What does Veeky Forums do for a living?
How badly does your work fuck up you gains?

Night shift gas station. Studying also. Looking at potentially going into car sales for extra dosh.

Not really. Biphasic sleeping is a godsend and helps me also get sunlight. I lift as soon as I finish my shifts, smash my breakfast and then crash for 2-4hrs. Wake up, shake, and either swim, martial arts or paint models depending on the day. Then it's back to sleep for another 3-4hrs

I'm going to get my GED in April. Then move 30 miles west and become an electrician hopefully.

29 yo neet here

what norton movie is this btw

Had to quit. Coworkers were hired slim and healthy turned injured and at least overweight after 6 months.

Work as a teacher
>dem 17 year old girl mires I can't do anything about


Teach at a private school though thankfully so at least the student know not to be literal degerates all the time

fight club

Fight Club

I'm in the military. Kind of. Air Force. Sucks for gains because I work all the time and I'm constantly stressing. But the food is free because I'm on a remote tour and I have plenty of gym time. Just have to contend with the colossal retards that inhabit every base gym.

Bruh you ever noticed that the girls that are 14-17 are starting to get taller and have bigger asses/tits

like the fuck mang? Is our food being pumped with more roids?

damn, I watched it so many years ago I guess I forgot this scene



> Work as a teacher
>dem 17 year old girl mires I can't do anything about
I would do stuff to them their younger brothers wouldn't even imagine.

28 yo neet here

Nope nope nope. All my fucking nope. Instantly regretted getting an education degree and went back to study business. Fuck that temptation, not worth it.

How busy are you/how many hours a week do you work?

IT Consultant. I usually work out 4 times a week, for 1-1.5 hours each day. Probably dyel for fit standards.

It looks good in the normie world, most people prefer it to gross roidfags. If you just want to be in shape and look attractive it is more than enough, if you didn't already fall for the body dysmorphia.

6'1'' and 187 lbs.

I'm 26 and I have no idea what to do with my life. This is my 4th year in college, but I'm still a sophomore. I've dropped so many classes that I think I'm probably going to get kicked out this semester.

As of now I work at a gas station and holy shit I really don't want to do this anymore. I've been told to go into IT because there are a lot of people in it that don't have degrees, but I'm not sure if I'm smart enough for it.

i work at an amazon warehouse

I'm neet that's about to wage slave and sell all my vidya. I'm probably not going sell for half of what's worth retail but shipping individually sucks.

Used to work at Walmart, it was awful
There are people that literally come in just to fuck with you, old people that have nothing better to do than argue with you about prices as if your minimum wage ass has any authority.

I'm in school for engineering, hoping to get an internship or something this summer.

I'm a chef at wendy's

Accountant, or should I say, rockstar accountant!

In my 20s, maybe comptroller or budget director in a few years. CFO by 40? I can dream!

I have to sit a lot. Got a standing desk too. The fiscal year kind of ebbs and flows so sometimes I'm busy 12 hours a day, others I can go on two hour long walks. Lift every morning before work.

How many hours do you usually work a week?

anyone work in finance here? Im a finance student who needs help with direction. What field should I go into? Is there money to be made in finance? will i lose all my gains?

IT Technician, inbetween jobs now so I got all the time I need.

Normally around 45, occasionally 50-60 but only a few weeks during big bids, budget season, or some emergency audit.

Warehousing manager / senior scrap purchaser

Small warehouse for a recycling company. Bretty good for gains, lots of heavy lifting and time on my feet. Plus the company is paying for some of my school and the health package covers massages and physio

Enterprise Architecture.
I'm more qualified than 99% of Veeky Forums, which by it self in not much of an accomplishment, but still feel good.

construction manager

hours are long, fairly stressful, leaves me tired at the end of the day. I do 2 full body workouts during the week and one on the weekend to fit everything in.

Gains are a little slow, since I frequently slip up on my diet and rest is never enough but, I get to be outside a lot and the pay is pretty good.

