Move out at 18-21

>move out at 18-21

Why do Americans do this

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they dont. most americans i know live at home till their late 20s

Because they go to university.

moving out is a good way to grow up and learn about yourself

There was a time when productivity rose with wage and people could afford to do that with any job if they were white straight male so they're like 'why don't you do what I did millennials!' but don't realize wage has remained stagnant since because they're retard trump voters and don't know anything

have you ever made tens of thousands overnight after sitting at the computer naked all day? thats why I did it. its amazing

They're told to by movies/TV shows, but then they blow through all their savings and have to move back home.
Its designed to make people feel like failures and take low paying labor jobs instead of actually going out and getting better ones.
It's brilliant when you really look at it.

>he didn't have a down payment saved by 21

step up nigga

They don't really on average
The super poor move out because their parents make them,
The super rich move out to college because their parents pay for it
The super rebellious move out and die from bills
And those with shitty parents move out but are happier at least

If you're not out of your parents' house by 22 though I think you fucked up somewhere

So they can pay $700 per month rent and make payments on their sofas while claiming to be "free"

So they don't remain eternal virgins.

their parents hate them

>blaming the game because you're still trying to play with last patch's strategies

Learn to adapt to the times

30 yr old american here, I still live on my moms basement

If you have condescending, narcissistic parents like some people i know you're better off moving out. You learn that you actually aren't as incapable as your parents made you feel and it makes them respect you more.

I pay $250 and got all my furniture for free.

they hate each other
t. american

That's what I do desu, had to go to another city for a better law university and I'm paying so much. I'm a frenchfag and not a burger though

Lol 33 here and married. Lived in expensive ass apartments for 10 years while working for others. Moved my family back into my parents house, bootstrapped my own company, am making bank and bought the house from my parents.

They're cool as shit, my wife and parents get along, and even though I own the house now, parents still insist on paying bills as long as they're alive and living with me.

Everyone here saying "move out by 22 or big problem" are stupid and incapable of thinking beyond social mores. But keep thinking and living that way, I profit considerably off of people like them.

Because they fall for the Jewish meme of Independence by having their own place. It is so the Jews can collect equity.

What do you do user?

God you people are pathetic. You wonder why you are NEETs. First step is living away from Mommy and Daddy. If you have to take care of yourself you just magically start having Education, Employment, and Training.


It's fine to stay with your parents until late 20s as long as you save most of your money. No excuse not to have at the very least $50k+ by then.

>Why do Americans do this

In my experience, it's americans that *DONT* do this.

In western europe you're right though. You're almost expected to move out between 18-20 in the netherlands.

Which is a good thing.

Because Im not a little bitch nor a leach. Im able to do whatever I want whenever I want and I am responsible only for myself.

Everything I have, Ive earned through hard work and that is such a nice feeling. At the end of every day I can smile knowing that I have everything that I have because of my own perserverence. Im 19 but already have 3 years of work behind me, an 87 325is in great condition(if ur a car guy u know what it is), and I was putting myself through college before I got bored and joined the Navy.

I put my savings in crypto back when eth was 20 bucks now I got 15k in assets.

Moved out a year ago. You neet losers need to get off your ass and stop being a leach.

I cant spell today

This is a big one. It depends on the culture but in Ameriland most people who dont move out dont do it to save money and better themselves. They do it because theyre losers with no ambition.

This is pretty close. College is a big one also though; in addition to wanting to know what its like to survive in the world.

>You're almost expected to move out between 18-20 in the netherlands
I feel like its gotta be easier in godtier countries. I think i remember reading that in countries like Denmark apart from the fact that uni is free, you can also get paid to go to school or something like that.

I'm 19 and have 50k saved now. In Ontario my only options are to pay 1k+ per month for a decent apartment. I really don't see why I shouldn't move though, I've saved enough and see no shortage of money in my future. Plus my family life is terrible.

You clearly have enough money and if your family life is shit move out man.

Not moving out at 18-19 was one of the biggest mistakes I've made. There's no money worth being unhappy living with your parents.

Why not buy a house in the subhurb instead? 50k is a good cashdown. As long as you have a decent job.

where I live its more like $1200

some of it is people, but you can't ignore the fact the game developers turned up the difficulty

>sitting at the computer naked all day
People actually do this unironically? I thought this was just a meme.

Not in Ontario lololol. Even middle of nowhere houses $600k+

Also buying a house isn't Veeky Forums, renting is almost always superior. Especially if you're young.

>Jewish meme

Those collectivist gooks have got it all worked out.

Ok to live with parents as long as you're working towards independence.

Hard to get a girlfriend if you live with your parents past 25.

>Why do Americans do this
I don't know, they also take huge fucking loans they'll never reimburse when they're not even 20.

So fucking stupid.
If you don't mind it and you're close to your work, stay with your family, FFS.

I moved out when I got a serious GF, not before.
So I saved a lot.

>renting is almost always superior
I've seen this countless times and still don't quite understand. Anyone care to lay out the reason beyond not being tied down in one place? Currently renting right now anyway but that's because my assets are tied up elsewhere and not in a down payment

> I think i remember reading that in countries like Denmark apart from the fact that uni is free, you can also get paid to go to school or something like that.
TFW i am in Denmark and i get free money that i spend on Crypto while studying for free.

>not building your own furniture

I moved out so I could finally invite girls back to my place for drinks and fucking. 100% worth

fuck off normie

Because you can get your own place in a decent neighborhood for ~500 a month around here. Why wouldn't you want your own place? Are you going to invite people over to your parents to hang out in your 20's?

Parents are incredibly predictable, annoying, vanilla normies and its best to get away from them as soon as possible.

