

Watch the scene where they both get admitted to the hospital and fat steve waddled into justin's room to badger him to stay in the hospital and get weight loss help not because he cared but just so he had someone familiar nearby.

Steve would use every tactic to get what he wanted, threats, tantrums, intimidation etc. Bullying isn't the right word but he was abusive.

What was Steve's lunch in hospital?

Looked like oats, scrambled eggs and some meat patty

No. Around 350 lbs the fat reaches a point where it reduces your libido to like 0.

>so my dad hit me, then I hit him and then I called the police and my dad got arrested
>then he said to me to drop the charges and he will buy me a large pizza
>so I did
not even once


Is this going to be a three-parter

Justin is just as nutty. When finally put into a position where he couldn't point to his brother, he went full tism (not making eye contact and watching Dr Now through the phone). Even with no Steven and being a NEET, Justin "doesn't have time to lose weight" while being 600 lbs.

He only looks good by comparison. In all likelihood, JUSTin is as neurotic (in different ways) as his brother

Got to eat big to get big


>broke the titanium bed in the medical rv

in addition to the 'they might die' reasons other people have listed

They only approve people for surgery if they show a willingness to change

There is no point cutting the fat off a fat person if they just make themselves fat all over again

Justin is JUST as manipulative and like I said was more of an instigator then Steven. He didn't show it at all but here's another video of him when of how he actually acts when he's not on national TV. And besides I don't blame the fat fuck for trying to get his brother to stay in Texas with him for support as the guy needs it just as much as him.

Really now? Yeah, Justin's an angel...lmfao

does anyone else with they ram a private/remote weightloss clinic where you could abuse the fat people into losing weight. they'd have no contact with the outside world, and no one would ever believe them

like one of them starts throwing a tantrum so you just blast them with a firehose or some shit

and you could do it completely with a clear conscience knowing you're saving their lives

Thats my dream

Fucking saved. This shit is like a r9k greentext brought to life

>but that lady had all her extra weight in her legs


>watch it,

>first one to lose 50 pounds gets to stay in my hospital

Can we use these guys as HAES models?
Because, you know, they're OBVIOUSLY healthy?

>eats pepperoni and cheese pizza all the time

Pepperoni is disgusting. I don't how people order that shit

How did no one post this video yet?

The first time I was told by someone they knew I would be bald was freshmen year of a trade high school, sitting in plumbing class. This was 7 years ago. I'm nearly full mr clean mode now. i just shave it.

But jesus that fat fucks hair is god damn glorious. Theres almost nothing I wouldnt do for that mane.

Watch it family, this assanti story is actually great. Guy has some serious mental shit tho

Would it be murder if you overfeed that fat guy with all the stuff that is bad for a person. Like actively trying to go for a cardiac arrest.

Justin comes across as pretty depressed, but salvageable. It is all well and good saying you are going to do it on your own, but as we all know a substantial change in lifestyle takes commitment and can be hard. Fuck having to do that at 600+, I don't even want to know what his current diet looks like.

I hope Justin turns it around. Steven is a lost cause, but will be interesting to see what happens to him none the less. On a side note, have there been many 600+ people who have managed to get back down to a "normal" weight through diet and exercise alone and no surgery?

you do realise that won't work? which is why you dont see medical professionals supporting it?

It worked pretty well in Germany.

It sounds like fun though

>But jesus that fat fucks hair is god damn glorious

until he fucking tore it out

> when steven assanti is a better shakespeare character than you could hope to be

of course it would work. they wouldnt have any access to food other than the controlled portions I gave them. it would be impossible for them not to lose weight

the abusing stuff is unnecessary, but I want to