My girlfriend said she won't have sex with me again until I've eaten vegan for a month

My girlfriend said she won't have sex with me again until I've eaten vegan for a month.

I feel like she's turning into a gains goblin.

What do I do?

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Lie and tell her you had kimchi for lunch

Stop being a little bitch .

Have sex with someone else instead

let her spin and go and have sex with one of your other girls

... you ARE spinning plates, right?

find another girl who likes to fuck and do her

Duck off you vegan weirdo and stop making these shiz threads.

Man up, she knows what's best for you.

>PUA terminology
I forgot this existed, kek

>Turn her on
>Fuck her
>Dump her right after
If you fuck her good enough, she gon' be back, possibly without vegautism.

Holy fuck brah, if you accept this and don't get completely infuriated you're just a little beta boy
You might as well start using a chastity lock and filming cuck videos soon

Assert dominance and say no. I would eat meat and dairy, tell her you'll fuck other girls then do it. But I'm a whore

>turn 360 degrees and walk back out

but srs dump the bitch and fuck someone who isn't so controlling that they blackmail you over your diet with sex

i promise you she isn't hot enough to put up with this kind of shit

>not doing what you want because of a slut
Enjoy going out to eat shit that tastes like paper and then happily going back to your gains goblin gf only to find out she's been cucking you with tyrone and his friends while your ass is out eating that disgusting vegan food

Dump her.

Using sex as a means to blackmail is abuse.

>>turn 360 degrees and moonwalk out


>if you accept this and don't get completely infuriated you're just a little beta boy

i'd say even if he gets "completely infuriated" he's a little beta boy.

op, just casually drop her.

Hello newfag.

That's not PUA terminology.



If you let it work this time she'll continue to manipulate you.

Don't be so thirsty.

Dump her ass

I love her so much and I don't want to have sex with anyone but her to be honest.

It wasn't her idea but it was her friend who she goes to college with who looks like pic related. She's been hanging around with him more because we've been arguing a lot lately.


"casually drop her"? Dude, if you never get mad at anything you're either lying or you don't go through many social situations
I didn't mean he has to throw a fit at her, that's beta, I meant this situation has at the very least bother him enough to take action


honestly what are u even waiting for, dump her asap

she's just a girl, there are tons of hot chicks out there

i love my girl but dam sometimes i wanna bang something else

free luv

Can't you see that she is clearly cheating on you? If she could go a month without your dick then someone else is most likely dicking her.

You need to explain that sex is about intimacy, not reward. If she is not in love with you - it doesn't matter how much you love her. You have to accept it...

Do not stay with a woman that doesn't respect you, you will stop respecting yourself.

This has to be bait.

Call her bluff, Eat what you want, If things go south and you break up its because she is no longer the person you fell in love with. Trust me you'd rather be single than have your gf turn into a bitch trying to change or control who you are.

She dumped me once and she was heartbroken, I wouldn't let her do that to herself again.

I was so lonely as well because she has loads of vegan guy friends and I have no meat eating girl friends.

I'm the lucky one to be honest lol

Have you tried saying to her that forcing you want to do something in that sort of manner is just cruel, and that you'd be willing to try something similar-ish but are worried about its health effects? Then you look into it together, etc, etc. Maybe you really do end up being vegan for a bit. Maybe you go sans red meat. Maybe she comes to your side. Really, it depends on the individual, and I don't even know why I'm giving serious advice here.

grea8 bait


>turning into a gains goblin

the choice is obvious user

Relationships are about changing for each other to become a better person. If you're not becoming different then it's a waste and you shouldn't be together.

PUA is shit.

>Relationships are about changing for each other to become a better person.



You call her a stupid bitch and that if she won't fuck you as is then you'll find another wet hole

I don't agree at all

Stop replying to bait threads

You literally know nothing about relationships.

what is wrong with giving her oral sex? Eat vag every day she will turn into more of a sweet lady.


top kek


It's a total sex ban. She said I can sleep in the bedroom again with her once the month is up. She doesn't trust herself with me being there next to her just in case something happens.

Break up with her. Why would you put up with someone using sex as a weapon?

fucking quality

so fold into her demands or ... tell her this is non-negotiable and that you wont' change your lifestyle especially if she's holding sex hostage.

