Working with SpaceX

Working with SpaceX
Partner of Elon Musk
Dipping right now so get on the train
21/23 Sept very big congress

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google satellites in space tell me how many you see that are not CGI.

Thank me later.

Yeah Ron Paul will be there too. This one is destined fot great things, I will keep buying below $5 levels. This is one of the few coins with an actual solid team and a good vision. There is healthy growth (no pump and dump shit). I am in this for the long haul but expect massive gains leading up to the conference.

(((space))) the final frontier

Why has it dropped recently?

Accumulation started at 00:00 midnight on 31 to 1 Sept, The whales know how big this coin is gonna be

Just a healthy dip, people are taking their profits and will rebuy. Look at the chart it had been going up for a very long time. I would have been cautious if there wasnt a dip right now. I have waited for this dip to double my stack; i dont see a new dip coming for a while.

No they are NOT working with SpaceX.

They ARE working with Vector Space:

And the idiot who keeps whining about "CGI satellites" needs to go fuck his mom. How is my DirecTV working right now? It's an illusion?

This coin is destined for great things. Imagine if you were buying in at $.02 - $.05...

ron paul
thats all i need to hear
this coin will moon

People are taking profits. If you check out the rich list you will see the top people have 1 - 3 million NXS.

If you bought this at less than a penny or two wouldn't you be selling some now?

simple desu I work at google x on the loon project. Its all balloons you dumb fuck

Now I've heard it all.

Read a bit about nexus. Sounds interesting.

First time i listen to Veeky Forums bought some, let's see where this is going

Yeah they are working with Vector Space. These people (father) were co-founders of Space-X though. I dont know any other coin where people of this stature are involved. For anyone worrying about bags because of this dip, dont. Just look at the market cap and coin circulation and you can only conclude that this will go up. I dont think this coin needs shilling (and the team has done 0 marketing so far).

website looks shitty, so they wanna launch satellites? why make a coin for that? lol

also here you go dumbfuck

now go count how many of the "thousands" of satellites you see in space on the ISS live stream. Right come back after you have done some real research. Whens the last time you heard of a satellite crash to the ground? hmmmmm never. Except for the one in brazil that was attached to a balloon

First two points are absolutely fake shilling
> Vector space is owned by the Neet Dev's dad
>total shitcoin, why does it need to. E in space?

Because its the future...


"Dumbfuck," what the hell does that have to do with Nexus? Those undersea cables are not decentralized.

>current state of Veeky Forums

These two videos are all you need to avoid this absolute shambles, this is the Developer/CEO btw

>incoherent rambling #1

>incoherent rambling #2

Yes, I pointed those errors out already. If it doesn't need to be in space why did Blockstream Jews steal their idea?


also why do you think if you cancel that direct tv service they tell you to keep the piece of shit dish because its all for show you dumb fuck

i repeat:
ron paul

Because idiots will throw money at anything.

Yeah none of these crypto conferences are impressive at all, these guest speakers get paid well for their services.

I can assure you they give zero fucks about the nexus product!

LMAO! If the dish is all for show, how do I receive the signal? And why does it sometimes go bad during heavy rain/snow?

>Working with SpaceX
OK, so color me interested, I'm looking for ways to invest in the private space business early, but all the companies are private…
But WTF is this?
Is it a coin/token?
Is it crypto?
A spaceflight company?
Their website is virtually unusable, so that does not exactly inspire confidence.

Its all ground based towers my friend. Thats why all the dishes are at a 45* angle. GPS = Ground Positioning Systems

Just read their site and whitepaper this is a legit project with a bright future.

we don't need websites in space

coins gotta be a good investment when the best FUD against it is "satellites don't exist" tomfoolery.

>Just read their site
How do I do that?
It is the worst website I have ever seen, and I have seen a few. And there seems to be no info what this is all about. I seen some words like hash and block, so I assume it's crypto, but why the fuck would crypto have anything to do with space (or balloons…)?

alright guys I'm out do your own fucking research. NASA steals 52 million dollars a day and gives you cartoons and CGI and you gobble it up. Did any of you google satellites in space or see how many you can see from the ISS? I work on these things for a fucking living. You try to be a nice guy.. later all

You need to smoke less weed bruh, moderation is key.

here you guys go count how many satellites you see. also tell me if you see any stars while your at it. Also try to figure out what the fuck they do up there because I can't. Space is a fucking scam designed for children and to make you think your life is meaningless and you are here by accident.

search for bubbles in space on youtube.
Thank me later.

those are training facilities, you nincompoop

Well, I'd like to tell you about different orbits and how huge that ball of space around the earth is and how few satellites there are compared to the sheer amount of vastness,
but you are either trolling, so I'd waste my time or a moron, so the result for me would be the same.
But anyways, can anyone tell me WTF this stuff here is and why I should "invest" in that?

