RDD mooning alongside XVG - exactly like it performed historically ( only the other way around)

get in now b4 100+sats to triple your BTC

Thank me later.

already 1,5k BTC Volume today on trex

already in brother, this volume is absolutely ridiculous for 35 sat

Ya I sold at 37 it going down to 20 where I shall rebuy smart money got out this morning. Also smart money has been buying for the last mouth

Just bought in
Dump inc because i always buy high and sell low on this

I'm glad I didn't listen to everyone here that said this was a dead shitcoin. Generally when biz is fudding and hating on a coin I do some research and try to set some low buy orders. Thankfully they went through and I'm up.

Still a long ways to go to surpass the ATH but I think it's gonna do it.

Good I bought at 54 sat and been holding like a madman

whew, lad

looking at the charts, it seems poised for a major breakout

Bought a ton around 35-45 and have been holding it since. Hoping now is the time we see this hit 100.

if anyone falls for this....you deserve to lose your money

FUD on out of here guy.

Apparently the OP that started this pump is going to surpass the previous pump of this coin so hold on tight.

You're funny! I have only made money on RDD and XVG and others like it.

It's not anyone's fault but your own that you have some weak ass hands.

Anyway, this current rise started with XVG, but I think it is turning into a buy the rumor sell the news type situation with the soon to be released Redd ID. It's going to launch randomly before quarter 3 ends which is October 1 right?

Any smart trader should be ready to sell half their stash once REDD ID is released. This pump has a ways more to go me thinks

Don't let these P&D shitcoin scammers fool ya people

When REDDID hits you'll be crying

You better get your noose ready

I'll drink all your piss and cum, mixed, if it goes over 100. Dirty scammers.

Unironically spent half a bitcoin on this at 110 stats. Never sold. Iron hands for months. Been dreaming of the day I can finally unload these bags. Hold me.

I'll never understand people like this. This coin has gone up 50% and the volume is pretty high. Clearly people are making money. And apparently it's not you.

Every crypto coin is manipulated. It's your fault you're a bad trader.

I checked and this coin has been around since 2014 and it has an active dev team? Fuck outta here with this nonsense.

They are definitely not active. Coin supply and market cap is a fucking joke too. Some new person is taking over ownership of all RDD domains and projects i was just on their forum reading the post the other day. its a dead project

Like I said, if it reaches over 100 I'll bend over and stick an iron rod up my ass. But if it goes under 25....hope everyone at least feel guilty about manipulating people to become bagholders and lose money

>Bought a ton around 35-45 and have been holding it sinc





stop lying to people you fuck. This coin has re-activated and thats why the buying.... stop crying cos you missed the flight to mars.

It hit 122 sat in June dumbass.

I have a suspicion you're a bagholder yourself. Keep holding. Makes you stronger.

I'm in since 4 sat. Feeling pretty good right now

LOL. So you previously stated that you checked on this coin's status when you already had some. GTFO SCAMMER

I found out about the coin through biz back before the huge pump. Glad I did! Sold most near the top and have just been holding the rest.

After doing some more research on this coin I'm hoping to win big again. We'll see


I'm pretty sure we're on biz to make money. I'm making money and I'm happy.

Why are you such a miserable little shit? I wonder haha

Yeah make money, alright. More like best practices to manipulate people, faggot.


Shitcoin or the second coming of satoshi?

I'll throw $5 at it

should I sell at 100 sat?

How much did you lose noob?

I think the ATH was more than that, but bitcoin was worth more so...

BTC was worth less back then is what I meant.

will how soon do you think it will reach that? I just wanna get rid of these bags

Buy the rumor sell the news. Their big project redd id is coming out by the end of September. Best advice is to be on the lookout

People are trying to unload their bags right now but whales alsosee how much higher than all time high was. Might meet to hop in soon.

alright I set my limit sell at 100sat

and now I wait

Haha! Pretty funny user

I realise if Bitcoin were to drop let's say 10 percent the value of redd could rise quite a bit


rdd is gonna be yuggeee

Gnasher said redd ID would have a 30 day random release window.

Shit, could be tomorrow for all we know.

also yesterday he said he was still working on it

who gives a shit
this thing is gonna moon when it comes out

buy and forget about it

ya but now we go to 20 sat where i will buy millions

Sold at 31 yesterday because it was an obvious pump with no steam... Then everyone assumed the whale had some inside info. Sucks. I still made a nice profit. I will rebuy after it drops. ReddID is a good idea but will it actually arrive by the end of next month? I love the coin actually. Maybe I should have just held. But it was such an obvious pump and the buy orders were literally close to dead when I sold.

naw pump is over you should have seen that 37-40 was the top. i waited until this morning to sell i sold at 37. it will test the bottom t again witch is 17 sats this is when i will buy in

also alot of buy orders are fake there was 30 btc siting at 35 sats as soon as it started to get hit it was removed

Why are the walls so massive? I bought three times, sold at a gain everytime, but the walls dude, they just don't move, even though millions went in.

there fake. beleave it or no theres a lot of money in reddcoin. this is one reason i like it. the walls dont scare me. like my post above stated wall at 35 buy was 20 or 30 btc, got removed as soon as it started to get hit.if you watch this happens alot. i sold at 37 they were hopeing to push it to 40 but that is not going to happen

sent my money to botstamp waiting to sell btc at 5k and buy back at 4600. this is my next move

How do you tell? I am relatively new to this and I sold at 31 when most buy orders were under 30 and most sell orders were around 34. Bittrex.

Hey thanks. I actually like RDD quite a bit, but it has been really taxating trying to predict the outcome of my trades, even though I'm using the bittrex api to my advantage & I won everytime.

the last pump was to 37 to 40 sats. this is what you look for. you will learn. you did good just wait to buy back in around 20 sats. but i will say whales did this pump just to get more coins. this will be the last pump before redd id is released so when you buy in hold and wait. im hoping it will go to 20 cents in the next couple of mouths

I dove head first into this two weeks ago and learn something vital every day

so the walls at 25 and 24 sats are fake and what caused this pump. they will be removed


The best strategy would seem to be to ride the waves the whales make when they splash.

im a whale and its going to 20 sats and i will make sure of this

does she have a dick and balls made out of air or have i been on this site for too long

Sweet. Thanks user whale

Bought at 5 sat for $40USD. Sold part of it. Still have 200k and gained $200USD from the part I sold.

Thanks for buying my bags.

Real talk though, you'd do better holding. Losses are only realized when you sell. I would know. I held as well.

Just next time, don't buy at ATH. You've got hundreds of opportunities and ways to make gains and tens of moons in a month. Don't squander it because you're too lazy to research or because your FOMO feefees told you to.

lmao that's funny

no way, are you for real?

I bought at ath (100 sat) will I make it? Did I make the right call not to sell?