We are we even arguing?

In 5 years anyone with 1K+ in crypto with half a brain is going to be a millionaire. Current crypto "bubble" is barely 1% of what the .com bubble was with inflation equated.

Let's hug it out because we all have very bright futures.

Except for digimarines, those guys are fucked.

We NEO Nazis are willing to call a truce with the Money Skeleton tribe if they are.

I think even the digimarines have hope of they see the light and drop their bags and throw money on a few hype ICOs

Even when I’m a billionaire I’ll still never have a cute boyfriend like that.

lmfao, i fukin love our memes

No, we need China's volume and Neo is shit anyway and cucked by China not letting them do ICOs

I hope you get your money back and make even more though user

At the end of the day we're all on the same side.

We're going to turn the tides and we'll lord our wealth over the normies.

No. Anyone not all in on ARK is my enemy. All that money you are putting in your inferior alt shit coins could have been put into ARK to raise the market cap. You non-ARKies are the reason im not rich, and why youre not rich either because you dont realize ARK is the superior coin

>Thinking bitcoin will be more than 15k at the peak of it's hype.

The bants help the time pass OP

disbelievers in the 6 figure bitcoin, out

My plan is to keep being all in OMG until Q1 of 2018, then trade it all for BTC again and hodl.
This should be a pretty safe way to gain a lot and then have a safe "storage coin" right?

We're gonna make it brehs

Digimarines are gonna do just fine

Put it in ETH instead. It still has so much further to go

>Smartbridge technology
>Requires the other coin to hard fork to implement smartbridge

Kek it's just a reskin of bitbean friend, see you at 50 SATs


When will the hard fork meme end?

Actually, previous ARK guy here, it's not a meme, go ask on the slack and they'll tell you, the first instance of the smartbridge would require hardforks or for new coins to implement the code at the beginning, but since no coin will hardfork for their product they are "revising the smartbridge code"

A.K.A. they have no working product and won't have anything for years, now they are just riding on false hype because they don't want to go back to working at starbucks and zumies.

>Already sold 100k

>In 5 years anyone with 1K+ in crypto with half a brain is going to be a millionaire.

I seriously doubt that crypto market cap will multiply by ONE THOUSAND in five years.

It's 160 billion.

If it multiplied by 1000, then it would be 160 TRILLION.

That's a fucking huge amount of money. Crypto has another 5x or maybe another 10x - but 5x or 10x both assume that the bubble doesn't pop first.

If the bubble does pop then I am putting all my retirement savings into, though. I really believe in crypto. 5-10x from where we are now seems possible. If we instead crash to 10% of today's prices, then that means a 100x return would be possible.

Honestly, I have enough non-retirement money stashed in crypto that if we did have a 10x without the bubble popping, I'd be almost a millionaire before taxes.

I have less retirement money, but if crypto crashed and I shoved my retirement funds into it, I'd be a millionaire many times over. And no taxes because it's a retirement account.

A crypto crash would hurt and scare the fuck out of me but I really think it's probably the best outcome for me. It's certainly the only way I can become a millionaire and have a rich lifestyle while living off just 3-4%, rather than be a millionaire and have a comfy lifestyle living in the midwest or something of 30-40k/yr of interest.

Is anyone else hoping for a crash followed by a final* correction / climb back up to 10x today's market cap?

*- no such thing as fina lbut you know what i mean

>That's a fucking huge amount of money. Crypto has another 5x or maybe another 10x - but 5x or 10x both assume that the bubble doesn't pop first.
there's no fucking bubble you normie. this is a better monetary system we are building here.

HAHaha keked

Fuck NEO though

>literally from their website

In order for ARK to become the medium/intermediary between chains, each chain needs a SMALL SNIPPET OF CODE IMPLEMENTED. It is very easy to insert and not harmful to any blockchain, current or otherwise. Once this tiny code is inserted into the core code of any blockchain

I have to agree, there is no bubble.
This is the eternal summer all over again.

ouch bro, that last line was funny and uncalled for

digibyte-bros are doing a little better now. they could use a hug and a high-five.

Veeky Forums is Pozitivity board. we're here to support one another.

i am your rock and you are mine.

we are brothers of the crypto/stocks/hustle game. the game of value-maxxing

I've been saying this shit since ARK was 0.20.


glad i fuckin sold today. you arkies are pathetic

They've moved onto using encoded listeners now. Didn't you see they made it work with ETH already?

Thanks OP I needed that.

I'm up 2,000% since I started, but I still feel bad about my investments because I spent 2/3 of that paying off student loans and I still owe a lot on those loans. So I'm left with 5 figures of alts, a shit load of debt still, and my coins have been pretty much trading sideways for a long time. I kind of lose hope sometimes, but you're right. Most of us are going to make it. We've been gifted an incredible opportunity here, and we are the ones with the balls and the knowledge to capitalize on it.



Hey, OP here.

Sell your ARK if you are holding or face the same fate as our fallen comrades, the digimarines.

Why sell ARK?

Where to move? IOC?


