Who is Pumping NAV?

Thank you, Mr. Whale.

Oh... right... shilling...


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$10? You mean $490! Its the anoynymous Etherium, after all. Anomous makes it $140 and etherium makes it $350. Add it together you get $490.

It is about to coast down to the high 18ks before it takes off. So You moon kids still gotta chance at going on the ride.

I'm up over 300%
Literally put money in on a whim about a week ago. It could drop to $.80 and I'd still be in the green.

Nice. I invested after the first pump caught my eye. Read up on the coin. Realized it was high reward relatively low risk.

that's a pretty astute observation for someone who shits on a street. some might say it's....unbelievable.

Did you come on here earlier this week and mention it? I saw one post about it about a week ago on here

No, but I was shilling ReddCOIN on another thread (along with XSPEC and privacy coins in general).

lol I am not a panjeet


And thus the Asian pump begins

I made a thread about NAV a few days ago, maybe you saw that. It's basically a sure thing: serious team (bunch of established coders in New Zealand), interesting project (the polymorph feature), collaboration with Changelly, and a confirmed rebrand coming in the next month or two. I bought at around .5 a little while ago and I've already doubled up, just kicking myself for not buying more.

This coin is going places. Compare market cap to volume if you don't believe me.

It's been a rollercoaster ride all day. All upward and now Asians are pumping. What do you think it's gonna get up to? I'm hoping for $5 by the end of next week

I'd temper your expectation a little bit. Just staying above a dollar for a few days will be good for the coin, so I'd go conservative and predict something like $2, maybe $3, by 9/5 or 9/6.

The moment the coin gets rebranded though this thing is gonna skyrocket. Proof for the impending rebrand is here: reddit.com/r/NavCoin/comments/6wfxkr/as_navcoin_becomes_more_than_just_a_currency_i/dm7tl1o/

Honestly I hope I'm wrong and we hit $5, but sometimes slow and steady growth is desirable: compare ETH's mooning to ATH right before the crash to the much more stable growth of ETH in the last week. Feels more permanent.

Kicking myself for only putting in $1k - it's up to $1.5 but fuark

It's just keeps going up user, put in more if you've got it. I'm thinking about dropping my ltc on this nav

yeah holy shit it broke a dollar like it was nothing

>have 363 coins

Not sure if I should buy more or not.. Not sure if this will moon to $10

considering they're only like a dollar now you may as well pick up an extra hundred and enjoy the thousand when they do hit $10

nice just bought 100k

Well that erased all my Adex losses and then some.

I guess ill put the rope away.

this fucking NAV pump is insane. Devs care more about making money and staking than the coin itself. Tell me why NAV would be out out the likes out monero? It won't. I'm glad I sold at 1.50

the tears from people like you when nav hits $10 are gonna be hilarious

the devs are a bunch of experienced coders in NZ; they set a roadmap months ago and so far they've stuck to it 100%. The services they're going to provide (polymorph, anonymous dapps, simple PoS) are novel and will change the marketplace.

sorry you got out right when things got good, friend.

Yea if you don't buy the dip or at least keep a very close eye on it you're a real dummy.

>got out at ATH

lul I got a buy order for when it evitably dips

none of their shit is novel


>wish I could go back in time and buy Bitcoin at $1
>Wish I could go back and buy eth at $1
>Fuck.. I'll settle for going back in time to buy neo

I'm just gonna ride the wave

It's still so fucking cheap
This is gonna hit the new. It'll be at $5 soon enough
Hope everyone stocked up, the dip is rising again

This is gonna be all over the internet pretty soon. This is still gonna grow. It's ranked 72 right now

>had over 10k of NAV during april-may
>it was always between 10-20k sat
>suddenly poloniex decides to pump it, because fuck you.
I'm so mad.

They literally just changed it. That site is horse shit in their predictions

>A few hours later....

They're just pretending they know the fucking market better than they do. By the time they changed it, it was way off the chart

Thank you all you holders! The dips have been very small!

holding this to $10 at least. see you all on the moon.

Fucking hold steady at $1.37 for a cool minute. I'm fine if it sits right there a while. I just wish I had more to throw in there

Nevermind, it moved back up again since I typed that

Think their anonymous transactions implementation will hold up to scrutiny? Don't think it's been popular enough for anyone (FBI) to want to trace them.

Fuck. Yes. Tappered off between 1.37 and 1.39. hold steady until we gain again