ChainLink is not only the Ripple killer but the version of Ripple that crypto has always deserved. Instead of bending over to serve the banks, ChainLink created a truly decentralized product, and the banks will need to join crypto instead of crypto joining the banks.

Not only does it preform Ripple's single, narrow, and fully cucked use case BETTER -- ChainLink is the first decentralized Oracle that allows anyone to securely provide smart contracts with access to key external data, off-chain payments, and literally ANY OTHER API YOU CAN DREAM UP.

Anyone can now engrain off-chain data directly onto the blockchain in a DECENTRALIZED way and use that data to directly inform trustless smart contracts. This is the skeleton key we've been waiting for to actualize the blockchain in real world use cases.

Whats the price for someone to use this revolutoinary service?

LINK tokens.

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Sergey Nazarov himself explaining the working product that ChainLink has developed and tested with SWIFT

Every blockchain company has the oracle problem if they are doing anything with APIs its an easy 100 mil market cap

They already have a working prototype for Ethereum and Bitcoin, so yeah. This is a 10x coin. If some retards sell it for 2x on ED after the ICO do yourself a favor and BUY.

i put in 1 eth presale and will look into putting 2 more during crowdsale, will i be alright?

Anything less than 3x ico is safe

So does anyone have any update on how the presale pools are gonna work out? Does everyone get refunded if the pool is over or just those who went over the cap?

So is there going to be a crowdsale or is it just this pre-sale?

Will give .1 ETH for good advice, because I have no idea what my 10 ether is doing right now. I got in a pool before 300 ETH but some doods put us over the cap by a bit.

Crowdsale September 7, it might sell out fast, be prepared to BUY. (This is a guaranteed x2, with elusive x10 potential

>it's the x killer

Watching these coins crash is always satisfying

Sorry that you didnt get in new friend

So what happens then?

It was barely explained how to get in on it now.

Will it be on bittrex? How does it work?



send it and I will give you the most likely scenario. I've spent the last 72 hours glued to the slack whilst also in communication with devs via email and the chat function on the website.

Not happening bruv, just give me some info and .1 is all yours.


I already have. And its basically "wow its fucking nothing".

People talk about ICO's here but never how to buy into them. But if you google it is always auxillary information, not specifically how to.

Googling chainlink gives you a "100 eth" minimum mumbo jumbo. But you know most don't have that, and I know people here who don't have that were able to get in on the presale.

So, how does the next one work. What specifically do you need to do? Then I'll go write a guide so that DYOR actually has something to point to.

prepare to grind your teeth when it goes 20x presale price first.

I figured it out, because I DMOR.

Send me the link of your pool

It was said that its okay from a standpoint of getting your LINK. The coin will be sent to each address proportional to how much the address added. It does however violate the terms, but it doesnt seem like they are gonna do anything about it.

>waaaah cant do my own research need handholding from biz

fuck off kiddo. I've been here for a fucking month and easily figured out how to get on board every ico I've ever wanted. protip, there are communities online around just about every fucking ico/coin on the planet which spell shit out clearly

its fucking easy you babby, but thankfully morons like you are too braindead to figure it out. you can buy my bags when they're 100x though ;)

Most of those are way beyond their intended cap. I don't know if you're being a cock or trying to be helpful. Some of those pools are misleading because they seem to be just below a cap, but they are indeed far above what they were allowed. Anyone who sends to them is wasting their ETH, gas, and time.

It'd be pretty stupid for them to start refunding the ETH from every "compromised" presale link, why would they want to lose substantial funding and free hype?

Someone explain how this is ddifferent from ark

the logo is box with a padlock on it

It's not a meme and potheads don't run it

I have no clue what the heck any of this means? So it "connects" bank accounts to crypto currencies?
The heck does that mean, "connect"?

It hooks up your bank account into cryptospace.

Blockchains cannot communicate with offchain settlement services such as SWIFT or other traditional means of value transfer, therefore LINK introduces oracles to communicate between chain and offchain services via oracles.

SWIFT is magic word.

You'll be able to seamlessly transfer money from fiat to crypto straight from the bank. Fuck coinbase.

One day. maybe even your entire savings could be guarded in the blockchain.

Holy shit, when I get my LINK, I will be hodling the shit out of it

Your trips are a prophecy.

I already said t hat I did my own research and it led to nothing showing how to specificially get into anything, including chainlink.

There's no reason why it isn't posted in this thread after I had asked.

I just wanted in the presale biz my wagecuckery meant I missed anime chans good links

gonna try and throw $15K at it; what should my gas settings be? 100 GWEI, 20K limit?

I have a virgin 300 cap link that imma just keep for myself so I can watch you all fight amongst yourselves in the open sale

there is no info yet regarding the chainlink public sale except that it is capped at 16 mil. the presale is over

have your (you) you cunt

>the presale is over

And how would you know this?

All you see is links posted here for "crowd" stuff.

No explaination of what it is or what it does or why it requires ETH of all things specifically.

Even there website doesn't explain exactly how to do it.

Dude you still work? I quit my job when I reached 40k and have never looked back since.

It is over, all links that have been sent via email have all expired, no new links are coming out so it's over, god you're such a dumb prick.

its over , check their slack lol


Lets use fake words to describe things.

dude cmon now. Every legit link out there flat out says not to contribute anymore because they are done collecting

Like legit you sound dumb and uninformed.

There legitimately isn't an argument against ChainLink. If you can get in the ICO, you made it. I already put in 100 ETH and will put in another 5 BTC into the ICO .

So if all the penny punters shared links with each other and combined their ETH to a minimum of 100 for that link on time, do they all get their respective Chainlink amounts?

they should be getting their LINK but no definitive answer yet

Its been answered. You poolfags do get LINK corresponding to the address from which ETH was sent

I sent 3 ETH. It's not much but it's all I had.

a-am I gonna make it too bros? :( dont need a lambo, just a used civic would be ok

Enjoy your 2012 Audi a5

Thats 20 ETH minimum user, good job.

3eth is enough for a Lambo. This coin is going 500x and 1500eth today can get you a Lambo.

thanks guys. picking out my audi a5 color now

Isn't ARK about linking blockchains? This is about enabling blockchains to use external data feeds. Not the same at all.

U got me dude u trolled me feelsbadman.jpg

>tfw im late to the party


poor coiner get out. you're blocking my sun.

i hope you get a combination of aids and cancer and pay every penny you made with this ico to chemotherapy and drugs

i put in 50 eth

You can get in the ICO if youre fast as hell. Maybe

>tfw you send thousands of dollars to a random link posted on Veeky Forums and not only did you not get scammed but now you're gonna be rich


Countdown to the minute and send as soon as it opens. You'll have to beat the bots

Not possible, and it has really low cap, you will just waste gas, not trying to fud, it's real.

ITT people who haven't researched byteball


I think its possible to get in if you time it perfectly

Probably not dude. They have a hard limit on contributions at ~30 mill. It might have been met through the presale.

How would byteball provide this service?

>Ripple killer

Ripple has been around for 5+ years, has made partnerships all over the world, has 200 employees, and has received hundreds of millions in venture capital funding... just to name a few things.

I'm all for new technology, but calling this a "Ripple killer" is incredibly premature.

It has had decentralised oracles and smart contracts involving them fully implemented for fucking ages

Thx user, checked

Ethereum has oracles as well, byteball isnt unique

doesnt have the SWIFT dough ;)