I understand your little mind can't comprehend new information after years of conditioning so I am going to stop now. NASA is basically hollywood and they are pulling the biggest hoax in all of human history. You would be wise to look into it. Ridicule before investigation is the height of ignorance.

people like this exist, jesus

"1) The founder of Nexus, Colin Cantrell, is the son of one of the founding members of aerospace company SpaceX, Jim Cantrell. Jim is now the co-founder of Vector Space Systems, a company preparing to launch affordable satellites, approximately twice the size of a Rubik’s Cube, called CubeSats, into space.

2)Nexus is going to address one of the most frustrating aspects of crypto currency transfers. If you have attempted to send Bitcoin to an invalid address, or have accidentally sent it to the wrong address, you know there is no way to get it back. Nexus is going have the ability to require a sender and receiver signature. This means if you send your Nexus to an invalid address, it will not receive a signature, and will be sent back to you. It also means if you realize you sent Nexus to an incorrect address, you will have a definable period of time to cancel the transfer. Lastly, if you are on the receiving side and want to refuse a transfer, you will be able to return it.

3)In comparison to SK-1024 security standard used by Nexus to create its blocks, Bitcoin is using SHA2, 256 bit output. This makes Nexus four times as secure. Nexus also uses 571 bit private keys, compared to 256 bit keys used in almost all other currencies. This 571 bit private key is the government recommended standard proposed by NIST and used by the NSA.

4)If Nexus resides on Earth, it will be subject to the regulations of the governments where it derives from. Have you ever seen a casino boat? They take their passengers out into the ocean or river channel before anyone is allowed to start gambling, because the laws prohibiting gambling don’t apply away from shore. The Nexus network will be one hundred miles away, straight over our heads. Regulate that!"

Good discussion. Meanwhile we are mooning.

Stop. If you keep on telling this things, we have ways to stop you.
The public must not know.

Thanks. But link please!? After all, you could just be making that up…

According to coinmarketcap, we are not.

point 2 is huge.

Yeah dip will be over soon. Anyways I shilled this coin because I want to help out Veeky Forums not because I am worried about holding bags. Anyone can look at this project and the chart and see that this will go up steadily up untill the conference. Please tell me what other shitcoin has Ron Paul at their conference.


does this look healthy?
Looked at the whole thing for a bit, and they have a lot of good ideas, but god knows if they will go through wiht any of them. Maybe throwing a few Veeky Forumscoin towards that won't hurt?

theres nothing wrong with that order book. if anything it shows good buy support

Thanks bro this looks really interesting. Just put 1btc into it for starters to see how it goes.

Moon time

Going up to at least $4 again today. Screencap this.

Should have bought the dip... :( will there be one again?

Exploding on bittrex right now.

Lets hope the dip really was just a dip and not a falling knife.
Gotta make up for my monaco gamble…
with another gamble…

'Exploding' fuck off.

It's been up 8% past hour dipshit.

It averages less than 5 transactions a minute. I don't think that could be described as an explosion. Dickhead

Probably not this was the last one.

lol, Veeky Forums…
It's a friggin highly volatile market. 8% is nowhere near an explosion.
Oh, and -20% is also not a crash, my dear pink Wojaks…

Careful guys - don't get caught in the explosion lols

Yes Ron Paul is big news, but I think the fact they have the CEO of could be even bigger. Imagine if they start accepting NXS in addition to BTC

Yeah that could lead to another huge pump for sure.

I've read their website for 30 minutes now, and I'm still unsure what problem they try to solve.

They want to "decentralize" their blockchain by using satellites ? In which way it is more decentralized?
From what I understand, these satellites will be owned only by the Nexus team.

overall, they show us a bunch of features unrelated to each other. I don't see any clear goal in their project.

I agree, the confirmation of transaction both-side is interesting, tho

They definitely need a better writer/designer/promoter working with them. Seems like they're a bunch of savant rocket scientists who are really bad at communicating their thoughts coherently.

I guess the idea is based on Maritime Law and the hope that once the network is being broadcast from Space, it can't be regulated by one government

They are just not marketing this until they have something REAL going for it unlike 50 other top100 shitcoins out there. The people involved have deep pockets and will probably start marketing and communicating more after the upcoming conference. Right now this is a cheap buy-in and I really don't see this dropping anytime soon (other than healthy retracements).

Sat broadcast is essential to blockchain be safe from
ISP blocking.
Bitcoin has its own sat now and transactions confirmed via sat cost as low as 6cents.
Blockchain sats are here to stay.
Nexus can add support and tech to bitcoin just like litecoin.
So it has potential.