Are you member of NEO elite club?

One interesting NEO feature is that 1 NEO is indivisible. It means that there could not be more than 100 million owners of NEO even in theory. In reality, there will be much less, let say 5 million owners. And there would be only several hundred thousands 100+ NEO holders. This is very little even compared to China. Billions of people will be able to by Bitcoin, Ethereum or other currencies, but only a few people will have NEO. In addition, if the turnover of NEO blockchain become huge, no one will want to sell NEO as it generates good income. This is a significant difference from BTC or ETH, which may not give passive income. It will be very difficult to buy even 1 NEO. This can be seen as a weakness at a certain stage (as a restriction of distribution), but if NEO succeed, all today's investors will be in this «elite club».

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How much neo do I need to join the elite club? 100?

at least change the wording

You only need one, user.

just remember that Ethereum has infinite supply, so Ethereum is inflantory shitcoin, NEO has only maximum 100 000 000 supply, now NEO has maximum 50 000 000 supply, no more.

So NEO is deflatory coin like Bitcoin.

Bought into neo at sub $2 then sold at $40

Neo has been and gone. Sorry guys. Enjoy your bags. The rest of us cashed oi5tout

>just remember that Ethereum has infinite supply
This is just wrong. You're fucking retarded and don't know shit

fact is that NEO is coin who has most potential give NEO holders biggest gains

Damn OP, you really don't know shit about Crypto huh? Way to play into the NEO stereotype you fucking retard.

>muh ice age
Yeah but what about after that when it swaps to pos

uh huh. funny how all the NEO haters have suddenly become people who bought sub $3.

OP is right. very soon owning NEO will be a mark of distinct honor among the cryptoverse. and owning enough to get 1 GAS a week? don't get me started about that elite caste.

Neo is a good long-term hold up there with btc/eth/ltc. Eth is not infinite. It's getting a difficulty bomb at 100m coins and will eventually becomes proof of stake like neo is right now.


nothing is 100% sure cryptoworld, but fact is that NEO is the coin if you want overwhelming biggest gains in future

Ethereum is already its peak and give you only little on none gains, and rest of top 10 marketcap coins same thing

So elites are now what the "marines" are calling them selves?

>ETH will be PoS!!!
yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

slowly selling my OMG for NEO.

this seems like a sure thing. OMG rises while NEO dumps. so. sell high. buy low.

>bought NEO at $7 sold at $21
>never selling again. only buying.

i like to add that i like NEO consept that if you own 1 NEO, you own like 1 stock NEO company

so Ethereum is inflantory infinite supply coin, i.e. Ethereum value drops like FIAT-currencies value

NEO is deflatory coin, i.e. there is only limited supply NEO, i.e. NEO value growth in time like Bitcoin value

also NEO proof of stake is overwhelming compared to ETH proof of stake

You will need at least 10ETH in order to stake. Around 4000 USD at the current price. I highly doubt the returns will be very high with only 10ETH tho

I'm so pissed off at nucoiners for crashing NEO. Now you have given the whales a 100k sat less floor to accumulate with.

There is do much manipulation going on.with NEO, I'm pretty sure it's the same.guy who keeps forcing the price down with 4000k neo

How many sharpies for 1 gas a week?

t. Pooper

That sucks. But might be an adventage because less people will be willing to show IDs. I will consider it

yes i notice whale manipulation too, but this cryptoworld is wild west

NEO consept is brilliant, and NEO is the coin that potentially give NEO holders overwhelminginly biggest gain future, maybe near future

look at other top 15 marketcap coins, old tired coins with no good consept like NEO has

You do realize the west keeps propping up NEO during the day and then China dumps at night. So it's not the same guy, but you're helping people cash out at the top kek.

