Will monaco go up again?

>> tfw buying at 25$

Maybe in 3 months

I know that feel


Trust me man Monaco is gonna moon in the next days again. It's just a standard dip.

Suddenly buying at 13 and not the absolute dip of 11 doesnt feel that bad

My hands are very weak right now

>Buy at 272k sats
>dips to 205k
>pink wojack
>sell at 309k
>moons to 500k
>pink wojack

Fuck this cryptocucking coin

Followed this coinchit and was about to buy at 7$and tought LOL Its gonna stop mooning

at 11$I was like OMFG ok faggots i'll get 6...

then at 25$I was like Holychit this seems to be mooning like a real G..

there is money to use at the store so it will be like 100$+ in the next few weeks.

play on peoples greed and get rich as fuk.

Monaco delivered what they promised: their app, nothing more nothing less. They never said visa for today, fucking impatient plebs...

I checked their NEW conditions and compared it to tenx, after mco said no more 1% fee and free card (at no cost), it's better than tenx as a product, seriously.

If you compare their tokens, then mco is inferior, less benefit. But the product is better, check mona.co and see it for yourself. I reserved my card already.

it not mean need to invest in

what's with all these pajeets lately? the fuck kind of english is that??

lol is Veeky Forums so influential that comic writers are now using our memes?

Are you an idiot?

t. brainlet who doesn't know where pepe came from.

you're down 50% bro
let it go

thats a ch*nk, friendo. Pajeets, despite the image presented here, often have decent conersational english due to being subjugated by brits as well as impeccable manners (aside from restroom habits). Ch*nks have substandard english even by pajeet standards.

top tier bait

/biz tried to get me to buy it at $23 but i said nah, 10 minutes later it was 2 dollars lower

fuck listening to Veeky Forums

you not listen me and lost you money every day

It plummeted too hard. This short term hold is now a mid hold. October when the cards release, this isn't dead, they have a working product, as opposed to 99% of all the other shitcoins. This will go back up again, whether it pass its ATH or not, we won't know til later.

>TL;DR don't fucking sell at a loss, you fucking morons

hi pajeet

Buy high sell low. It snot going down from here fuck tards. Use the experience as something to learn from and hold to recover your loses. Or sell and chase a new moon. Whatever you want

>Buy at 500k
>Moons to 600k
>Buy back around 500k
>Looks like it's gonna blow
>Dumped on for 2 days

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