Sell now.

Buy back in 4 hours.

Trust me.

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If I trusted every fucker on this board who said "just trust me bro" I would've lost all of my money in less than a month. Suck my fucking dick fucking retard.

K. Capped. Good luck user.

just bought 1000

i'm not selling, thanks for the rare pepe

>shill is telling me to sell instead of BUY BUY BUY for once
im scared and confused

YEEEEES...I know! you know, we both know

The BUY BUY BUY part comes at the pinnacle of the incoming dip. If you think that it can sustain this ath after that silly McDonalds announcement then you are lying to yourself.

Remember when it was hovering in the $9 range about two weeks ago? Then it dipped back to the $7 area for an accumulation phase before coming back up. It's going to do it again. Except this time it will be around $9-$10.

Right now either hold or sell ath and buy even more when it dips. I'm not shilling, I am just putting my advice based on previous trends on the table.

if anyone is actually thinking about selling now: don't. that would be fucking stupid.

i'm inclined to believe this, but i dont know why

Too risky.

I feel like you just want people to lose money.

Put all of your money on UBIQ for the next 24 hours. Trust me.

>not sell ATH

you guys are emotionally attracted to this coin, you will lose money.

any idea what it will dip to?

You're the type of guy to call people a fucking retard for blindly listening to others on this board. And you're going to pull some shit like this? Literally die in your sleep tonight.

Actually-- no...die immediately after waking up. Before you can take your morning piss. Die with discomfort.

Why the fuck would I want people to lose money? I am trying to help you faggots to quit being fomo chasing retards and take a second to research the trends.

This thing is riding high on fast food hype. As much as I love to laugh at all the retarded idiots post their pink wojacks, I would rather see this board evolve and make real money and stop being victimized by hype.


Cmon man that's a human being

It's not at ATH....

That's because it is beginning it's dip faggot.

usually i just hold but i'm going to ride the wave right now, it does seem to love quite some volume and the downtrend is starting. If i can accumulate some more during the dip i'll be thanksful, user

Yeah, look at all dees crashes. Never recovered.

At this point, you're assuming we're all going to sell, and guess correctly as to when we should rebuy. Fuck off with useless information.

what he's trying to convey is that you can actually make more money by selling relatively high and finding a better entry point

Well, it's down now, right? So sell low? I can see selling during an upswing-- but to sell now...not the move.

I never said anything about crashes. I am talking dips, quit being a douche depository and acting all pompous cus you bought in ath and don't want to feel like an asshole when this shit dips.

It is overall on an uptrend, yes, but if you think this stupid McDonalds announcement is gonna maintain this hype for much longer then you are an idiot. Learn the swings, because right now it's only ~$12, but when this shit grows to over $50 and then eventually well into the triple digits then those couple extra coins you accumulated are going to make a huge difference.

Should I trade my NEO for more OMG?
NEO looks...unhappy.

On the fence senpai. Looking like a head and shoulders. Support line between 225-235K

I wonder how many NOEtards have been cashing out and getting on the OMG rocket?

I'd wager more than a few. It has really languished since the government announcement.

Yes, Neo is going to be stagnant for a little while until China figures out their ICO regulations.

i sold half and am waiting for the dip


Sell 1000 OMG I got in single digits? Hmmmm

Yes, you are right about that, but your support line is too low. I think it will catch it's floor at it's previous ath area of about ~215k.

Pic related.

hope you're right, could buy me some more coin

No, it won't. Between now and mid september you'll be lucky if it drops below 240 for reasons that you'll be aware of if you've been following dev announcements.

I agree that this is going to be a great month for Omg, but I am saying that short term there is potential for decent accumulation off of the hype swing. It will dip before it takes off on it's final mission. I am confident it will drop below 240k.

Good friend warned me of this and I sold all of mine a few hoes ago. Been going down ever since. Lots of sells for large amounts and lots of buys for small amounts.

OP is right. Hodl and don't panic, or sell now, make profit, and then buy the dip.

Sold off 25% of my OMG. Think it's gonna drop out around chink time

Incoming drop to around 235k

>ITT: Basic Trading

Even Vitalik, the guy who made Etherium said to sold Neo.... Ages ago.
I sold Neo, put it into OMg,
Rode the hype, sold it and put it in something else. Don't want to be yelled at for shilling a coin so I won't say what.

Listen to the advice here it's solid.

broke support. sold everything i had left. will buy back later.


Ni hao!

what's the coin bro

youre just trollin, there isnt any coin

It was small. Very very small. But it did net me a couple more coins.
Worth the thread, I guess, though not too keen on the mystery.

What a retard

For gaining more coins? Try a mirror.

well... do i buy back in or is it going to drop????

tell me what to do!!!! buy in now or wait for a drop?

holy shit he was right

OP, it's been 4 hours. Price is the same. I thought you were trustworthy but I believe that I've been fooled again.

no he wasn't. see >I am confident it will drop below 240k.

i made 2 OMG by selling and buying lower, not such bad advice after all

i sold my altcoin this morning after moon a bit shill waiting on the dip. has not gone above the proce i sold but

>selling your omg in hopes of getting more cheaper

Learn to trade on margin. Literally free money while your omg is sagely gaining

Tell me more...

You think price go up, go long, free money
You think price go down, go short, free money

i don't hold any margin. i don't think bittrex has it.

Thanks for the tip. I'll be watching very carefully.

If that was wave 5 then it's going to go back to $8 area on the biggest dip.

don't even start margin trading, spare yourself the pink wojacks

No one knows what to do, I'm betting on it dropping.

Shit. That would be amazing.

I know right? A second chance at lambo coin.

It will dip further. My timeframe is off, but it will dip further.

wow hes as autistic as he looks

bullshit, you can see like 5 figures in that chart and you dont know wich movement will follow.

1. massive H&S
2. Inverse H&S
3. Cup&Handle
4. Bull flag
5. double top

But.. stochrsi low, macd going up (in the 4H). Pick your poison.

Triple top pattern?

1 costs 4000€


when is the fucking diP??!?!??!


nice, just sold 100k

can't fucking believe i sold and missed this. fuck. ALWAYS DO OPPOSITE OF WHAT Veeky Forums SAYS.

lol whale would pull that wall the second i sold, fuck that

my erect green candle will penetrate that wall with ease, watch as i move all the btc i bought at $15 into this shitcoin and blow your minds

Fuuuuuug it's still going up. I'm skeptical tho senpai. THERE'S GOTTA BE A CORRECTION SOON!!!!


it's a bull trap. don't fall for it!

-t. guy trying to console himself for having sold out to buy the dip

Are you me? Ended up selling all of mine at 250K kek

yeah, did the same. saw it broke obv trend support and sold expecting a dip. IT NEVER DIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
had buy orders set and had to go out so missed the reversal. damn.

damn, imagine being such a baller you use the number of hoes you've slept with as a unit of measurement. you inspire me, m8.

Don't fucking short trade a moon mission. Greedy idiots


dis look noice

right, fucking hell man this is some of that good hodl shit


resisting the fomo by buying dcr. fml

Please can it drop down to 240k so I can by it back for the price I sold it for. I'll never do it again I promise.

So uh, hows this working for you guys


should I sell for a 6k sat gain

at first i was like

and then i was

>selling small quantities to chase gainz
been in here since 160000 range, I'm not about to get raped by fees and whales


user whoo dis

apparently my google skills are on point

germanic beauty. too bad she's old now.





>I didnt sell at 266k to buy back now