I'm new to crypto and would like some advice

Anything at all. Advice you wish you had going into crypto.

2. BTC is king, ETH is Queen. Put at least 60% of your money into these

Be patient
Don’t go all-in on any single trade

Don't get emotional.

one of these is a lie.
1 and 2 are ok

ignore any charts under 1 hour periods
set your trades up so youre prepared to hold for at least a few days.

Biz is always right. Remember that

Don't buy at ATH
Don't sell at loss
Don't fall into FUDs
HODL if uncertain
Be patient

I'm thinking about investing 10 percent of my paychecks into a 30/70 split of bit coin and eth to start out, I haven't decided what wallet I'm going to use yet

What is ath and fud, sorry I know I'm a newfag who doesn't into terminology

Whatever you do, don't google those terms, you will get a virus and your money stolen.

All time high

Fear, uncertainty, doubt

dont use Poloniex and don't keep so much on an exchange.

I think someone on the Internet is bullying me again

What's wrong with Poloniex

Google fomo and fud.

Also there are shills on this board trying to manipulate you. Do your own research if making a serious investment.

Newfag here

What is a market cap and how does it affect the price of a coin

I had 34btc in my account then i logged on and had 28. check the withdrawals nothing. sent them a support request waited, a day later, log on 1btc alts gone too. My account had 2FA on and you cant withdraw more than 25k a day. withdrew that BTC and anything left. Sent more requests got one email back asking to send evidence and such of whats happened. Never heard back even after multiple more times

Yeah I already gathered that much, I'm not going to invest foolishly and get scammed. I just want tips like what wallet or websites you guys reccomend to store and transfer crypto and why

remeber the golden rule:
buy high - sell low.

Oh shit

Which wallet do yuropoors use?

thats why I reckon you can't keep a lot of money on an exchange unfortunately. Its like trusting a stranger with your money who says he wont take it. Gotta move shit back into wallets which is annoying.

My mate even sent me a link to that Dan Bilzerian guy having problems with Polo as well

How to get rich in crypto.
> Don't diversify. Chances are, you're poor. You don't diversify when you're poor. You go all in.
> Do you want to invest or gamble?
> If you want to invest then just buy BTC, ETH, LTC, and/or OMG.
> You'd rather gamble and make 100x gains? Well you're in luck. You are the house, and you are in control of the odds.
> Look at what's being shilled on Veeky Forums, and look at the supply of the coin + its marketcap. Check on Reddit if it's being shilled there as well, and if it is, then you should hop in on the pump.
> Sell at a 150% profit so you don't become a bagholder.
> If you look at the all-time candlestick chart and see that a coin has never pumped before, then chances are that it will pump in the future.
> Rinse and repeat.
> FOTM altcoins will make you rich in no time.
> September FOTM altcoins: TKN, ADX, IXT, OMG, ZRX, XMR
> Pajeet-tier coins: bancor, sojourn, io coin, stox, ark

ATH - all time high, highest price the coin has ever been
FUD - fear, uncertainty, and doubt - basically panic that happens when a coin drops fast
HODL - hold long term, usually to recover from losses before you sell

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Which wallet should I use?

What are the preferred exchanges of biz? I can't decide between coinbase, kraken, poloniex, bittrex and binance. Suggestions?

You should use three of those.
> Coinbase --> GDAX
> Bittrex
> Binance
Enable 2FA on all of them and use a different password for all of them as well.


myetherwallet and a ledger/trezor should fit most of your needs.


So if your just planning to invest and not trade just use the hardware wallets which you can download from the coins website. Monero for example has a great hardware wallet. Always good to back them up on a few USBs.

If your trading on exchange Bittrex has been pretty good no "DOS" attacks so far. 2FA is a must on all exchanges and different passwords as someone else said.

2 factor authentication. Higher security than just a password.

I would also like to know this.

Aren't alt profits fucked if the price of Btc drops since you pretty much have to trade through Btc before getting fiat? Can someone explain how that isn't a problem?

>Aren't alt profits fucked if the price of Btc drops
>you pretty much have to trade through Btc before getting fiat


Explain your "no," double nigger.

anonimity question about bitcoin.so I make an online wallet and someone sends me 1btc.how can i then transfer that 1btc to hardcash or to a papyal account ANONMOUSLY if every bitcoin transaction is on a public ledger?

If an investment goes up and you want to sell, find out why it went up first. Pump n dumps = get out now, legit news and momentum stay in for a while.

Buy Monero and hold it ubtil you learn crypto

do research, read reviews

maybe try this


Don't randomly send crypto to any Adress posted at /biz even if they promise mad gains


When btc is low you can sell alts to receive more btc than normal cos it's cheap