Just sold off all my cryptocurrency. Made a nice return before this shit crashes...

Just sold off all my cryptocurrency. Made a nice return before this shit crashes. If you're using cryptos for anything more than short term speculation, you're retarded.


yeah, keep telling yourself that

never look back, user, it'll only hurt

tell yourself you did the right thing and don't read the news about Ethereum / Bitcoin for the rest of your life

just really enjoy your very short term gains and outlook. buy a nice dinner with it!

thanks for your coins, shithead
i use your mom for short term spankulation

HAHAHAHA fucking idiot. Nowhere near a bubble. Compare crypto market cap to the .com bubble...... literally nothing yet. This is just the beginning. Enjoy the normie life being a wagecuck while the rest of us retire soon

not necessarily a bad move but if you don't buy back during the eventual dip you'll end up killing yourself in 5 years

You're from the future or something?

If you're not buying coins with long term potential, sure

Look at all the butthurt cryptochumps. This shit is almost like a ponzi scheme, requiring more suckers buying in to keep the prices up.

just don't look up the price of OMG in a year if you don't want to kill yourself

Don't let the door hit you on your way out. Screenshot this thread and come back after 10 years, or whenever you decide to buy back in. If BTC is cheaper then than it is now I'll send you 100

What's the inherent value of a currency that's not actually used as a currency? Zero, you dumbfucks. Tell me, do any of you actually use cryptos to buy and sell services and products? Even if you autists do, do you think normies are going to hop on board and use such a volatile "currency"?

Who is she? Absolute perfection.

Wagecucks detected.

lol ... 'she'

It will probably crash sooner or later, but then it will come back again. The idea is to hodl during these long-term crashes.

Go tell that to overstock.com lmao, I could literally buy shit and you're telling me it's not used as currency? How about the dark net? Get the fuck out of here and go back to joining the normies.

Did same thing. Left some cash on the table because LC put on a couple of more bucks but feel pretty good. Investment is all about risk management. 99% of these niggers would be broke in a week if crypto was in a continous upswing.

thiet are many alt coins that use block chain in different ways instead of just mainly used for a currency. Bitcoin has value you can send money anytime to anybody it used to be fast and cheap before blockstream fucked it up but more people don't even know about it then the actual amount of people invested it is decentralized and supposed to have no censorship but blockstrean also fucked that up
Reguardless it has value

I remember people saying this when btc went from 2200-1500
But then it went to where we are now soooooooo

You think Overstock holds on to that shit? They sell it for dollars ASAP. They don't pay their suppliers or employees in bitcoin.

The fact that it's widely used on the dark net tarnishes it for normies and limits its mainstream adoption.

What about BTC has made it inherently worth more money? Just because people are making money on it speculating, doesn't mean the shit is actually valuable.

youre fucking trolling right

>the fact that fiat is used to pay pedophile rings and assassinations tarnishes it and limits its mainstream adoption

I'll take shit I've read when BTC first crashed from $50 to $10 for 100

Literally lmaoing at your life right now

Yeah except many of the dot com companies provided useful services that did stuff in meat space. Crypto is a retarded meme. If anyone can just create a coin whenever he feels like it, then it's obviously worth nothing.

Again, just because gains can be made on speculating, doesn't mean it's actually valuable.

I made a 27% ROI in two months playing with cryptos. I bought in and cashed out with a decent return. I'll get back into cryptos during the next dip and make more money. You'd be retarded to hold on to cryptos right now with BTC near an all time high.


Did you read their press? They specially said the crypto was for investment purposes lmfao. You think cash isn't used for drugs, hookers, etc? Are you dumb op? It's fucking currency and its all exchanged for goods crypto or fiat.

>27% ROI in two months

Those are incredibly fucking low returns for the last two months. How did you fuck up so hard?



this. OP is unironically retarded.

also there's way more people on the internet now than during the .com bubble


if you had bought eth and didnt do shit for 2 months you would have made way more than that...jesus christ you suck at "trading"

Yeah yeah, just like all the other times in the past couple of months when people sold and told others they were dumb because it was going crash any minute now!!!

You'll be like one of those fiat marines in a month who sold just before the btc/bch split