Are there any accountants on Veeky Forums anymore? Any CPA's? If you are one, would you recommend the field?

Not an accountant, but I would recommend it.

Not an accountant, but I would also recommend it.

>inb4 "all accounting will be taken over by AI in 10 years" bullshit

I am. Takes a while but worth it.

Why not be an investment banker?

Where I was from it was the best option. Allows you to work anywhere in the world. Also I got lots of experience with small businesses which helped when I started my own.

Because banks and institutional investors still cut back on these positions after the major downfall at the end of the 00-years.

Also you need to be a special kind of person, not everyone is cut out to be one - 50-80hours per week as an analyst is not uncommon in the first couple of years. When you become associate, it is a bit more compfortable, but the workload is still neckbreaking.

Investment advisory however is more relaxed, stable and the income is also quite good, if you are good at it.

As a soon-to-be-graduating as an account in aus, is this true? All countries seem to have very different specific professional accounting qualifications you have to get before working in them

eg, I want to work in the US, what steps should I take?


Go through a firm. Once you are a member of a professional body it does not really matter.

Yeah go to school get certified to be a wage slave then work 5-7 days a week lmao hell no

And what is your alternative to that? Other than day trading extremely volatile assets with virtually no capital, of course

Live with his mommy and daddy, what else?

LOL when I heard my friends explain the CPA test to me and the shit about their career I laughed, literally the definition of a wage slave.. sure accountants have a better salary than most but they also don't have much room for growth unless you own a firm.

FUCK THAT. Your only goal in life should be getting as rich as possible, building a company from the ground up with your blood sweat and tears - imagine how you're going to feel looking for a balance sheet for 3 hours. Sounds absolutely mindless. But hey, you do you, the system always needs cogs in the machine.

what does a accountant do?


Is this how you cope for not being creative in finding a career? Pathetic, nice rationalization.

>Yeah go to school get certified to be a wage slave then work 5-7 days a week lmao hell no

5 days of relaxed working in a well tempered bureau with good payment is quite a good way to earn money.

Sure, but you can do that with any job it's just how you design it. Same could be said for a financial/business analyst or someone that works for a startup.

>don't have much room for growth unless you own a firm

Well, you are quite badly informed on this.
Expand your qualification to e.g. controlling and you have more options than you can count.

Accounting is the definition of bland, mind numbing work.Tax season will drive you insane if you aren't cut out for it. However, no matter how shit the economy is, someone has to be there to get the taxes

Would be new for me that working for a startup is actually well paid or secure.

Also we talk about these options in contrast to jobs where you need to meet quotas, physical work, deadlines, a lot of traveling... the accountants I know are quite chilled.

No, but I'm a shipping coordinator in a factory and I have a guy with an accounting degree working under me.

I was in public accounting for a few years but moved on. It's fun but not when you're doing it 40+ hours per week, at least for my taste. I got lucky with a family business opportunity and moved on. Now I'm still an accountant, lol, but only for part of the time and my hours aren't so high. It's also alot more easy to be motivated when it's your business (partially) that you're working on. Some people dig it, though, and the partners at my firm made bank although they worked a lot of hours pretty much all year. It's a great background to have for business, anyway. If you're interested and you don't have some other great idea, I'd say it's well worth getting into.


pic related
Yes, you are definitely right. I am coping for a decision I haven't made by making fun of a guy using improper grammar on a Taiwanese shilling forum that's comparing a 5 day work week to slavery

a 5 day work week is slavery, your goal should be to develop passive income and let your money work for you.

What are your means of getting capital to start developing passive income? Parents? Or do you think a bank will loan a person with no job the capital required?

CPA with 3 years of audit in a big 4 firm. Switched to private finance/acctng currently while taking my CFA exams, sice implanning to move to investments related jobs.

Benefits is a diverse skillset which you can apply to a lot if fields, also finding work is pretty fucking easy since literally every business even not for profit ones are in need of accountants. Big 4 experience is also highly regarded in a lot of higher paying jobs.

So basically they don't do anything a computer can't do.

Some people say that but others don't. From what I have read it could be automated but is likely not going to unlike most other fields

lol any serious analyst role in finance will be 50-60 easy, my friends in m&a and coverage do 70-80. This is Sydney btw so bit less than overseas

all accounting will be taken over by AI in 10 years