How is this not a 1000x coin? has already acquired industry leaders in financial technology as paying customers for its revolutionary blockchain middleware technology. SWIFT, the leading global provider of secure financial messaging services, is working with the company to create its own SWIFT Smart Oracle, which will allow smart contracts on various networks to make payments, send governance instructions, and release collateral with more than 11,000 banks. After completing a successful phase 1 implementation in May, the details of which are set to be announced at the upcoming SIBOS conference, SWIFT has continued to work with towards a Phase 2 Implementation.Gartner, one of the world’s largest technology research and advisory firms, has selected as a 2017 Blockchain Applications Cool Vendor, validating the significant business value that CTOs, CIOs, and Lead Architects have seen in ChainLink’s secure approach to connecting smart contracts with critical external resources.In addition, has partnered with IC3 to launch Town Crier, the only method for generating trusted hardware backed (Intel SGX) oracles on production environment.Sergey Nazarov said: “ is extremely excited by the immense potential created by these critical partnerships with industry leaders like SWIFT, Gartner, and IC3. This momentum validates that ChainLink is already providing value to industry leaders and solidifies our belief in the ability of the network to securely connect smart contracts to the key off-chain resources they need to become useful for the majority of real world use cases.”

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Signed up for the ICO, what are the odds I don't get in like that SALT shit

what did SWIFT mean by this?

I gave ETH to a presale link but then the link went over, am I going to get my tokens?

as long the link was not deactivated, as in pic related, you will get dat coin.

I've been waiting forever and still haven't gotten in. Gonna be forced to compete with fucking bots at the presale to get this

>too broke to get in on the pre-sale
>not willing to risk pools
when's the actual ICO open up, I couldn't find it

Any more presale links available?

Any presale urls still open?

No lol

Whats its symbol?

Come the fuck on

September 7th

Yes sir, also please buy Espers for big profit gains. Trust sir

You know what? Fuck you. When I get my 10k LINK I'm going to rub it in your face.

Lol you think that's frustrating? im sitting here wondering why people wont buy IXT, a coin backed by a company owned by Warren Buffett. Smh.

False per the slack

Should I buy the Chainlink Ico or red pulse?

Asking that question alone makes me believe you should stay poor

You cant get into ChainLink at this point

Here's a presale address that hasn't been filled yet.



nice just sent 100k

Chainlink emailed pre-sale addresses to people that signed up ahead of time. I signed up for one but didn't have shit to send it because of coinbase fucking up my verification.

This is the first ico that I plan to spend a substantial amount of fiat on.. But coinbase has an incredibly annoying limit and it's slow as fuck too.

What is the best and quickest way to turn a grand into btc before September 7th, biz?

nice i actually just bought 100k

Bitcoin ATM

*Hai hai!~*

To those who contributed to the address I gave away yesterday, you *should* be getting your LINK once the crowdsale ends! So just sit tight and wait!~

Those who got in after the 300 ETH limit though, I think you'll be getting refunds I think.


I contributed some when it was still under 100 eth! Ahhhh I'm so happy to hear that. That was my last $1.5k and I sold my BLOCK to afford it.

>buying higher than ATH

Is this really the best way

Do you have any source that this means it is deactivated? Or are you just assuming?

There's no limits on wire transfers to coinbase/gdax and your account is credited same day so that's probably one of the better options if you don't mind paying the wire fee.

Protip if you go this route: buy your ETH on gdax with a limit order and you won't pay any trading fee.

i lost out because coinbase took literally 2 hours to move eth to MEW

no moon for me :\

Just checked the slack, you are incorrect.

can't you fuckers read?
>You've currently sent 1537.0485279804477 ETH and have 3688916.4671530747 LINK.

i bought as it was at around 300, i'm pretty sure i get my coins, like everyone who got in there before 1537 ETH.

Didn't that get refunded due to being over 10 percent?

This "percentage" shit is still floating around? I spoofed that 5% number a few days ago and people ran with it all over Veeky Forums and slack. And now it's 10%? kek

they are still assessing options for what they will do with pools that exceeded caps

If anyone still needs a pool mine is still available, I got an email but never intended to actually fill it, max cap is 300 ETH according to the email.


Only transactions made after the contribution cap was reached will be refunded.



You can still get the ICO if you're fast

is this shit over?

how do i buy?

no fucking phishing shit, im not an idiot

Based Anime Chan,
I got into one of your links pre cap last night.
Was about to dump more eth until some asshole whale threw in like 150 right before I clicked send.