This is me except I'm 25, and I work night shifts at a grocery store.
You're not alone but we're both fucked.

Im a lawyer.
The only negative thing its getting only 6 hours of sleep.

trying to get into medschool
if i fail i will just finish my chem eng degree

I am going to be office rat my whole life.
>futute lawfag reporting in
Been intern in law firm for 1 year, gain almost 10kg. Never gonna let this happen again.

Small business owner but thinking of selling in the future. The hours and the stress just aren't worth what I'm making anymore.

NOC analyst(IT). Work a night shift about 3/5 days I'll have about 6 hours of watching YouTube. Training to be a Business Analyst slowly so I can get paid more and have a social life in 2 years or so.

Come home, play a game of DotA, lift, make food and then sleep for around 9 hours and then go into work at 10pm

>used to be NEET between 16-18
>decide to do something
>two years college
>two years uni
>got first job interview next week with British Airways Engineering

I'm nervous as fuck to be honest. I'm just an autist in disguise at the end of the day

>NEET between 16-18
What about highschool?

Used to be a car sales consultant myself, good work to get into but very high pressure and a lot of negotiating, hope you're good with people

I recognize this

Office drone.

All day I sit on my ass wishing I was drunk.

All night I make it real.

Terrible for gains

What kind of office work do you do?

Bouncer at a bar
Security for a institution

Just about finished with my personal trainer and nutritionist course.

Qualified faggot

Who here is a college drop out?

I feel like college just isn't for me. I have failed too many classes and I just can't seem to get myself to go to class anymore. I don't know what I'll do if I drop though. As of now I work in retail and I don't want to do this forever, but since I can't do well in college I feel like I am stuck here forever.

for those who did drop, how is your life now?

Hey bro,

I did the college thing for two years, dug a hole with debt for being indecisive, and work as a salesmen now.

I have good months and bad, but the debt is the worst. If you are close, even remotely, at least get fucking something.

Im paying 27k for jack shit.

Dont make my mistakes, user.

>tfw not born to rich parents so I have to wageslave away into eternity
Somebody save me from the hell that is reality.

UK here. Finished secondary school and didn't go to sixth form. Just became a total freak for two years.

Well I went to community college and also got financial aid. When I transferred a 4 year school I had to take out a few loans. I only owe like 5k so far in loans, so I guess its not too bad.

I'm not close to being done. Because I failed a fuck ton of classes I have to retake them. I was supposed to be done with my degree last year, but I'm so behind that its almost sad.

Idk man I just feel lost in life.
Good thing my retail job is flexible. I have a enough time to get a good workout in and still eat pretty clean. I really don;t want to do this forever though.


Good wage, work part time, have enough time to play vidya, lift and go out

I'm a baker at a local family-owned place right now, going for my EMT certs this fall and then potentially law enforcement

Inb4 bootlicker

I work in construction, HVAC to be precise. My first week I was too fucking exhausted to even make dinner after work, I was also really very awfully fat though. I started meal prepping because construction is long days and started losing weight. After a while I took up lifting again and after another while I started some jogging and even later I started playing rugby. I still skip training sporadically but more because I'm home late, not because I'm so exhausted anymore.

I used to work as a pizza cook and do odd jobs (unskilled labor, paint prep, cleaning shit) on the side where I could often make over 20 bucks an hour cash. I saved a bunch of money,quit working, and spend my time at home with mummy and daddy working out, doing school work, and watching anime. Now I have an academic scholarship for more than full tuition to a good school, going in initially for a stem degree but likely switching to a math dual major with whatever humanities meme degree I feel like. I dont like working so I try to work as little as possible by saving money from all my jobs and getting as much financial aid for school as possible.

Student currently. Working towards a degree in Finance. I can probably do alright with exercising after work, since I don't often let being exhausted stop me from going to the gym.

I put glass units together. Only way it fucks with my gains is that I have to get up early.

Currently in LEO academy. I am propably going to get a degree on law or something after graduating because it would help my career or I could just switch to civilian side of life if I get tired of being a cop.

