MSGO - Mobile Suit Gundam Online General

>Basic Info
Mobile Suit Gundam Online is a F2P third person shooter set in the Universal Century of the Gundam franchise. The game features massive battles of over 100 players as well as small scale battles 6v6.

NOTE: A VPN is required to play JP but not TW.

>Getting Started

>Japan Guilds (Server 1)
Federation: Brightslap
Zeon: NEO-GOONSA, WhitePiggu

>TW Guilds

>Japanese Wiki (Use Google Translate)

>I'm having errors when trying to launch the game

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It's real fuckin hard to use the 'I found an enemy' preset voice when The O is heading towards a repair pod full of 'teammates', isn't it?

It doesn't really help as much as you'd think. If anything, it just confuses people. Better than silence, but it isn't a clear solution to a sudden rape machine.

Saw this, thought it was neat. I like players dedicated to their suitfu.

Say, how long would it take to get enough tickets for those?

Wouldn't it be 200 days? And it seems a little impractical to run four of such a low cost suit, even two would be enough to have one constantly ready.

so what suits have been recently added(like within the last 3-4 months or so)?

Damage report everyone. Did you get what you want from the event gacha?

You got what you want from DX Volume 40 before it goes into the pickup gacha where all tickets die?

Or did SONANS paid a visit to your daily match?

They are actually running 8, the space ones are different due to module loadout.

4 is overkill, but still, it's dedication to something that isn't a grunt suit with a cheap blueprint.

blasting a zook their way works much better than that.


I got fucking nothing unless you count the S Gundam but all the weapons seem pretty bad to me.

I love the onion tank so much I try to avoid killing it when I play feddie.

>fast reload on my Act Zaku

Acqa a shit

>silver bp of tetra gets beam shooter
>gold bp of tetra gets weak shooter

Just upgrade a silver beam shooter with silver blueprints

Golds are for lucky people only

Dakar Nemo looks pretty sweet, what with being able to keep itself shielded while using most of its weapons.



That's a winning card. Just forget the beams and use mg's.

So I just got FA ZZ from the gacha, rolled missile shooter - any suggestions on this thing? I'm still just trying all the shit it has out.

whatever happened to that sdgo player?

The Psycho Gyazogouzockrider Marine Cannon arises! The end-days have come! Zieg Zeon!

Cannons only no big cannon beams and no rockets.

Try it mother fucker go all the way or not at all!

So it's been a few months since I played and well, the BNO application doesn't even recognize my game to update it. It want to reinstall. I will if I have to but is this something new? Is it just me? Is there a fix or do I have to re-download?

Replying to myself here to say that well, I can still update and do everything normally on my laptop computer so it must be something that happened to my desktop not recognizing the game. I guess I will have to re-install.

Is the server down?

weekly maintenance

Thank you.

So under DX this is what I see. Is it not possible to choose the other 40 volumes right now to gamble on? I really wanted a GP-02...

pickup changes next week

Does Zeon have a flame spam weapon like the assault guntank has?

Zaku III has a fire beam, arguably better but still different. I actually like the weapon, as it allows you to really point out enemies to allies.

I almost wanna roll the new pick up for a chance to get Flipper Zako or another Gigan, but I have bills to pay, and supposedly Nightengale might be being added when the next gasha comes along so I'm saving my DX tickets.

Jesus fuck FaZZ is fucking aids
Nerf this filth now

Taklaman desert is unwinable as Zeon now because fedfaggots can fucking camp with 5k Hp and fucking nuke mortars

Thanks chums. I'll just save my tickets I suppose.

This guy
Is wrong he really means the Zaku IV

It can transform into a tank at will and have different loadouts created just for the tank. You can flame feds and make them slow to death.

Do a tail whip like the G-Bull. be the biggest faggot by spamming 10k zooks you can reload.

its great!


it burns for a pitiful amount of time you're not really going to hinder much unless you keep it on the target, which means you can't really spam it across multiple enemies
it also has little damage unlike the guntank flamethrower which has decent damage on top of the burn effect

on the upside, it's a laser pointer meaning it's easier to hit and decent ammo capacity

So I was reading up about tier lists and stuff for fun and it's saying that the game has changed considerably recently since the ZZ patch? I haven't played in months and not only am I getting my ass kicked but rockets and explosive weapons seemed to have been nerfed pretty hard. I thought I just sucked and haven't played in awhile but that's what it feels like. I went from top ten scoring in most matches to like 47 in the last one i tried. The map was different though so I thought maybe it was that as well, but I was getting absolutely destroyed whilst simultaneously not knowing half of the new suits on my team or the enemies, and my rockets seemed to do nothing to feddies.

What other important general shenanigans are going on? I play Zeon by the way if that really matters.

Explosives are very meh now, its all about them beam rifles in the current meta.
Which is rather inconvenient, because Fedfags have beam rifles on everything that isn't a fucking ball, meanwhile the lowest cost Zeek Suit that gets a beam rifle is the fucking Gelgoog Marine.

Also, unless something has changed they have beam shielding on a lot of their stuff.

Man I thought it was bad before for zeek side.

make sure you have roll out ramba goufs in this week's event gacha
that suit helps deal with the feddie bs with stun rod and triple gatlings that rips fat units apart

zaku f2's still okay for explosives if you load up sturmfaust F types

Explosives aren't meh they can still be useful. its called stop being a bronze shitter and git gud fucking scrub

Any way to quickly make 2 million GP? Already sold as much stuff as I can.

Day early, dumbnuts.

Indeed. I love the Gigan. I do have a toy of it somewhere though. I think it's a Converge.

GM tournament up next


So its a fedfag only event?
Fucking fed bias bullshit

We just had an all Zaku's event...

I know that, I'm just bitching because I feel like it. That being said, I have a job so I didn't get to play during the event it was pretty gay.

are u the legendary miles?

do people party up in taiwan? i am new and need help

So when is this hideous monstrosity gonna roll into the game?

look up COLONYDROP for english players

>no early type GM

Gee it's almost like they know it's broken.

when does polar stream this game?