That pattern hasn't always been true

panic selling is like you decide that now i selling these bags, and just when you have sold, green candle show up and price shoot up

then you curse youself, "why i sold these coins, oh look now its recovering" and this project is succes, i was wrongn, then you buy back and lose money

thats total bullshit, first, China is huge country wiht different time zones, second chinese never sleeps, they trade day and night, and i wouldnt be suprised that chinese trade most by nights

>look at other top 15 marketcap coins, old tired coins with no good consept like NEO has
couldn't agree more.

contrary to popular belief, I'm not 100% into NEO. I have some BTC left over that I'm willing to invest into other coins. But what else is there?? There's nothing even close to the ingenuity of NEO to choose from. Everything is just garbage. So at the end of the day, I'm just staying BTC / NEO until I find something else worth investing in. Sad, really.

also this. you think Americans are staying up late to trade? I guarantee you there are thousands of chinese people who literally never sleep, just trade 24/7. some of them have probably even died at their computers due to exhaustion and dehydration. this has happened for sure with video games.

Yo Ping Wing we use capital letters in English to denote the start of a sentence.
Try typing like this to fit in.

i investigated top 15 marketcap coins, and of course Bitcoin is King, but NEO is second best coin, consept is very good, NEO proof of stake is overwhelming compared to Ethereum, NEO has limited coin supply = very good. i.e. NEO is deflatory coin, Ethereum is infinite supply so Ethereum is inflantory coin, not good.

So this is my analysis.

my feeling is that NEO is best project for this moment

this cryptoworld is wild wild west, nothing is sure

but my analysis NEO is very good and solid project and best project this moment

Good NEO news when?

this post reeks pajeet

tomorrow 09/01/17. Mark my words user.

Im in...

Man I really hope so. Yesterday I massively fucked up and locked myself out of my room and then got scammed by an emergency locksmith guy and now I learn that apparantly all doors somehow share some link in the locks and all need to be replaced which will be estimated 15000 bucks and my insurance says they wont pay because in their contract they explicitly excluded this case (all I had to do was tell them that I would like that service for 2 extra bucks per year :^)).

Sorry for blogging.

Can't be real, can it ?
This only makes me want to sell the ETH to buy some neo

10th September is a date you should mark in your calendar. This is when the ghost month ends and asian people start trading again.


You probably got scammed into buying NEO at ~$41 // 980k satoshis. If you're a temporary/short term investor, good luck making any money out of NEO. NEO is a long term investment, not short.

Hey mother fucker that is incorrect. If you think "ghost month" is a real thing in the business world, you got me fucked up. You actually believe that these whales give two shits about a ghost month? LMAO. And btw, September 10 is when Red Pulse ICO is publicly on the green light. Ghost month actually ends September 22. Get your facts straight user. Think before you speak retard

Dont worry, I bought NEO at 6. Buying NEO for cheap was one of the two good financial decisions I did this year (the other was buying ETH at 50$).

I have 409 invites for the club.
Average buy in price was 6$

Hey, your mother is doing good!

exactly. "yeah its a total shitcoin... i made 20X on sale and decided it was a shitcoin..."

Lazy poster, I don't care if you're rich off NEO. You are truly an archetype of the most despicable kinds of humans. No worthwhile person will give you a second of their time in the real world. When you look back on your life, or try to explain to people what you "do", you'll be met with nothing but the psychological blunt force trauma of having realized that you are the lazy town poster. You will never be as rich as a poor man who has a traditional skill, a loving partner, children, and a close circle of friends. You will never even know what that is like, lazy poster, because you are a broken person.

when ever the day comes that you cash out of crypto, you'll realize you have nothing to live for. You'll be a millionaire, and you'll still be the lazy town poster. Nothing in your life will change.

I want to feel sorry for you, but the truth is, I don't even think about you.

I was 3 days off. You're off by 12. Like I said, get your facts straight, since the one you just posted proved you wrong.

ARK is great, read up on it

I hope it dips more so I can accomplish my target of 500 which won't make me a Rothschild but atleast a Rockefeller

The NEO community is such garbage. Totally convinced that they are on a rocket to the moon without any tangible evidence. I'm up 6x so whatever.

1k NEO and accumulating, 0.2 / day atm.