Student currently in Optometry school.
>tfw considering seppuku due to muh loans

I'm not murican so I don't have any loans or stuff like that but when I dropped out of higher education I learned a trade and it was the best thing I ever did. I make good money and my future is looking brighter than it would have when I would've had a degree.

I'm this btw

how hard is HVAC to get into? what's the pay? what's your daily work like?

Trying to decide whether to go into something medical or do a trade...

Im in the military. We run and do body weight shit as a unit in the morning at 530am, break at 630, be back for work at 730. Get a 2 hour lunch to go lift at the gym from 11am to 1pm. Go home for the day at 330pm.
It ruins my gains when we dont get our 2 hour lunch. Those days suck but are rare. Maybe once a month.

Fucked around in community College but set to graduate with a double major in accounting/finance this December. Currently work delivering pizzas making ~15 hour. I just want to reach 1/2/3/4 for reps and be making over 50k. Almost there brehs

host at a shitty chain restaurant. just finished a big 4 public accounting internship and got a full-time job offer for next summer/fall.

>60-65 hour/week busy season
>up to 1.5 hour commute with traffic if i get a shitty client
>bye bye gains!

But you'll get a lot of dosh which means more sloots.

The IT is constantly out of people and even without education you can get a great job offers if you actually know the practical things. I have a friend who was in a very similar situation like you guys. Failed like 4 years of uni in row, but he started learning in Unity to make games. He started on his own game and worked on it diligently. He landed a job in the game industry and making just a bit less then me and I have masters. They asked him to make a simple android game for them. And of all the people who submitted theirs, his was the best.

I work for my nation TSO in the IT team that mediates the company requirements to the external IT firms. Cozy, secure job with nice benefits and alright pay.

$55k/yr is good money but it's not a lot

Well funnily enough I first studied nursing and I wasn't able to finish it, a mix of being tired of school and studying and just being a lazy pos in general. I got into HVAC after I dropped out by doing an adult education (literally translating here srry) and learning to become an electrician. I started working as an electrician and I wanted to specialise and develop my trade so I started looking for some more education like domotica and industrial electrician. But then a good friend of mine told me to get into HVAC and more specifically ventilation technician, his dad owns a now huge construction company and they needed ventilation technicians badly. So they sponsored that education for me and I got a real nice job with them, I further developed in HVAC by learning heating and soon I'll be learning cooling techniques(?). So I kinda got lucky because of my 'connections' but HVAC is booming in general so it shouldn't be too hard to get into even without knowing anyone.

truck driver
i eat roller dogs

The fuck nigs, do you live in Jewyork?

What do you think is the easiest thing to do in IT? I've thought about going into it, but since I don't have much exp in it I don't want to get too stressed out learning something that very difficult.

Depends on what you want to do. I have fraternity brothers who were finance economics double majors and went into investment banking - they work easily 80-90 hour weeks and are the bitch boys but in 5 years will be making 7 figures. Obviously working 80-90 hrs a week leaves little to no time for gym unless your dedicated.

Other career paths include sales, family banking, financial analysis, actuarial science (if you're good at stats), or any general business job.

Whoops, I forgot to answer your other questions
>what's the pay?
Well right now I'm making 2200 euros net a month on paper, usually there's another 600 to 800 euros cash in hand. When I first started as an electrician it was only about 1600 net a month plus about 500 cash in hand.
>what's your daily work like?
Well simply said installing ventilation shafts and heating at construction sites. A lot of heavy machinery and lifting shafts and pipes. I won't lie, it's physically demanding. At the office it's mostly designing plans and working with the other tradesmen and architects.

i'll be working near niggerdelphia

Economist here for the fed. 10/10 work balance life, gym in my building, money gains, life's p good.

Fuck you I'm jealous, the NY fed didn't hire me :(
Hopefully the DC area one will be more interested in me but a lot of the gov't jobs for econ dried up when trump signed the executive order

College coach. Get a lot of activity prepping for and holding practice, but I also get to use the athletic weightroom. It's nice.

