You will lose everything. Even if you make money...

You will lose everything. Even if you make money, you will probably end up losing your private keys or get it stolen through malware

Hows that feel?

Jokes on you I'm running temple OS.

>Hows that feel?
pretty good considering my only other option is to wagecuck for the rest of my life

i tattooed my private key on my leg

You're going to make it

jokes on you i'm running Mac OS

At least with a job they provide you with 401k, dental, and a bank keeps your money safe

here, you have nothing but your own wits to rely on. will you make it? probably not

It's already happening, I went from 1.8btc which I got in May down to 1.01 btc right now because I lose more often on trades than win.

>bank keeps your money safe

A 401k that can be gone in an instant if the market crashes? Plus I get heavily penalized and taxed for early withdraw?

I'm taking my chances in crypto

>he doesn't boot a BSD live disk on a LibreBoot laptop using unwritable media, accessing his wallets through one of his 10 floppy disk backups distributed to various physical locations, then connecting to the internet through a hardened browser inside of a virtual machine to generate deposit addresses before using a second virtual machine to connect to the coin's network via Tor while bouncing through 3 newly wiped Israeli VPSs with ed25519 keys generated using high-entropy clock skews over a chacha20/poly1305 cipher, every time he wants to trade

You may not be able to make it, but I will. Sorry.

I already checked out more than I invested.

>a bank keeps your money safe
Haha, you're funny, user.

you have no idea. i am 41 yrs old, i lost everything i had several times. you know, this doesn't kill you. but what will kill you definitely is being a braindead wagecuck.

Donkey, I have memorized my keys all in my head as well as writing it down in several secure locations. I have made more money than 2 years worth of Wage-Slaving DONKEY. Why would I get malware if I regularly run anti-malware on my PC which is secure as only I use it. You are a pathetic Nocoiner who deserves the overheating sensation of jealousy as you see me ride past in my Lambo, donkey.

I'll lose everything when I die too, frighead. What do you have to say to that?

i tattooed my key in my foreskin

>tfw no foreskin

I'm a mutilated FREAK

>What is a hardware wallet

youll lose everything before you die (yin yang laws)

Ill fight you, bring it on nigger

that which you dont have.

how long is the shipping again? 2 years?

Can you stop avatar-fagging you autistic fuck.

>Avatar fagging
>All this coping and pessimism

Go be a nocoiner somewhere else kek

??? You can literally order a trezor on amazon right now. It takes 2 days to deliver. I have on sitting one my desk right now

Ill do whatever I fuck retard. Im even going to switch my avatar to this

Now hopefully you'll want to stop posting too if you don't already


/thread but with different physical machines instead of virtual machines and using nice LTH BD-R's instead of meme floppy's