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Because you are a fucking moonboy that can't hold for 15 days

This coin was released 15 days ago for fuck sake, give it another 15 days or more faggot

Why's it continually going down?

rule number 1 in crypto: BUY THE RUMOR, SELL THE NEWS

Too many retards bought in to it.

Think about it. These people can't wait a single day for significant gainz. Does that sound like a smarty pants?

I guess, is that all the demand there is though? I mean the initial spike of purchases, before it became on a more accessible exchange like Polo.

Why aren't people buying this if it's so great?

Most people are not aware of it. You really think everyone has the chance to follow every single new crypto entering the market?

Shit, you probably only know about it because someone on biz found out about it and spammed it around here. Most of the people in crypto didn't have that luxury.

Because most people are hoping to milk another x2 from OMG and NEO.

or maybe it's an overvalued shit coin

There's already three exchanges being built on top of it. Shit's gonna pop eventually.

>Shit, you probably only know about it because someone on biz found out about it and spammed it around here.

Pretty much, which kind of makes it common knowledge. I would expect that their would be similar posts on Reddit and Twitter saying the same thing. So I believe people with capital would know.

it already popped.

the name is cool, but kinda cryptic
the nature of the 0x protocol is a little esoteric for the average fool to understand
it hasn't been very long, a lot of ICO buyers might just want their quick profit

it doesn't matter - just hodl and be patient, the price will go up when platforms use the token

think about that - a token that will actually be used! have no doubt about its value.

I'm sure you say that about everything that hasn't gone to MUH MOON yet.

yeah, no

you gonna be a sad wittle wojack

where can i buy this ? only etherdelta?

>this delusion
0x isn't a fucking secret m8, there's like 5 threads in the catalog about it right now

even though it's been bleeding out for 2 fucking weeks it's still up 6x from the ico and it will keep going down as the whales who got in early take their profits, except a mass dump tomorrow

but hey, you can either join them and sell or hodl and become a zrx marine, i couldn't be fucked either way m8. if you're that confident then more power to you, i'll be glad to buy your bags once they finally get too heavy for you


your post is the answer to the main question in this thread. the price hasn't boomed yet because nobody knows where to get it!

liqui.io is a good place to get it.

polo has the highest volume you dumb nigger why the fuck would you ever recommend someone to use liqui

polo is shady and hasn't even verified my account after weeks

> the price hasn't boomed yet because nobody knows where to get it!
How clueless are you?
It was listed on Poloniex 2 weeks ago. It's listing is the only new token to be added on Polo in months and it's listing is at the top of their notice board.

The tweet announcing its listing spread all over twitter like wildfire because Polo is so slow and reluctant to add new coins. Of course people know where to get it, they just don't fucking care because it's already risen 900% since it's fucking ICO.

When the pink wojaks spread across the board and despair sets in, then I'll buy. When its around 50% of where it is right now.

Liqui is run by the russian mafia. Polo is so much more legitimate than them.

Verification can take up to a month easy. Mine took two months

liqui is literally yobit tier m8, fuck outta here if you think your money is safer with them

well, that guy certainly didn't know where to get it.

maybe people aren't making the connection between ZRX and 0x.

why didn't you just buy at the ICO?

liqui worked pretty well when i bought my dnt there and made an awesome return. did you get scammed on there?

i'm not sure it's going to get to 50% of where it's at now. it's already fallen like 40% from where it was, and with the platforms launching there should be some news to get people buying again.

>did you get scammed on there?
no, the site is just a general piece of shit and barely functions. there's no reason to choose it over polo ever

i dunno, seems fine to me. every exchange seems a little shady to me, except bittrex.

i wouldn't be surprised if poloniex disappears before liqui

My cherry

>bought in for 0.00085 ETH the day after release because bank was slow to get money through, so I couldn't buy at 0.0004
>price went down to 0.0006 a day after
>didn't care
>price more than doubles to 0.0016 at one point
>didn't care
>price goes down to 0.0009
>still don't care
I didn't trust any of the sites with this token on it, so I just HODL through both the good and bad times. Can't wait until Radar/Ethfinex/eventually Bittrex. Sitting comfy the entire time

Has it really only been 15 days? Holy shit my sense of time has become fucked since I started following crypto.

For laughs, mega pink wojacks on reddit now


I don't really get the outrage, personally. You're asking for it if you buy into a rise right after something new is listed on the dumb money exchanges. You will be eating whale shit.