Veeky Forums it's time for you to tell me why OMG isn't going to make it. It's time for you to tell me why I shouldn't go all in on this coin. It's time for you to tell me why I shouldn't take a loan out on this mother fucker. Now, Veeky Forums GO.

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Pro tip: You should, lol. Most experts predict it at over 15B market cap in 6 months. free $ friend

Because if they can't implement plasma, this coin will have the same scaling issues as every other. started this pump

Its literally going to make most of this board into millionaires. This isn't even speculation, its certainty. I'd take a loan out on my house for this coin as I have already done for my car.

Why would they not be able to successfully implement it when Vitalik works on both teams?

They will. This is how good this coin is - the FUD is pitiful, desperate clutching at straws.

It's only a theoretical model on paper. They haven't even tested it yet. Vitalik should be busy enough with Ethereum and his Russian endeavors.

I know Joseph Poon and Vitalik are smart and capable, but look how long it took to implement the lightning network.

OMG is turning into a religion

Jun is fucking with everyone dicks, there is only a concept for the coin right now, nothing implemented. People are going to call me a fudder for this but once everyone realizes that this coin has not produced any substantial news on development yet, it will plummet to 9 dollars again. It doenst even have a wallet.

Isn't it likely they are pretty far along on plasma at this point?

>It doenst even have a wallet.

Dude, it's an ERC20.

you're fucked

the people who have money into omg have already researched the fuck out of it and know when there is 'substantial news on development' and has 'stuff implemented' it will be worth a shit load more than it is now

i dont think you understand how it works bud
because only dumb shit normies invest in a completely finished and polished product. smart people get in before that...

Even if the apple rumors aren't true, this coin still has incredible potential. If they can do half the shit they are saying they'll do, this will be a 100 dollar coin easy.

I fucking hate myself for only having 162 OMG

How do you actually buy OMG?

I bought it because I liked their logo

I bought at 8 dollars faggot. the BigMac news was fucking pathetic and was a clear indicator of how Jun will continuously troll with bullshit news just to drive the price up. The coin has great potential, clearly, but Jun is making me really nervous with this shit.

Yeah let's ignore the Thai Central Bank meeting completely.

and how's fucking getting a deal with mcdonalds "pathetic"? show me another shitcoin that did something similar to that

Likely? No, very unlikely. It hasn't even been a month. Don't expect to see substantial news on plasma's progress for another 6 months.

The OMG team is focused on fine tuning the wallet, which is planned to release sometime this quarter.

No, I don't think they researched the fuck out of it. Most of them didn't read the plasma paper and many of them don't even know that plasma started the hype train.
I'd like to note that I am invested in OMG because I believe in it, but OP asked for reasons to not sell their soul for OMG and I'm giving reasons.

>posts something on twitter
Whats wrong user. seriously.

this just goes to show how fucking retarded you are. OmiseGO did not get any deal with Mcdonalds, Omise - the company that owns omisego- got a deal with them. Omise is a payments processing company that popular in Japan and SE Asia. you've probably only been doing this for 4 months haven't you summerfag? got tired of /pol/ or /b/ and wanna get in on the fun? buy my bags peasant..

Your 'reasons' are only supporting OP going all in.

>it isnt finished yet!
>there is still a lot more work to be done!
Is what you are saying. So what happens when it is finished, when there is no more work to be done? It certainly wont crash to $8 again.
Stop posting you are an embarrassment

he's not scamming but he's obviously got an interest in driving the price up via hype generated by misleading headlines, yes.

>omg is not omise, omise is not omg!
This post just goes to show how fucking retarded you are.

Why would a company such as omise decide to delve into the world of crypto?
Try not to hurt yourself thinking about it.

Sources on that statement please. U want to believe

you're an idiot who is going to lose all of his money.


god you are so fucking retarded. how does omise making a deal have a negative affect on the price of omg?

cool buzzwords though

>muh bags

got in at 70k sats breh, suck my dick

>he's obviously got an interest
Ah duur! And scientists obviously have an interest when talking about advancements theyve made in cancer research and treatment.