Small amount in UBIQ (if it takes off, your profit margin will be massive)


explain this overlay

thats where you're wrong.
only the ones who were early adopters and are able to quickly adapt to change will make significant gain from this market. all others will lose. right now youve heard more success stories than those from losers but that will all change the more saturated the market gets.
its no different from a casino

With a constantly growing market value, how will there become more losers?

>This is the eternal summer all over again.

whats the eternal summer? google just shows me a taiwanese film

bubble pops

shit goes down to 10% or less of its peak price

tons of people thought they'd be millionaires because they worked at tech companies in 2000.

tons of people thought they'd be millionaires because "housing prices only go up!!! theyre not making any more land!!" in 2007

people always say This Time It's Different

the only thing that worries me about the bubble popping is what if some random coin that nobody could predict ends up #1?

what if fucking funfair, of all things, ends up a #3 coin after a crash and then goes up to #1? you cant predict that.

there's probably like a 60% chance that a coin from the current top ten would be the new #1 going forward after a crash, which is kind of scary

All these wre evolving in a market much less liquid than crypto.

That makes all the differences. Because downsides in crypto are strong but short.

>All these wre evolving in a market much less liquid than crypto.
All these people were*

BTC has the largest cap and network effect, which makes it extremely difficult to be toppled by competition, even if that competition is technologically superior. bitcoin is slow and expensive but BCH couldn't do more than temporarily dent it. if regulation gets passed, XMR has the highest likelihood of becoming #1, not FF. BTC will inevitably correct to at least the low 3000s soon though.

t. greater fool

>This time it's different

Bubble won't pop any time soon. We haven't even hit the normie bubble yet. When all your co-workes and acquaintances put their piddly savings into btc, when your grandma starts calling you to ask what the deal with btc is, then we will have hit the beginning of the real bubble.

I'm willing to buy into this message of brotherhood and solidarity. As long as I still get to laugh at anyone who bought Stox.

Ohni to da mooooon!!! Please

There's a 4 BTC sell wall, but after that it looks like it's off to the races. What do you guys think about PAY?

There are still billions of people on Earth who are yet to enter the internet age in the true sense, though, right?

I mean most middle-class Africans may have internet access on their mobile phones, but millions are going to be getting more entry in a more meaningful sense over the coming decade, aren't they? There are huge numbers of people even in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia who are living completely outside the internet world (mostly the elderly and some very disconnected boomers). The internet seems ubiquitous to us, we assume that most people are as actively involved as we are - but there's huge expansion taking place, and all of these people are going to be introduced to the desire for and reality of online currencies.

>middle-class Africans
>Veeky Forums makes perfect coin for them
>nevermind, the coin was delisted. guess we'll have to wait another 5000 years for Africa to come along

Do you even math? If .com bubble happened at 100x crypto levels, then to be a millionaire before crypto bubble bursts, you will need to invest 1,000,000/100 = $10,000 today.

That's another reason crypto is so good. There's a lot of government corruption and state violence in parts of Africa. There are huge religious movements there too which basically exploit poor, uneducated males by drawing them in and cycling their money towards roasties. If men can retain control over their own earnings by something as simple as a text message from phone, it would do wonders for everyone and starve evil organisations of their income.

If crypto becomes established in the West and it becomes seen as a 'human right', governments in those regions will have less power, the power shifts back to those who are best qualified to have it.

Yea but I like shitposting WAY more than I like any of you.

There's a number of reasons that probably isn't true. If there is war(35% chance)expect crypto to be dead. Invest some of your gains when you're comfy in silver, the real shitcoin with 100 uses.

if crypto threatens old tax collection models, it's over. what are they going to do, throw 50 million people in prison?

no, i think the retaliation is to try to limit people's access.
but once you've had a taste of freedom, it's kind of like human flesh, you'll always seek it out

The thing is, as much as governments are trying to limit encryption - it's something I cannot see government ever having the power to stop, because in democratic countries what most people want goes - most people want gay marriage, it happens, but encryption is so much more essential and 'insidious', you cannot stop it no matter what, and all the most basic concepts of human rights protect the right to confidential communication.

Apple is about to allow small person to person payments via iMessage. How long before apps like Whatsapp integrate various crypto transfer methods? How could government ever stop this?

More likely case is that crypto slowly becomes increasingly widespread so government won't have a clear enough 'crisis point' to somehow universally ban it, and instead power will shift away from national governments. Instead huge numbers of people with more control over their own finances will put money into organisations that protect their rights as individuals and will supercede national governments.

Thats assuming all your holdings went up exactly with the market cap. Depending on what you hold, you will go up more or less than the market cap.

Buy ethereum

Mercy is for the weak. You're going down, slopes.

Even if I lost money with cryptos at leat I'd still have the funny memes I can laugh with
That beats losing money with the boring stocks

I would strap on my kneepads and giv Jez the sloppiest gobby he's ever had in his life if that happened.

>In 5 years anyone with 1K+ in crypto with half a brain is going to be a millionaire.

Please be true, I've got a plan that in 7 years if I'm still not financially stable I'm going to kill myself

Are you me?

>Except for digimarines


I really hope not, I'm nearing rock bottom right now