What the FUCK is its problem?

What the FUCK is its problem?

GAS prices slowly going down. As it does people will no longer want to hold NEO as it is still grossly overpriced.

China selling since red pulse banned them from their ICO. I'd advise holding your NEO and buy alot of red pulse. They have a whitelist going on atm... china gonna jump at this like sharks when it hits exchanges

>m-muh gas dividends

Did you retards think anyone would buy your shitty gas when it has no purpose?

>not realizing this shit was never worth $50
It's at best a $20 coin at this point, realistically more like $15

Are you telling me le passive income meme coin is a scam ???

guys stop fudding this isn't fucking funny i put my life savings into this at 1100k

it's gonna recover right

d-don't worry user atleast you have GAS

it'll recover. lots of jealous no neos FUDin as usual.

I'd say $15 is about right. It is no where near as developed or as promising as QTUM which is $17

QTUM is a fad coin. volume drying up. dying.

NEO is struggling with some vicious FUD, but it's a fighter. It's going to make it through this. And all you faggot FUDers can go to hell.

Please NEO go down more so I can buy some more!

So if I'm holding NEO bags its better to just exchange them for Red Pulse on day 1 then?

How do I get in on Red Pulse if I'm in the US and they want gov't ID? Would a simple photoshop pass?

Twitter and plebbit retards FUDDING. God I hope these "people" hang themselves

any fud is good for the noneos i guess

Send NEO and I'll do it for you
My price is 20% (2/3 of bonus tokens)
T. Whitelisted yuropoor

We tried to warn you that whales are setting bull traps to get the fuck out of NOE but you didn't listen.

This ripoff piece of gook shit has a long way to fall yet. If only you'd listened.

Your money is gone.
It is when there is no demand for the ether that your passive income is derived from.

there's already demand and it's only going to go up as more people use the NEO platform. you can pretend like nobody is ever gonna use it all you want. but that's all it is. pretend.

Two ICOs that Chinks can't buy anymore won't be demanding shit to justify even half this shitter's current price.

you'll see how wrong you are soon enough. and i doubt you'll be around to admit how stupid you were for doubting us.

>I'll sell when it gets to 55 again
>I'll sell when it gets to 50 again
>I'll sell when it gets to 45 again
>I'll sell when it gets to 40 again
>I'll sell when it gets to 35 again

The evidence is staring you in the fucking face. Down almost 50% from it's ATH just a few weeks ago.

It's over.


great coins have their trials. BTC did. ETH did. and NEO will as well. each great coin had losers like you declaring them dead at one point. but they were always wrong.

I sold at around $45. When would be a good time to buy back in?

you'll have to make your own decision. but don't listen to the idiots saying the coin is dead. they'll give you a number way too low.

ETH and BTC have purposes. The former has has a fuckload on it's platform.

Neo doesn't have shit. It has been hype and typical chink fake news from day one.

Now that the government has stepped in and al but stopped Chinese investing in ICOs it is a dead man walking.

It's completely worthless, just like every other shitty coin on this shitty board. Could we please go back to talking about oil and gold stocks instead of scamanomics?

China is simply reviewing regulatory policies for ICOs, which NEO is well suited for dealing with. In fact that's why we invested in NEO: for its compliance policies.

It is only a matter of time before China gives ICOs the okay and all this uncertainty clears. Which basically means smart people are buying this NEO dip. Stupid people are panicking and selling. Or posting about how the coin is dead :).

Sometime this weekend, unless another coin steals the show (looks like ltc will maybe)

Thanks man, I suspected that. Just need to time it within 10 percent or so of the bottom. Also want to buy some for the ico coming up

>+99 000% ROI since ICO

jesus fucking christ

I'm sick and tired of THE SKY IS FALLING faggots
this is crypto: what goes up must come down and vice versa
practice your grip and hold or sell at a loss like a bitch but one glance at the chart and you can see that it's being heavily manipulated - whales accumulating 100s of btc worth aren't doing so to make a collossal loss down the line

buy the dip faggots or lose out again. ill be laughing all the way to the bank, i bought at $7/$8, and just added more at $33.

Well until such fucking time as those regulations are lifted I wouldn't be holding nor buying into this plane crash. If you choose to then you are investing with your cock and not your head.

they will try to regulate the fuck out of ICOs across the globe; we have burgerclaps, russkies and chinks trying to clamp down on it
after all, incumbant plutocracy can't have their goyim be given access to potential wealth that skirts their own ponzies and pounds of flesh required
truth is, they are impotent as many orgs in the future will also be built on top of a blockchain thus making legal entities totally redundant
life finds a way and desire for liberty is present in everyone
only foreseeable problem is fiat-crypto exchanges dealing with large sums but that will be a non-issue once there is no need to "cash out"

regulations aren't going away, user. this is why investing in a coin that is big on COMPLIANCE is such a smart idea. :)

And at such time I'll be dumping ETH too.

Right now it's the Chinks being prevented from buying so obviously the platform that Chink ICOs were intending to use, NEO, are next to worthless.

Crypto has been built on the back of NON-REGULATION, fucktard. Regulation is anathema to the high returns smart investors are receiving now

Same. My average is 7$ now. Got 430 neo 400 sitting in my wallet since weeks, made me 10 Gas so far.

Muh world order will not allow the slave cucking sheeple to make money without manipulating shit behind the scenes. That's why stocks and such exist because the jew ALWAYS wins as it own the monetary system, the banks and everything else to do with fiat. Crypto is still somewhat unregulated and gives some freedom to the simple man, and (((they))) won't stand for it. It's a slow(ish) process but if you think it will only get better in countries like the US, I have some bad news for you.