Either get her into a debate with you about the ethics of veganism and literally say that those aren't good enough and tell her to fuck off, or you'll really change.

regardless, stop being a pussy and delaying - you know what your options are, make up your mind

OP hasn't said she's using sex as a weapon. They've said that she wants him to eat vegan and he doesn't want to lol


The problem is that with this example it's OP changing while the GF forces him to. A better example of your philosophy would be him eating less meat (say, going fish-only), and her also doing that.

withholding sex on purpose is so fucking dysfunctional that it's grounds for termination of the relationship. not even kidding. imagine she gets her way: same time next year you have to do the dishes else no sex that day

>Either get her into a debate with you about the ethics of
>using your body as leverage meaning it is the only thing of value you bring to the table and you are a whore in your own mind

I know enough to figure out that's OPs is going to fail hard and soon
Get ready for OP to post some
>tfw no gf
Do you seriously think OP should stay with her? Are you also a cuck?

Good day to go fishing, eh?

>My girlfriend said she won't have sex with me again until I've eaten vegan for a month.

u wot m8... this is textbook poon artillary

SHE clearly is not going MEATLESS.

i dont' want to hurt OPs feelings, but his gf is probably a whore

or this is all mediocre b8

Sorry about your one-eyed cat...

Gonna tell u this once user, be her little lapdog and she will lose attraction to you. It will happen fast if u let it. Be a man

She sounds charming.

It's not that bad. My gf wanted to support islam and insisted that we both wear a burkha when the paris attacks happened. I didn't want to do it at first but she persuaded me in the end.

All I'm saying is if you want a relationship to work, you find a way to make it work. She's better looking than me and I wouldn't want any one else to treat her badly. So I find a way to make her happy.

Either this is pol level masterbate, or u are truly cucked

im pretty sure she gets her protein from non vegan source

She literally told him she wouldn't have sex with him anymore unless he did what she wanted. That's textbook man.

man you shoudl just end it, being converted into a misogynistic religion by a woman

>inb4 religion of peace
fuck yourself

Being a cuck is not something I'd admit on Veeky Forums. I know she likes me watching but I don't like the idea of it. I'd draw the line there lol

this is decent bait

by end it - i mean kill yourself

Its not bait, its satire.

Tell her you go vegan when she trains with you everyday. Then go vegan for 3 days until she gives up

This can't be real

Have you watched her video? She sez in first 2mins, she doesn't feel it's her place to tell others how to either she's a hypocrite or you're lying about this being your girlfriend.

>Women that use sex as a weapon



Why is the average Veeky Forumsizen so retarded? I don't get it. Are you all underage?

He never said that was his girlfriend

Break up with her.
You can't stay with a woman who wants only to change you.


So I've just told her that I'll try and eat fish and she got angry. So to calm her down I said that they'll only be halal fish and she got angrier.

She said it's gonna be two month now before we can sleep together and that I've got to take my bedside drawers downstairs with me because "she's disgusted with atmosphere that they bring". They're only IKEA ones. I don't know why she's gone so over the top

He didn't say it wasn't AND he chose that pic to illustrate his "plight"

Your girlfriend is stupid if this is real, but going vegan shouldn't hurt your gains if you plan around it.

>Loving someone who so obviously is manipulating you
You've got to be trolling

you're fucking stupid

assuming this wasn't a bait thread, why would he post a picture of his gf here?

also, look at the filename


>I don't know why she's gone so over the top
Because her brain is shrinking:

My gf just has the short dyed hair. It's not the one in the OP pic. My gf has glasses and she doesn't.

That's vegetarian though?

Oh, so this is a stealth cuck thread.

So it would be even worse for vegans, right?

The moment that demon starts using sex as a weapon is the moment you punch out. Nut the fuck up.

>My gf has glasses
Are they "problem glasses"?

This is a great bait thread, well done

tell her that you don't want to, and that relationships are about compromise, and she's doing the opposite of compromising, and thus threatening the relationship.

Pretty good bait


Dump her and take a bitch from tinder out for celebratory steak.



Stop saying bait it's not and it's annoying