6:00am: wake, coffee, breakfast
6:20am: train in home gym
7:20am: shower
7:30am: start freelance soft dev from home
12:00pm: take a break - make some lunch or go out with a friend
3:00pm: finish what I set out to do for work - schedule is open after that
6:00pm: dinner - on a weekend I'll go out with friends or hookup on tinder
10:00pm: bed

Only work a couple months a year depending on the employer.

Serving in a restaurant is the way to go. Make around $150 a night, cash in hand, don't have to be at work til 5 so I have all day to lift/vidya/fap, and I get to sleep in. Also have a sugar momma girlfriend that handles all the bills. Got it made

Lads, how much does GPA matter at all when getting a job? I'm graduating with econ and comp sci in a few months with a 2.8 gpa. I think im gonna focus on comp sci b/c of the higher earning potential.

In the end, all that matters is that you're competent enough to do the job and to make money for your boss.

If you have connection, you'll be pretty good.

Make sure to establish connections with at least one of your professors, they're quite important after you get your degree.

Okay /fit, I'm deciding between Computer Science (Cyber Security concentration) or some sort of Business major.

I want to have a nice, comfy job, not the manual labor or retail wageslave shit. Also I'd like to make loads of money. Any advice? I start uni this fall (yes I'm 18)

Thanks, I'm a much better worker than I am student because of the immediate compensation for my time (pay) so I think I'll do fine in a professional work environment.

Cyber security, best possible field to go into right now in my opinion. The world is becoming more tech dependent and people are even less knowledgeable about the devices they interact with as time goes on. If you do Comp Sci you can open up your own cyber security business...if you go business you'll have a tougher time opening up a cyber security shop.

Im a sea captain.

My gains help me battle the bastard ocean.

I live in a major banking city in the US, so that's why I'm so split on my decision. Both paths could lead to success, but I don't want to end up somewhere I regret.

how do you pass interviews

so far had two and i didnt research the company on the first one and he kept giving me chances to bullshit about what i know but i couldnt give enough fucks to try, the second one asked me what my 5 year plan is basically told them i'm not gonna stay in this shit job i got other plans lmao

There is no such thing as too stupid for IT. You can learn most of programming languages to degree where you can be a code monkey at some big corporation, climbing little ladder to earn more monies, and the monies are quite good there usually. You need some brain to be good in some IT careers, tho.

Did you have to go to a certain school for both or how did you do it? Thats what I'm looking into

I was tricked into believing i needed a university education. Thankfully, dropped out after a mere 2 years. Now i'm job searching.

I'm a first year med student at an Ivy league. Trying desperately to maintain gains

I know most college's will have a personal trainer course about 3 months long.

There are also a few very reputable online course. Takes anywhere from 10 weeks to 4 months to complete depending on you.

I went the online route. It just fit in a lot better with my schedule. Both courses threw the same school.

Not that user, but also in IT. Mobile applications are quite a hype now, so learning how to program Android/iOS (or both) is not a bad idea, but from my personal point of view it's fucking terrible. I would suggest going through programmer offers in your area and learning language that is most needed - which probably will be Java or C#

what lol

Pilot, USAF

Career is GOAT for gains. Gyms are free, and Air Force gyms tend to be well stocked, and the pilot community is Chad as it gets - so gym bros are easy to come by.

Gym instructor.

Obviously not bad for physical gains. Shit for mental gains though. Everything I do is related to fitness and I struggle to find time or interest for anything unrelated.

Shit user, how is that? Im thinking of getting an MPA from McCombs

RAF has shit standards for fitness compared to army, navy and especially RM. Are you sure it's not the same over in Burgerland?

I started codecademy a few days ago. I'm learning HTML so far. Its kinda interesting, but from what I heard from STEM majors is that I won't be able to get any job with that.

that's the most bad-ass job i can imagine, i'm jelly

That's true. If you want to make websites aka be a frontend developer learn JavaScript or .NET (aka C# in disguise).