Next shitty fud attempt pls

You dont even know what the purpose of OMG is, do you?

OmiseGo will swallow up Moneros market cap and take over #9 in total market cap



Only one embarrassing them self is you. No one else is going round attacking anyone who says something negative about OMG.

Also, you're an idiot. It's obvious my implications are that plasma will never be completed or after being completed has much lower performance than theoretically expected.

>hurt himself trying to think about it
Top kek.


I'm saying that it shouldnt have caused that price increase

I feel there are 2 types of people in this thread.

1) People who don't have a stake in OMG and live in denial about how they missed the boat at $3

2) People who have a stake in OMG and have buckled in.

I want everyone to see how sad these boys get when you threaten their first moon mission.


Ive been around long enough to know when something is good. and omg is very good.

You were probably one of these anons,

The whole crypto market rises and fails based on hyped announcements and FOMO basically. It's not healthy and it cannot carry on this way obviously but it's the way it is right now.

There are 3 reasons why OMG's price increased;

>Vitalik's involvement and the project actually being promising
>people who missed out on NEO buying it in the hopes of new moon missions
>possible big name partnerships

That's more than enough reasons for a price increase in this market

Then there is me, I got in at 7$ but only own 53 OMG.

Will I make it?

I sold all of mine yesterday at $12 after making a nice profit, I just dont think this growth pattern is sustainable, I'll rebuy at the big dip, I want to make clear that I do understand the value this coin has and that being backed by Omise and Vitalek is big, but 12.50 because of the mcdons news. nope.

Im talking about the large one day price increase that ensued following the mcdonalds news.that was retarded.

Gotta love the people saying OMG is overvalued because they think so and that's it.

On a side note for everyone doubting apple what are your main reason its not going to be them? It's probably not apple but currently I see more reasons why it is than it isn't. Biggest reason I see is people say apple would never partner but if you look at their past they acquire a lot of small tech companies

Because OMG has corrected so many times in the past and its growth has been far too rapid and unhealthy.

Pro tip: It fucking hasn't.

>people who missed out on NEO buying it in the hopes of new moon missions
This is a horrible reason and can be applied to literally any single coin that sees 10% rise in a day. Especially considering omg was being shilled alongside neo when it was still ans and only $12.

that is exactly my point. It must correct. its a month old you dip shit no trend has had time to developed.

I agree it's a terrible reason, but that's what FOMO is basically. People look and see two asian based coins and think they'll be similar without doing any research.

>but 12.50 because of the mcdons news. nope
When you realize it was high 11s like 32 hours *before* the mcdonalds news...

You try hard 'market analysts' are so fucking pathetic

Dude, sick argument. How long have you been a trading / investment / crypto expert?

> pic related

I got 200 when it was $4. Convince me why or why not to buy more tomorrow.

this market is retarded right now and the more i hear from people like you the more I understand it.

My question is, how would that partnership look like?
I mean OmiseGo is developing a payment platform that has the potential to become like the "Windows for payments". Why and how should they get Apple involved?

OMG still has retracements, but this run up from $8-> $12 hasn't had one yet.

Previous retracements being:


you must be excited about your first big coin huh buddy. get a little butthurt when someone starts making arguments against its current value?

My friend, I don't care what you think of omisego my friend.

I can buy and sell you my friend. Kisses and hugs baby :^" xoxoxo

I'm sorry guys but's done :/

I'm skeptical of the Apple partnership rumor, since Apple doesn't tend to partner with startups in a public fashion—they just buy it out. Is OMG valuable enough to Apple to involve their brand with it?

>because only dumb shit normies invest in a completely finished and polished product

this. To really make it rich you have to take calculated risks.


