Injustice 2

So Captain Cold and Scarecrow finally were revealed. Thoughts?

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i think they should fix that dumb story, asshole superman SUCKS

Nice to finally see some Bane gameplay. Cold looks cool as well.

I really don't like this helmet/cowl/whatever on Lenny.

>watch video
>see the comments
>80% demanding red hood

Seriously, what am I missing here? Why do normies like Red Hood so much? He's fucking boring.

>villains showcase
>2 Batman villains, 2 Flash villains
what did they mean by this?

Gotta ride the Batcock, gotta synergize the fuck outta of the CW shows

>Why do normies like Red Hood so much?
Getting an animated movie and a high profile role in an Arkham game. Come on I know this is /co/ but use your brain some times.

And both of them were shit.

I don't like Bane design. Why isn't he swole as always? Scarecrow looks like the League of Legends one.

I like Grodd and Cold though.

>no aquaman villains

>being shit
>given praise

Thanks for stating the obvious fucking retard. Here's your (You)

My guess is they'll release Ocean Master and maybe Manta when the Aquaman movie will be approaching. Is it feasible? I don't know how long after release first Injustice still had new DLC characters

>4 popular villains
Gee, I don't know. They're clearly fucking up by not making the Fiddler playable.

what the fuck did they do to Scarecrow...?

I like that Bane's victory animation is right out of a WWF flex-off

Cold's playstyle looks dope, just need to equip some gear with the parka and shinier glasses. Scarecrow looks good, Bane looks like shit.

Bane looks terrible

>Give Bane an RKO move
>Take away all of the lucha aspects of his costume

I don't get it

It's fucking great.

>Under the Red Hood
Never change, /Co/ntrarians. Never change.

>"Finally a shot at the big guy"
>fighting superman and not bane
what did they mean by this?

Isn't the point of the gear stuff to let you make the characters look how you want? This is just one option out of many.

Loved Bane posing and his costume.

batman with guns and EVEN MORE EMO BROODING who recently got their own videogame

redhood is like the black-suit spiderman of batman

>I don't get what is the gear system

Of course there will be lucha inspired options in the game.

>Bane looks like shit.
>Scarecrow looks good,
Bad taste. Scarecrow's model looks like literal shit.

In my experience they think he's like DC's version of Frank but a cute boy instead of a grizzled war vet

Nah, he looks fucking awesome and his animations are great. You're probably just flustered this green gimp daddy "stole" someone's roster spot.


I was really hoping that Arrow with Vigilante and Adrian Chase would lead people to read DC's Punisher. But what was I thinking?!

>Not at all a big guy
I still laughed at his flex montage

well this is embarassing

He is getting a TDKR costume, right?

I didn't dig the first one at all, but scarecrow in a fighting game? I'm kinda surprised honestly. Might get it when it's good and cheap in the used section.

This'd be a perfect model for Bane if he was off the venom but he still uses it so he just looks weird

Freeze and Scarecrow still look bad
I'm also not sure how to feel about that Iceman super

its Captain Cold


It's Captain Cold man, it says it right in the trailer.

Maybe that green shit ain't venom and that's why he's bulked down. Doubtful but y'know. it's fucking injustice stupider shit has happened.

or maybe we're just assuming too much and his trait actually allows him to bulk up instead of just turning sickly pale like in the first game.

Or he was bulked down for the most obvious reason. DKR costume.

Bane has discovered that the only way to undo Regime mind control is to huff paint 24/7

Cold and Scarecrow's bios are up on the website

...Jojo reference?

Hot new meme?

I'm annoyed they didn't explain Scarecrow's new monster look.

Does it really require an explanation? I'm sure they'll go in to detail about it later on but it's clearly because of fear gas.

I will let Scarecrow's look slide since he is being voiced by Englund.

>Captain Cold's ultimate isn't the Rogues team comboing the shit out of someone

Come on now

Because the rogues are dead.

I want to believe that, but the bio in the mobile game lists him as being a metahuman.

He is?

Well they kind of can't since they're dead so he has to go all Bobby Drake on Superman's ass.

Well gameplay-wise he probably works like a metahuman since he looks all huge and monstrous so he can probably use super strength stage interactions.

>does it really need an explanation
Well yeah, it does. This is a pretty big change to the character.

I hope he's actually that way and it isn't just a hallucination.

What could cause him to look like that if it didn't end up being fear gas? Because he is really fucked up looking, he's basically a reanimated corpse.

Still waiting to see some of the moves for flash

>Leonard is finally announced

Fucking finally

Normies love edgelords. Why do you think cops put the Punisher logo on their vehicles? But I agree he's going to add little to nothing to the game considering there are going to be 4 gun characters on the roster already.

Orm is probably an Aquaman premier skin. Boon has yet to deconfirm Manta as DLC and had him on a poll. I think he'll be DLC.


Rogues confirmed kill. And Taylor's definitely going to show how in the comic. Though really only Glider was left at the end of Year 5.

People were speculating he's an Avatar of the Rot. But he's most likely looking that way because of fear gas.

