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We managed to keep the old Doraemon thread alive for over 3 months, but we finally hit the bump limit bois

Doraemon Discord:

So it seems that the new Doraemon movie for 2017 kind of came out under our noses:
Has anyone seen it? What do you think of it?

Other urls found in this thread:!5pg0nDyB!pSrxajUUYPidF0ozLh1b-Q!I4xxQLbZ!F3j2MilMrfcrAHuwP0xQPQ!G8khCKiQ!ty4AoJvQ9rN_V5cAfesb3A!8lpxDCwQ!1lmwLaXhQ7My4fsd6g492A!5kJ0CAxR!hW9cA-fdf_Zd-TenItMe_Q

We were doing cultural presentations in Japanese class and one of the girls brought dorayaki as part of hers.

It was pretty good.

Is that the thing that Doraemon likes to eat?


>old Doraemon thread alive for over 3 months
Yesus Christi

Is this the newest movie?

Such is the power of an IP that doesn't get any sub or dub love anymore.

Yes it is, several normies on english-speaking MAL have given it relatively shoddy reviews despite it not even being available outside of japan yet..... hmmmmmmmm!


Don't mind me, just reposting the download stuff from the last thread so they can all be in one place.!5pg0nDyB!pSrxajUUYPidF0ozLh1b-Q
all dub episodes up to season 2 episode 16/ep 42. 20+ subbed Yojigen episodes (RIP, Their website is gone completely now.), and the old and new versions of the most /m/ Doraemon movie, Steel Troops, subbed.!I4xxQLbZ!F3j2MilMrfcrAHuwP0xQPQ
Dorkly capped the rest of the s2 dub episodes.!G8khCKiQ!ty4AoJvQ9rN_V5cAfesb3A
...along with some '79 Doraemon eps with crabsticks.
English dub of Stand By Me with the US dub cast.
Fansubs of some episodes.
official English subs of the 2016 movie.

Oh thanks, forgot to do it myself.


Thanks a lot, user.
>RIP, Their website is gone completely now
The dream is dead. Blessed be their souls, wherever they may be. Maybe someday they might get successor subbers for the anime. At least BuriBuri is still doing Shin-Chan.
>subs posted by PickleSammiches are taken down from YT
Hopefully they decided to put them up on a Mega.

Not letting this one die

>...along with some '79 Doraemon eps with crabsticks.
If anybody wants encodes I'm pretty sure they match the crabsticks that ARR released.

>that pic

what the fuck

Yeah, what the fuck indeed, Doraemon isn't even Jean Reno.

Is there context for this pic lmao




Crosspost from the discord, looks really cool

it's just some goofy pic I got ages agom, I don't know of it being part of any bigger thing


Oh my god

really makes you wonder why these gadgets would exist in the 22nd century and why they would let the public use them

Maybe they use What-if Boxes or time-based gadgets to undo things. Or have some elite police/military/whatever force with special gear making them immune to the effects of all gadgets, or something. Fujiko F. Fujio probably didn't want us to think too hard about this stuff.

Except that the worst job to have in Doraemon's future world would be customer gadget support.

This would be great on professors.

They let them onto the market and didn't help anybody who hurt themselves with the gadgets. Within several generations natural selection did its job.



Was this done in the style of the old era series (before the 2005 relaunch?) or after?

>Nobita in charge of having morals

2112: The Birth of Doraemon came out in 1995.

I don't even remember if The Doraemons there have even shown up in the 2005 series.

See this is again delving into the subject of literal universe-altering gadgets that people of the future thought was a good idea to mass produce. How come nobody in the future has wreaked mass havok using these gadgets which I assume can be acquired for mundane prices?

Much better 1080p rips from Watch Disney XD of the dub without logo and including optional!8lpxDCwQ!1lmwLaXhQ7My4fsd6g492A!5kJ0CAxR!hW9cA-fdf_Zd-TenItMe_Q

Much better 1080p rips from Watch Disney XD of the dub without logo and including optional

oh good, I'm glad somebody who knew what they were doing was able to get it
mine were kinda "hit buttons until it worked"

what happened?


not really



So the rips of the dub are perfect as they're gonna get now, big thanks.

Now if only someone can manage to get the Japanese dub of the English dub.

Not possible.

Saw this in the tokushit thread

Doraemon seems to be the biggest Jobber ever given how he practically has a tool to stop anything except possibly some instant Reality Warper or Turn A.


I like how they handle Nobita's bad spelling and grammar in the translation.

>makes whatever you imagine like it's real


This is actually mildly disturbing, almost like he took a REAL hallucinogenic drug lol