Also looking into the code.

That being said, NEO doesn't have proof of work (which is a good thing) and the protocol yet to be implemented on various ends. Right now the NEO devs host most of the nodes and it's not like the consensus algorithm is even proven.

If Dan gets his project in place, EOS might provide comprehensible smart contracts before NEO does. Of course, EOS is shady with it's ICO, but the devs are capable.

>devs host most of the nodes
Devs host all of the consensus nodes.

We WANT the NEO devs hosting most of the nodes. We want NEO to be centralized. We want NEO to be the coin that China uses by default. And it will be.

get a load of this guy. "I don't even think about you"
>triggered by memes
>"you'll be a millionaire, but"

i dont offer invest advice, but if you beleive NEO project, relax a while, we have seen that NEO plummets, and bump up again big time

See this is a prime example. NEO advertises as decentralized (see "governance mechanism" in the white paper, but when you say that this isn't true right now NEOphiles are all "this is what weeee waaaant"

if you want decentralized coins look elsewhere. that's not where the value of NEO lies.

Then why does the whitepaper claim the opposite?

post whatever stupid quote you're referencing, please

I put it in my original comment, but allow me to spoon-feed you:
>Governance mechanism

Chain governance: NEO token holders are the network owners and managers, managing the network through voting in the network, using the GAS generated from NEO to utilize the functions in the network. NEO tokens can be transferred.

Make a full node yourself if you want it to be decentralized

none of that refutes what I said

Sorry here's a more clear one:
>Consensus mechanism: dBFT

The dBFT is called the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant, a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanism that enables large-scale participation in consensus through proxy voting. The holder of the NEO token can, by voting, pick the bookkeeper it supports. The selected group of bookkeepers, through BFT algorithm, reach a consensus and generate new blocks. Voting in the NEO network continues in real time, rather than in accordance with a fixed term.

No one else can run a consensus node at this time.

>thinks I'm triggered
>responds to me grilling anime faggots and pedos by posting anime

yeah bud, I'm the triggered one.

so what. the point is the bookkeeper nodes are probably going to be mostly based in China and controlled by the official NEO team. this is fine. if it was so decentralized that china was uncomfortable with it, NEO wouldn't have as bright a future as it does now.

>tfw only 188 NEO

am I going to make it bros?

Thanks for proving my point. Almost verbatim.

whatever you say dude. nobody has any idea what your point is though.

it's okay but try to get up to 500. God has given you this juicy dip, user.

My point is that there is a disconnect between the stated goals of the NEO design, the current implementation, and the NEOphiles' understanding of what is/should be happening. Everyone is just blindly chanting "ETH of China" without looking further.

unless it goes down to $1, i don't see how i can afford that many

I'm not chanting ETH of China. NEO's goals and ambitions are far more than being a platform for ICO scams. It wants to digitize assets. Look into it.

I want to buy this dip but how do you cash out NEO? Bittrex, changgly, shapeshift non of those exchanges will fuck with neo or ARK.

You think ETH is better? Vitalik will suck the cock of every big company and fork ETH again or do whatever they want as we already saw with the DAO and ETC. NEO is cannot be forked

>NEO cannot be forked

You know, I've heard this a lot but I've never seen a justification for it. I mean right now it's technically true since all the consensus nodes are dev controlled. But technically a group could create a fork by spinning up their own nodes and changing client configuration to use those.

It took me 5seconds to google it and find an answer

And if took a few more seconds to read this thread and the Reddit thread you would find that:

1. I'm well aware of how NEO consensus works
2. Someone else on that thread says exactly what I said (

And he was soundly refuted. When will you NEO FUDers just give up?

I only have 10 NEO, should I throw it all into RedPulse ICO?

But... It wasn't refuted. If you're unable to provide and explanation yourself just say so. It's ok to not have a full technical understanding of your underlying investments.

they check IDs, bro. so you better not be a burger

I gonna throw 540 NEO on it


In other words: useless.

>t. retard