/CAT/ - Current Arm Thread

How about a good ol' arm thread.

Bump. Post those twigs

Just took this. R8. no bully

the tile work i that room is amazing.

nice tiles


who did those tiles?

show tiles or gtfo

I would appreciate it if you would post more picture of the tiles

You're so fat


Can you stand aside so we can see the tiles better?


Australian detected

Nice one Ausbro!

How is the circumference of your 'ceps?

I've had a couple grills say they like my arms during sex.

they lied

can we pls see more tiles (srs)

>tfw 6'5 and have more arm gainz than all you manlets

sit on my face pocahontas

t. never had sex

did i hurt your ego sorry bud

not him

but i lost at least 10 IQ reading your post

>not him
sure i believe you

mirin those veins as well. They seem to reach past your shoulder. wish I was pale to put them veins on display.

i wish i was tall :(

you look like shit stfu

Baby arms coming in

>pic all gas stations
>one of them is my work
Weird as fuck desu

woah dude chill
you don't wanna come off as a butthurt manlet do you?

>tfw lifting for 10 months and look better than all of you


>working at a gas station

Your skin bleach won't fool me, Pajeet

You most likely don't have any IQ points to lose desu


>tfw lifting for 10 months and look better than all of you
>that pic

Holy shit please tell me this is bait.

I hate doing curls, as you can probably see.


I'm fuckin Aussie you cu-
>quarter Abbo
Okay, you got me there.

6'5 here and I started lifting 3 months ago to get rid off my stick arms but although my bench has increased from 135 to past 200, I still don't have enough muscle mass. Should I train triceps more and at what point when ya'll were lifting did you realize you had gotten big arms.

hnngg those gainz after 10 months.. and at 6'5? must be some pretty good genetics man

Arms are upside-down see a doctor

Whoa it went sideways. Whoopsies.

My god you are fat

too skinny

>those forearms and hands
You've got Marfan's, bro...

u mad?

>having caffeine tattooed on your body

fuck off sipposter

mirin' tho

Lol I am 6 5 200lbs. Certified lanklet. But I take it to mean you think my arms are big but lack definition?

>molecular structure tattoo

but unlike you, I'm actually 6'5, and actually have nice arms

No pump atm

ur 5inch pecker will look big too if u have the camera almost pressed on it when u take the pic m8

6'2" 177 lbs
4 months in

This motherfucker has Marfans

Then why bother posting your 15'' CANNONS

Lanklet my ass. Your arm is like a beached whale personified.

Lol, I'm liking this. I know there is a pretty good chance the photos are misleading you to think my arms are thick but I'm feeling a bit better about my arms now, thanks dude.

Because that is what they currently are. Post your fucking 'cep brah no homo


>hiding in a t shirt
You can't even post a full body picture because you look so horrible. Dat delusion.

Itt test filled self conscious losers trying to cut each other down to make them feel better about themselves...how cute

If it makes you feel any better I think you have nice arms even though you're too scared to post.

I can't be the only person in Veeky Forums who likes being cut down. It's motivation.

I'd be on fucking Reddit if I wanted an "everyone is great" attitude

Hey Reddit. I recently started benching 1 pl8 plz give me compliments are tell me I'm pretty.

Top comment: Whoa dude insane. I'm been lifting for 5 years and can only manage the bar. R u a professional bodybuilder?

I am depressed from being cut down, but "everyone is great" is gay af (in the bad way), so I am selfdestructivelly here...

Nice work

skinny arms incoming

Then you need to stop taking it so seriously. Treat it like friendly ribbing in high school.

What's the point of hanging out in a Taiwanese knitting board if you're not going to pretend everyone is your friend?

How to become lean?

That's not too skinny

Eat less.

Forearm is looking great but you're right, the bicep is lacking pretty hard.

I'm in.


will you dominate me?

>posts pic of leg
fuckin lanks



are they ok?


>tfw 6 ft and more arm gainz than you lanklets

Eh. Why not. 10 months in.

thats a good 'cep user

Looking at this makes me want to eat.


how do i acquire forearms like this
i fear i am in trex mode

Have >7.5" wrists.

>mfw i have 7" wrists

i-im gonna make it

heavy farmers walks with fat gripz

With roids, yeah. Natty, no.

thanks m8. it'll get better over the summer, I think-been upping my bicep training volume of late.
I also have 7" wrists. see depends on definition of making it, I guess.

This is from last week because i had Norovirus and am scrawny from not eating for two days

gr8 b8 m8

*flexes 'cep at you*

>scrawny from not eating for two days
>what skellys actually believe

Literally never done a curl

>DYEL as fuck
>potentially the worst bicep insertions on any human ever

>do bicep curls
>bicep literally curls

Cpt. Curlbrah reporting

What has wrist size have to do with it? My wrists are like 6.1". Will my forearms look forver shitty?

those tiles are very well done, can we see more?