What's the target you are actively aiming for?

What's the target you are actively aiming for?

I currently have 100k in crypto and want to become a homeowner.

I need at least 400k. It'll be tough. As a wageslave I'd be paying rent until I die.

5 million

> he fell for the homeowner meme

Let me guess you want to marry and have children too? LMAO

Over 9000 bitcoin


5 million should last you a lifetime.

Provided you dont spend it lieke a retarded Floyd 'Money' Mayweather

t. 16 year old MGTOW

Keep living in that basement

5 million, RIGHT NOW is enough.

If it takes you 10 years to make that, adjust for inflation/consumer price index. my that time you might be looking at 6-7m assuming low inflation.

Your money doesn't increase with inflation lol.Best to put 4 mil in hedge funds

I just want a lambo for meme purposes so I can post a pic with a timestamp. Also 5 mills is a about right

> 600k
> or just get a loan
> start a business
> it fails?
> sudoku

you are the fucking retard, his retarded spending is a fucking jew trap to get the real retards to give him more money

>floyd crypto mayweather
>you were the normie

Honestly i don't know anymore.
Now that i actually do have money i lost touch of why i even need it in the first place.
Sure i may buy me a new car but i already own a house and a good paying comfy job, so i'm basically living the american dream while everyone around me is living in a nightmare.

Some will tell me to start my own business but what's the point?
more stress for more money with a chance to lose it all?
I just don't know anymore mang, i just like to see the numbers go higher and higher.

Please fucking send me some then. I'm poor and miserable and it's not even my fault

give me your moon coin wallet and i'll give you some.

Why don't help the people around you ? Maybe you can invest into some community stuff.

>Helping people
The gov took such a huge chunk from me,not giving a single cent to the plebians
I had 1 million,now 300k

If you don't need them, give me some. I don't deserve them, but i got scammed on 4 btc and 35 ltc with btc-e crash recently.

I do charity work but mostly not with money but physical work, like delivering food and helping with the heavy stuff.
Also give out loans with no interest to those who need some.






Silly me, i know miracles wont happen


If you would help me out i would really appreciate it, anything would really help

IF you have started from nothing, tell me your secret.

If you had like 20k with 18 already from your Parents, pls send me some because life is just so unfair

started with 80k since December of 2013 - march of 2016.. now sitting at low 7 figures USD equivalent in crypto

I'd like to buy a business that generates 500k USD per year, and continue doing what I'm doing now (traveling the world, fucking random prostitutes and shitposting)

I'm going back to NYC to do one last freelance job so I can have fiat income to prove to (((them))) that I'm a good prospect for a loan to buy a 4 unit apartment building

can't wait for SALT to become available

ever heard of mc hammer ?


I have 30k euros in crypto. I aim to reach the million before the end of the year.

2 mil. Still a long way to go.

God damn it. I've lost everything, i sold a house to invest into crypt, PLEASE, HELP ME. I just fucking can't go on, like this, it's nothing for you, PLEASE, user.

>when you pay a CPA 90 bucks an hour to make sure Uncle Sam uses the proper amount of lubricant to fuck your asshole now because of cryptocurrency

5 million, i can only buy 4 mclaren p1s.
Stay poor withyour poor faggot dreams

Ive got 35 dolars....I dont really have any goals as of now but hitting 100 dolars would be nice

same place same goal. godspeed user

sounds like a spiritual crisis. read some good books maybe? go on long walks? find new interests/communities

500k bongs. take out 250 and re invest the rest.

currently having 2000€ on coins. My goals are to buy an own house and a ktm exc 500. Fuck the rest, when I have a roof on my head and a bike to ride I rly dont care anymore, but to have enough savings so I dont have to do anything for money

$1k in
$50k would be huge. But I'm going until it becomes apparent I'm shut out.

Wtf. Your gov took 70%? Do you live in North Korea?


You sold a house to invest in crypto? Are you fucking retarded? Holy fucking shit you're hitting plebian levels that shouldn't even be possible you dumb fuck.

Go to vegas and gamble some of that cash mate