IMDB rumor? Would be cool if he is voicing him.

Guess it would be too much to ask of Midway to animate a Gorilla in a way that doesn't look like a man in a Gorilla suit (or rather a Gorilla mocap) striking the occasional Gorilla poses.

Yeah especially since Midway have been dead for nearly ten years now.

They can re-brand, but they can't hide their (lack of) talent.

>Why do you think cops put the Punisher logo on their vehicles?
They're retarded. "Blue lives matter" coupled with the logo of a mass-murdering vigilante makes you think

So, this only leave the joker?


>mfw Joker gets revealed on my birthday
>mfw my birthday is April 1st



I'm guessing Joker will be either kept secret for release or shown off in Shattered Alliances part 4.

Who would be dc's Frank?

>Injustice 2 (2017-) #1

>The all-new prequel to the highly anticipated Injustice 2 video game begins here! Original INJUSTICE writer Tom Taylor continues the story from the hit series INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US. Superman is imprisoned, and it’s up to Batman to put the world back together. But with Superman’s iron-fisted regime eliminated, other forces rise up to fill the void. And Batman doesn’t have a lot of allies left to help stop them.

PSA: Keep an eye to that site every Wednesday when it updates with the next issues solicits. They already changed the solicit for issue #1 which stated that Batman was reformind the world and someone was gunning down for Harley

Wow. I didn't think they'd actually put Scarecrow in. Cool.

Yeah I'm guessing he'll be in the last story trailer as well. No real point in trying to keep him secret at this point considering we've known the whole roster since December and he was one of the most obvious choices to return in spite of his death.

Why is Robin a thing, again? Isn't he dead? Same for Green Arrow.
Also, how come so much heroes like Fate, Firestorm and Black Canary are alive? Were they on the Regime's side?

>that music
>Bane posing in sync to it
>Captain Cold's everything
>Scarecrow actually looks and sounds great

This shit looks fucking great.

I really cannot think of who else's voice it would be from the video.

oh boy i can't wait to break everyone over my knee with bane. especially that psychic silver back gorilla. since i was a young boy. i learned of gorillas, how their body is just one giant muscle. it has been my dream since that day to destroy a gorilla in hand to hand combat.

Was that Slavatar?

>sound different from Grodd

Green Arrow and Canary were brought over from another universe (Fate sent Canary to a universe where Ollie never died in the comics). Robin never died in the first game (you might have been thinking of Dick/Nightwing)

I didn't read much of the comics beyond year 1 or two and the tail end of year 5, so I can't speak for Fate or Firestorm.

Nobody knows what's the deal with Damian going back to the Robin mantle, since he ditched it for the Nightwing persona, maybe it'll get explained in the game story or in the comic

Green Arrow is from a different Earth, the same one that Canary ended up at the end of Year Two

Fate may be a retcon of NRS to have a more variable fighter since in the comic he ended up in the void alongside Mxy and Trigon

Firestorm was a non-show in the comic so he's a new player in all of this

Dick died, this Robin is Damian. Green Arrow also died but this one is from an alternate dimension. Fate was helping Bruce in the comic and managed to stay away from the Regime along with Zatanna until the big magic fight but he survived. Canary was mortally wounded by Supes at one point but Fate saved her and sent her to another dimension (the one this Green Arrow is from) to keep her safe but she returned with GA to help. Firestorm and Blue Beetle have yet to appear in the Injustice universe before now but since they are the younger iterations of them it's conceivable they weren't heroes during the events of the first game.

It's kind of hard to tell because of the effects added to it. Who is voicing Cold by the way? I don't recognize the voice.

Is it going to be a weekly like before?

And did they change the cover? Because I remember Batman and Harley being the only ones on the cover.

It is going to be weekly like before

The one with Harley is the variant cover for the print issues


fate escaped the void im pretty sure

>Cold not only ended up looking amazing but his moves do too. He even lucked out on a semi wicked super move
>Bane isn't a big guy but he busts big moves, and they gave him the Latin voice. We BTAS now!
>Grodd still shit
>Scarecrow doesn't look THAT bad but his chain sickle is literally Ghost Rider.

Any chance of the PS4 pro getting cheaper before May? I've been saving but I'm also a cheapskate.

I hope theres a hood up option for Cold like there is for Robin. I dig Snarts makeover too

Well he did get hit by Joker toxin so he might actually be dead

I wonder how many times Ivy licked Harley's tummy

Vigilante like this user said

Considering the insinuated orgy (an Orgy is 4 or more people right?) with 2 Harley's and 2 Ivy's at the end of the Injustice comic. I bet a lot.

I just noticed that in Scarecrow's super, the opponents name is on the grave behind them

I hope he gets his weird CW reverse-Bam Bam Bigelow hair

That's hot


>Grodd's "why are you hitting yourself" special

Infinite chuckles

Nice catch

I expected the Ice pun from Cold but it still gave me the chills.

Cold looks awesome. Sadly Scarecrow looks just as stupid as we all feared.

>Sadly Scarecrow looks just as stupid as we all feared.
>As we all feared

Looks like NRS did his job right then