This graph clearly represents a sustainable and irreversible trend

this graph clearly represents a sustainable and irreversible trend

100% agreed

because people are going to trade their BTC for worthless fiat, right

What a retard. Put it all on btc we cannot lose.


oh wait nevermind


Don't tell them about log scale and let them dump their BTC for 1% of it's true value.

Fuckers don't even realize that moving from $1 to $1.33 is the equivalent of moving from $3000 to $4000 in relative growth.

how about this graph?
>this graph clearly represents a sustainable and irreversible trend

It's gonna be a good day when even my paltry 3 BTC can make me a ton of money

Dat cup.

thats what they said in 2013
thats what they said in june

>being smug about something no one can control or claims to be able to control
What exactly is your point?

looks like we need another war

The government collects taxes in one currency
If you don't have that currency to pay them, they will imprison or shoot you.
Is that currency the Bitcoin or the USD?
Who said that in 2013?
If people are holding onto their dollars instead of spending them, the currency is failing as a means of exchange. Not to say that saving is bad, just that you should be "spending" your savings on low fee index funds of stocks or bonds depending on your age, as you are buying a little piece of a company which actually makes something, as opposed to crypto currencies that just sit.

People said literally the exact same thing when it shot from $3k to $4k in less than 48 hours

this isnt wall street. its the future in action.
get with it gramps

>shoot you
nigga wat

>oops sorry we thought this was base of operations for terrorists/drug dealers/human traffickers, got the addresses mixed up
>better seize all your assets for 'investigation' anyway, can never be to sure


Pajeet identified.

LUL, found the poorfag who doesn't even have 1 btc

>Who said that in 2013?
A whole bunch of people with their heads up their asses, basically repeating everything you're saying verbatim
Were you not alive during this year or something?