This coin should have been at $12 two weeks ago. There was a lot of pressure to keep it in the $8 range. The market took over. Negative implication being if the manipulators could suppress it for so long they can put a big enough dent in the price if they tried, but thats unlikely, and if it doesnt happen in the next 72 hours i dont see it happening at all. and what happens in a couple days is nothing in the big picture.

stop fudding faggot

Anyone know if there already is a big player in the asian crypto community?
Didn't they recently ban ico's?

Who's to say they aren't going to outlaw crypto currency.

I don't believe the rumor either and I even think that we should rather ask the question whether OMG would want Apple to get involved in their platform.
They already have the backing of one of the central banks in SEA and a major collaboration with McDonalds. I think they can make it on their own and wait for Apple to come to their doorstep. Apple will support their app either way.

Yeah my guess is if it's anything they would just buy them out. Is it valuable enough? Hard to say but here is an article about some other innovative tech companies they acquired
I'm sure I'm biased but omise seems more promising than at least some of those

Ban is
- only a suggestion
- to be temporary until they come up with regulations
- proposed with investors' protection in mind, not as an attack on crypto

this is exactly what I mean. Why would Omise let Apple just buy them out when they already are a big established company?

I hate this apple meme... overplayed and overhyped and will damage token value if proved bullshit.

but Tim cook is a big pussy. . apple wouldnt want to do a token in house. the SEC and IRS would team up and try to legally rape them. theyd want to to just accept it like they accept paypal until all the legal dribble gets paved out. it costs them nothing and makes them the "early adopter of new tech" just like the bullshit MBP with no usb ports.

5% chance the apple thing is true.

Yeah your argument makes sense for sure. Perhaps a huge entity like apple could really gain them exposure fast though and help further build their payment channel? Just think if iPhones had a built in feature that worked with omise, could be pretty exposure to this huge innovative idea. Not set on apple by any means and will be holding either way for some time

Why is nobody really excited for them speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt?
It's like THE event for Silicon Valley tech startups.

Lots of investors looking for the next big thing, this could be the point where Omise starts becoming a big known name in the US.

I see the colors of the Thailand flag in the inv.

sell walls are just a nuisance

>this actually made me smile lol.

are 1k omg enough to make it ;D

Very reasonable amount, I'm at 877. 1000 is my goal, then just fuck it on a cold wallet and not look at it for a few years.

pump incoming?

Should i buy now?

OMG $20+ before sept end.

when the fuck is the the dip

no dip retard. Just like NEO it consolidates moons consolidates moons consolidates just get the fuck in

Except this is not going to suddenly stop as NEO did.

>100$ by the end of November

This thread has been pure gold

>putting a future proof of stake coin on a cold wallet and forgetting about it for a few years

yeah user you probably shouldn't do that

> be me
> sell 2000 OMG
> buy back 1900 OMG
> fml

>Vitalik Buterin
>Great team
>Actual established business who processes 250m+/month transactions

You must be brain dead if you don't invest in this gold mine.

If you're trying to accumulate, use only half or less of your stack, that way you're less likely to fomo back in

that was half my stack

i had a good re-entry point about 4 hours ago but I fell asleep on my laptop.

What will it retrace to


Can someone explain? From the omg website it looks like they are producing a payment gateway. Is omg the coin just a fuel for this? What other purposes does the token itself serve? Does it have special abilities like eth? Or is it more just tied into a sexy wallet app?

It's all about the userbase. OMG was already an established payment service before the token. Now their base is expanding across Asia and they are integrating crypto as a payment.

>he doesn't believe in the omisegods
enjoy eternal damnation

So it's similar to a startup? Like they want me to use their app. Using their app I can pay bills, buy things, or even exchange for bitcoin. And the idea is that since it has a strong user base in Asia it will grow from there?

Ok got it. But is the token limited supply? What's your guys expectation regarding the coin itself

read this


I thought the apple stuff was bs. Made up by Veeky Forums