If someone wants to buy ChainLink slot

If someone wants to buy ChainLink slot.
Price: 1 eth
On the video, I update the web page several times. This is proof.


[email protected]

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presale is closed retard

Sorry, error
Price: 0.5 eth

[email protected]

fuck off scamming pajeet

the ico hasnt even started


I certainly hope that obvious criminal activities are being tracked and logged.


presale done. op is scammer

Pre-Sale is closed. Good luck in the crowdsale. Let the FOMO games start.

why this is criminal activities?


your youtube video even shows the presale link is closed

and the link only has 70 eth contributed so its all gonna get refunded

get kek'd fucking lowlife scum

prove it

presale is already closed OP

>your youtube video even shows the presale link is closed

>and the link only has 70 eth contributed so its all gonna get refunded
There is no such limit


what is your photo even trying to prove, MS paint couldve done better

haha i dearly hope that its your link you've posted, cos then you've missed out on the pre-ICO of the month by 30 eth. enjoy missing out on the ICO in a few weeks time and buying on the exchanges hahaha

>what is your photo even trying to prove, MS paint couldve done better
>I update the web page several times

I'm new to cryptocurrency should I be concerned about this chain link?

No. It's too late already.
Just be on the lookout for next moon rocket.

Does anyone here have a slack account?

Can you post a screenshot of this: chainlinknetwork.slack.com/?redir=/archives/C6R6E6XFC/p1504164475000324

Someone was just posting tonight about how they stole people's eth with a fake page or whatever.

What I don't understand about all this is that I thought smart contracts were supposed to be able to prevent this kind of thing? Like isn't that the point of the smart contact, to facilitate these kind of transactions? Are people just faking the contract then, and if they can be faked, what good are they, exactly?

Don't think these presale contributions were smart contracts though.

There is still this address
bit [dot] do [slash] dHfgC

It is safe to send eth only to the address indicated on the pre-sale page

The guy modified the contract to take 10% fee on all transactions through it instead of normal 1%. And another guy just straight up modified the contract so the ETH was sent to his address not the ICO.

Contract do exactly what they're designed to do but fools don't check the code before sending their money and then get scammed.


Link just sends me to the general page. What are you looking for?

There are no fucking contracts whatsoever for the official sale. You just send your eth to their address. That's it.

I'm new to crypto, what is Chainlink and how can I contribute?

300 limit, not using it


yes, be concerned about all of these links here
presale has closed
please see my previous replies , i'm trying to protect you from this pajeet

as to the guy asking about smart contracts - what people are doing atm is photoshopping their address into a jpg of the chainlink site, and so people are directly typing in the shill's address to send eth. has absolutely nothing to do with any smart contracts whatsoever

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wtf, so how come so many links got closed?

kys, pajeet.


I can look at the code? Ok, tell me how I can look at the code of pajeet up here's smart contract. I want to examine it for discrepancies.

This image has to be fake.

Only links still active have been obvious scams like this >snartcontract

>presale has closed


>This image has to be fake

you're literally posting an image. i could save that image and post it in 3 days time and attempt to make the same point as you. presale is closed you kekkle

i'm having fun making sure you dont get any eth today. are you?

obligatory hot grill post

>presale is closed you kekkle

How would he get any ETH from valid addresses? The ETH should be returned to the sender, right?

Then how come all links are closed except for the "snartcontract" ones?

Don't have an account.

>all links
Not all. Everything is fine with mine link

Closed only links with a limit

what he is going to do, is if you email him, he's gonna send you a link of HIS eth address. you send him eth and voila say goodbye to your hard earned moneys
kys pajeet, everyone please join me in reporting his youtube video and email to the googles

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>he's gonna send you a link of HIS
Nope, I'm sending the page address (not like Snartcontract)

haha heed my warnings peeps, your money WILL be scammed. fit grills will guide you the way to lamboland

You can not prove it
Pointless statements

hurr durr 'cant prove it' arguments instead of being transparent and just trying to make money at every opportunity

asking eth to even have a spot in your fake chainlink slot and THEN having the audacity to give fake links on top of that, resulting ina double scam

good job pajeet i love your english btw

>fake chainlink

>and THEN having the audacity to give fake links on top of that
It's not me, you idiot