Any more links?


Sorry... I don't. If I did, I'd share it right away.

You'll have to look around and see what you can find. Though from what I hear on the slack, space is nearly out.

Anime-chan are you a hairless femboy and how much ETH to smash you raw?

Buy some if you want boys, still has 250 ETH left



post the url or it's a fucking scam

of course its a scam

cunts dont even have a website

how can I tell how much is left? I think 100 but not sure

if it wasnt fake it would tell you


So if I wire the money directly from my bank to my USD wallet, I can use the money in my USD wallet to buy bitcoin and get it immediately?

Now now user-san~

I'm not that easy. I'm the kind of person who needs to be wined and dined, while gradually being comforted into a relationship. Alas, 3 anons have already confessed to me and one of them is actually rather sweet.

This one is almost full guys.



Will I get link if i got in before the vap went over?

fuck off scammers

Anime user, good of you to post, thanks for sharing your links yesterday, I didn't get in, but I did get in just now on another thread, so full steam ahead

fuck off whieknight faggot, you are talking to a man

anime chan while youre here

what other ICOs do you recommend? ive been looking deep into blackmoon, - also noted you mentioned it at one point

> Alas, 3 anons have already confessed to me and one of them is actually rather sweet.

what kind of bitchboi chases an anime posting online money grill? just keep telling us what you're buying.

also everyone who got into a 300eth pool, if you still have the original links, check em now

I noticed that the 100 eth links, when filled, would say presale link is now over, but the ones that reached 300eth never mentioned those

i checked an old one yesterday i contributed to, and there is a 'presale is now over' message - i note that this pool now has 500 eth

so if you guys still have 300 eth pool links, check em - you might still be able to contribute if it hasn't hit 500 yet

not sure if that's how it goes, but by basic deduction it seems to be. i was pretty devo at the time cos i contributed post 300eth, but actually have hope it'll go through

I am a wine and dine kind of guy if you are qt3.14 enough

presale is over, all links are deactivated, you're probably fine if youre in a pool that went "over" but I wouldn't try adding to a wallet now. Slack channel said a hard limit was automatically hit

>Slack channel said a hard limit was automatically hit
Is there an exact time for this?

Or at least the time of the post?

Don't have an account.

Screenshot this?

Hard cap for the presale or the $32 million in total?
Will there be a public sale on the 7th?

Presale cap.

ICO has yet to begin.

>Will there be a public sale on the 7th?
Yes definitely, Rory said that a few times.

Alright thanks, hopefully it won't sell out in 2 seconds.

What gas limit should you set to get into the crowdsale?


Got some more space in this one, easy x3 your investment.

Have fun Veeky Forums



that is the chainlink invite link i posted here a couple days ago. hope we make it bros. Sad thing is I am not the original link owner but whatevs. Love you guys for maxing this out in a matter of hours. I was the first to invest. 1.8 eth. Its basically all I could spare because I am a poorfag.

soon that 1.8 eth will be 200eth user

Yea, I think their system only anticipated 100-500 caps but they reduced it to 300 in the e-mail because of the overwhelming interest.
I contributed to a 300 cap link and it's now at 508 and closed..

>someone registered a domain for this retarded scam

Can I have a quick rundown on how tokens work? Once they have a price, can I sell them? Can the project hit the great exchanges like bittrex? If yes, should I buy new token/coins?

oh yeah i'm sure it'll be open for awhile. This isn't a hyped ico or anything
>being this naive

if he presale lasted for days, why wouldn't the ico? and if the demands is so high, it's almost guaranteed you'll be able to pickit up at 1/2 the price a week or two after the ico

>being this retarded.

Never seen so much shilling for an ICO presale. Knowing that this doesn't benefit shills whatsoever It has to be a scam.

I mean after the tokens are distributed of course

it's a scam in the sense that I'll be retired early from holding these coins and the rest will get left behind wage cucking until old age.

It's only hyped up on Veeky Forums, you haven't seen the real hype lmao. I've yet to come across this project on twitter/btctalk/youtube. It took a whole week to fill the presale cap...
Even if it's up for a couple of minutes, it's long enough for me.

But this one was actually picked up by the big boys, the hype is justified

was the same with OmiseGO. Nobody knew about it until it exploded past 3.00