Sorry for late reply. Few reasons, first it's usually a bad investment almost always(undiversified, low returns on average, broker fees, etc), it's a pain in the ass to deal with if you move(young people move like once every 3 years IIRC).

Here's a quote from a biz user who laid it out better than I could.

>Literally better off spending the money you're spending on a home on ETFs. Housing is a shit investment across the board. It has low returns (if any), is not diversified either by sector or region, can be destroyed in a million ways from arson to flood to hurricanes, requires constant upkeep, isn't liquid at all and costs a chunk to sell. It's only redeeming factor is there fuzzy feeling of living in your own house, which is not worth all that much if you have to move. If it's that important to you, knock yourself out, but given a choice I would always rent.

Dutch do this as well... sometimes even at 16.... It learns you to be independent, which is very important..

because then you can have girls over and fuck them all night long and chill with friends in your crib

This is like asking why people have shitty parents. You're not going to become anything but an extremely weird, unapproachable, undesirable "man" if you never strike out on your own and you know, BECOME a man.

I mean if you want to feel good about living off your parents and having zero personality development outside of anime and videogames, go ahead. Just don't say no one ever warned you when you realize that you're stuck with your shitty personality at 30 years old because you thought "winning" meant not even playing the game.

depends on where you live... take for example London..

from south to north london is 2 hours traveling.. if you change job it's 100 times more easier if you rent something.. you can just pack your bags and move closer to the work place.... which is impossible if you bought a property.

Also given the fact that jobs are not permanent these days... people change jobs frequently for all kind of reasons.

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Found the assmad faggot that pays rent like the good little goy he is.

You're not an American, only Europeans say "living on" instead of "living in"

I'm sorry that you have a shitty personality and a shitty life that revolves around your status as a NEET being the only thing you have going for yourself, bud.

Wow, what could be worse than having your own, private living space? So scary!

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It used to be standard because of American capitalist endeavors, and so they could get out and start their own family.
These days because of Jewish subversion, political turmoil, economic unrest, laziness, and the internet--kids don't move out.
I've seen people still living at home in their 30s.

yes getting bitcoin in 2010/2011 while never having a bank account and not getting a job sucks

You're lucky.

You're really not making manchildren every look good when you talk like that.

I'm sure it has brought you many friends, love, and a purpose in life. At least your parents are there for you.

so that i have my own walls and floor to shit on without being punished by mommy

bitcoins was invented in 2013

>naive douche bag
Enjoy your future you dumbass.

Found the virgin

Must add, that if you are being 100% serious, how can there be anything sadder than someone who is so inept that despite having more money than they would ever need, they choose to live at home and LARP to strangers on an anime forum.

Really made me think.

>it's another episode of manchildren from /r9k/ and /pol/ versus normal, well adjusted adults

according to the person who uses childish frog drawings..

The classical Pepe's are not childish.

Lots of normies on Veeky Forums today. Can't wait to see your favorite club get shot up.

nvm him he doesnt know pepes will be worth more than ETH one day

Veeky Forums was literally always a normie board before the crypto bubble

because i am crypto millionaire and want to spend the rest of my life with my soon to be wife girlfriend!

I wanted to drink beer and smash gash.

Was highly successful at both well until my mid twenties when I got a job and became fat and miserable.

Not anymore, bitch. Go cry about it on /soc/.

Ireland checking in.
In one of my grandparents house there is 2 kids, one lives at home at 39
Other house 3 live at home aged 21, 23 and 27
They're embarrassing but the worst part is my grandparents see no problem with this

>tfw live at home at 27
>200k saved up
>long-term gf with ambitions and earning power
>moving out soon and getting her parents to help with condo payments
>her parents will die in 5-10 years and we get their $1m house
>sell and move into something way cheaper and pocket the difference
>set 4 lyfe

Dutchie here

Honestly you're free to do here as you wish, if you decide to move out and get fucked, the government will support you with plenty of welfare. I plan to move out at about 25, I'm 19.

I knew this girl in the US and her parents forced her to move out at about 18 years old, haven't heard from her ever since. I hope she's alright...

This. And they call us yuro poor lmao

> a lot of money
pick one faggot

You have a landlord to come fix anything that breaks. Well at least thats how mine have been. Also renting a house > renting a apt

This is yet another benefit.

"my parents are rich"- the post

Yeah, and what exactly do you think will happen when all the useful people die off and you've got nothing left but a culture of welfare dependent hipster faggots, Africans and Muslims? Have fun!

It's a double edged sword lmao

What a boring, listless life

what are student loans?

>student loan bubble


>50% tax on all your earnings for life, mass immigration to your tiny towns, free pass for Islamists and rapists


>TFW 30
>no self-worth
>no monetary worth
>no job
>no skills
>mentally unstable
>every attempt I've made to escape from confinement has led to catastrophic failure and total psychological ruin

>50% tax on all your earnings for life

also 0% tax on cryptogains

What? Are you fucking stupid?

I did that too but I haven't fucked in a year

If you think that is going to last you're truly in for an ass raping. Maybe in a few niche places, but no way will that persist in West Europe as a whole, thanks for the laugh tho hans

He caught you there, pathetic britfag.

Lmao back to r9k

ill enjoy my free healthcare and almost free education tho, but i'm already in the "niche place" so i'm enjoying the fuck out of it

What the fuck is r9k?

>live at home
>$20/hr job at factory
>small fuel efficient toyota
>live 2 minutes from work
>minimalist lifestyle
>parents pay utility bills
>parents own house
>literally just pour by paychecks into BTC

>live 2 minutes from work
>small fuel efficient toyota
>minimalist lifestyle

Paying for my own shit gives me a sense of accomplishment