They will be able ro buy it off of me :^)
RPX to me seems orientated towards non-chinks trying to avoid chink scams
Chinks' role in it all will be to snitch on their employers and competition thus earning tokens

The problem is that the price is being consistently dumped on by orders of hundreds to thousands of NEO

Not so much panic selling now, just an extreme amount of manipulation

It will moon again, so buy the dip

Nope, can't fight against a ghost
Even after their successful usurpation of BTC a new cryptoking will rise
First mover advantage is just that-an advantage that can be lost quickly once the reputation tanks or a new, kikeless governance solution is made

.00650000 is bottom, but don't be too greedy and miss out.

buy the dip
or stay poor
that simple

Vitalik told everyone to sell their NEO yesterday. That's what the problem is. Also, it's a shitcoin.

>Vitalik told everyone to sell their NEO yesterday.
as a response to a sign some faggot from the audience showed him
you ETHtards will never see your ETH:BTC ATH again so keep thinking in USD, bitches

Asia literally dumps their NEO every night after the West pumps it up a bit during the day. That's what.

hurr durr, disproven meme.

Who is this cute slut

Buy the dip

rice niggers ran with the money lmao

Mate, I saw that video like a month ago.

bro its going to drop even more you should sell at the bottom please :)

i love you. You keep me going in the darkest of times. My fellow neo. Your comments mean so much to me in my struggle. When I see your posts my bags feel lighter and i can breathe again.

Dont worry too much, everyone here will get rich because of NEO, they will make a big bang soon, the lambo is not so far from us, just buy the dip and enjoy the life of a wealthy man

What is this Red Pulse you are talking about and why can only Chinese citizens buy it?


All in but thinking of selling

Should I buy NEO in its dip now or go for OMG? Will it go lower?


That's what everyone is saying at the moment, but I think OMG has been rising very fast over last few days and will surely see a correction in the next week. Thoughts?

wew, so you're telling me I could buy the dip now for about $33, then wait and hold my breath hoping for it to go up past its ATH of $50 so I can 1.5x my money in a matter of mere WEEKS?! Sounds too good to be true.

>rising very fast
>last few days

try months compadre. this token is the real deal.

except NEO will never come back up


consolidating will drop to prob 25 bucks

My buddy is brand new to crypto and got a loan out to put in Neo after watching videos of people shilling it as a "wealth generator". Those are the types of people who fell for this coin.


and what makes you think so ?
they dont even buy NEO why would they buy NEO ICOS ?

same was said for 45

bruh this shit is being eaten by the whales

I don't understand how people can't see that the "whales" aren't holding long-term. They are buying at every fucking low and selling at every lower high. Meanwhile dipshits keep fucking holding.

should I hold my 10 NEO or throw it all in RedPulse ICO?

>won't be anymore able to cut my losses
>lesson learned from buying ATH

I don't think QTUM is a fad. There are multiple incoming project being developed on top of it. 50% is the usual retrace after a bull run, at this point, it could still go back up
nocoiner kys

Look, I'm not gonna say that Neo is trash cuz its not. But, user, why would you do that so close to an ath? The buy high sell low thing is a meme. You know that, right?

i just tried to sell some neo for eth to invest in blackmoon presale and the price is manipulated by bots. if u put an ask there are permanently 3-4 bots who put a new ask 0.00000001 below yours. don't know if this happens the whole time and is the answer to low price though

Forget OMG guys, deals with McDonalds and Apple are nothing. Being declared a scam platform by your own totalitarian government that's where the real money is at!

this. holding doesn't work when it's constantly dropping.

How was it declared a scam platform?

What do you get out of FUD?

Not with your negative attitude. FUD is killing NOE REEEEEEEEEE

Just sold but what to buy with my profit?

>Watching neotards suffer isn't amusing af

QTUM is launching their mainnet in 12 days
the price is getting surpressed right now.
it still has more Volume than Neo and like 3x more on korean/china exchanges

you neo fags will come crying to us later

But what do you get out of trying to make people lose thousands of dollars?

Some ICO dropped out because it couldn't deal with regulation and people panic sold, big deal

>Truth kills solid projects.

Maybe you should have all negative opinions of your shitcoin censored you fucking hive-minded shit. That's the usual way gooks roll.


You said they were declared a scam platform because China wants to regulate ICOs, this means you are genuinely lying because it amuses you

my hands of steel are getting weak. I got big time FOMO on other projects. I know neo will bounce back due to redpulse but still.

It's been less than a week, just have a little patience

I think big players are forcing it down

I'd expect at least one pump because thr NEO team is attending a conference, DH is going Korea for meetings, and the ICO on the 11th

Don't get played

It's a platform for scams as far as the Chink government is concerned and they're right. Most ICOs are fucking scams but that is what gives Eth and all Eth knock-offs like Neo the bulk of their value.

you know this talented team made a quantum prof blockchain, ahead of the existence of quantum computers!... Dont you biz?...........??........,, Dont you trust these focused guys?........ It takes 4 of these to beat a whole congress of criptoscience!.... Dont you know ?......,,,,,.. Biz? .... Are you listening to me biz?....

Coding on 13" laptops is what made me go all in.

that dude can into business development, something an army of codefags or marketing fools could never compete with

He's a snake oil peddling, dog-eating faggot who has nothing.

he's got access to all the right ears, that's 90% of business
babby detected

He's at the Shanghai public library