Is there anything more pathetic than normie laggards who buy crypto now at ATH top?

Is there anything more pathetic than normie laggards who buy crypto now at ATH top?

Seriously, how dumb can you be? Have they not heard the phrase "buy the dip"?

it's called FOMO my friend

Any entry point is good entry point for the good coins
Who cares if you buy btc at 4200 or 4700? Shit is gonna be worth 100k+

Also cost averaging and shit

If nobody buys high, nobody makes money. Normies have their place. They are the ones with no imagination or dreams who pave the roads and answer the phones and always get in on every trend late. They can't help being this way, and they MUST be this way, or society couldn't function. They are the base of the pyramid.

buy high sell higher

>Shit is gonna be worth 100k+

LOOOL, delusions of grandeur. Why the fuck would that shit that is barely usable cost that much eh?

Can't even send it properly. Slow as fuck.

you haven't used eth recently, have you? the entire eth network is worse than btc right now.

yes, they both are shit

that is the point - this is just unusable SHIT

>buy low sell high
> BTC doesn t have A LOW since the dip at 2k

what to do ?

It dips 3% every week mate, Usually Tuesday is the best day to buy BTC, because by thursday it's Run up.

Free 250-300 dollars frenn

>Why the fuck would that shit that is barely usable cost that much eh?
Because it really is a ponzi scheme. If you just look at the people pumping it it is classic ponzi scheme personalities.
Bitcoin is a platform that lets you find some idiot to sell your ponzicoin to for more than you paid for it.

You are woke user

so can someone please explain to me what i can do with eth and btc besides buy drugs and give to icos. i have 250 eth and quite frankly im about to sell soon

Is it really any different than hodling at the ATH? If you really believed that it wasn't going to go any higher then you would immediately convert all your crypto into fiat, right?

Retards like you said never $1, never $10, never $100, never $1000... look where we are now

Get out kid you aren't welcome here

>bought at ATH
>bought more after dip
>up 40% overall

Buy at any moment, sell never.

If btc does get to 100k each and I only have 25 that's only 2.5 million that I would get in USD. I would be so attached to my btc by that time I wouldnt want to give it up for 2.5 million that's not even a lot of money. I would rather have the 25 btc.

That part doesn't even matter, you can buy in at anytime and be successful. It's the retards who eye hump the charts everyday and see one slight dip and they panic sell.

say it with me




Tomorrows dip is yesterdays ATH.

The ath of today might be the dip of tomorrow

Im going balls deep boi

From the time I first heard of Bitcoin in 2011 I said "Yeah, this thing will be worth billions. Only 21 million coins for the whole world? Definitely thousands per coin eventually." I've been a true believer for a long time and have a secret wallet with quite a few coins from those early days I've promised to not touch until it really changes my life. But even I am calling bullshit on $50,000+. It is just a ludicrous amount. A market cap of billions is great, sure, but not trillions.

Bitcoin is not worth more than half the fucking countries on Earth, user. And if the price ever did SOMEHOW get that high, then the nukes are gonna start flying right after, because that means the world has reached an unrecoverable level of irrationality.