What's the best natty body you have ever seen?

What's the best natty body you have ever seen?

None. Natty bodies are simply unimpressive. No amount of perfect diet or years in the gym can change that unimpressive boring lame look of a natural body.

t. brainwashed by Veeky Forums


before you idiots sperg out
>been training over 30 years
>been training HARD all that time
>little vascularity
>same size in all his movies
>extremely cautious about his health (cardio, IF)
>claims natty on his own accord, most hollywooders wont bc no need

At the extreme least he is doing TRT, all idols are false

>that lower torso
>Those forearms

hes honestly looked exactly the same since his 20's, very slow steady increases in size. TRT I guess wouldn't be a stretch, but even then thats hardly not natty.
his forearms aren't crazy for his size, look at some pictures of his legs they are tiny. He's an upper body bro-split kinda guy. Training for as long as he has you're going to learn how to look good to casuals

That guy is a GOD AMONG MEN

My idol honestly.

Kek, not all steroids make you vascular, some make you bloat/retain water. The dude was a pro football player he's as natty as clenner murphy

Do people really believe this isn't possible natty?

That guy isn't natty.

Do people believe a former professional athlete with every incentive to use PEDs, who retires and still at age 50 maintains a physique that would put any competitor in drug tested bodybuilding contests to shame all the while having multiple kids and an active career, hasn't used roids????

Maybe, but that level of physique is totally possible natty if you are devoted.

I'm not him but you are delusional if you think that size, vascularity and definition are attainable natty

It's really not


>m-muh v-taper

you realize normal people still think he has a godly body?

it's not retard, and I've been lifting with dedication for 4 years
literally how would you know whether or not it is achievable, unless you have reached that level yourself/trained for a very long time

literally none of you can compare

I think you are all just insecure and jealous.

this is completely attainable natty. Made it to the NFL so he played sports as a kid... good shape through puberty + BBC genetics = god body without even trying. Not to mention he's a health nut and hasn't gained a ton of mass like The Rock has in 10 years

maybe not natty in HS/College, but we will never know. My verdict is natty



Hes not nattu but I love bodorio

Calum von Moger is Arnold without the steroids, so him.

>with the different steroids
Fixed for you

>without the steroids

what happened to this guy?

nobody talks about him anymore, is he still on youtube?


tfw he tells you in his vids what he's cycling

Eugen Sandow was the greatest natural bodybuilder of all time. His physique is the peak of natty bodybuilding and he looks damn good men

>maybe not natty in HS/College
If you use gear at any point you're not natty anymore you retard.

Also your argument makes no sense

>maybe he used roids at the point in his life when his natural testosterone would be at its peak but now that he's 50 and hasn't lost any muscle I don't think he's taking anything

You are dumb as fuck, Terry is not and never was natty.

That being said I'm mirin

trt isn't natty, do some research

If you believe this guy is natty then you are naive.

While I may not be the biggest, leanest, strongest, or greatest, I'm me.
I've taken the time and effort to sculpt myself from a dyel skeleton to a decent body I can be proud of. I'm no where close to being done, but I'm proud of myself. Eventually I'll be impressive, but for now, I'm my favorite just because I know what I do. I don't know what struggles Conor Murphy or Bradley Martin have.

best and favorite are two different things autismo

this isnt natty im not even sure this isnt shopped look at the face its too different than the body to be natural

Ok Veeky Forums youve got me, how do I go about finding roids in my area?


I wonder if those tattoos actually mean anything

You buy them online

he got really fucking weird and moved off the grid to thailand to fuck lady boys.

Dudes not even natty that's the sad part

the funny thing is he's actually 5'8. notice how he's actually a foot or so off the wall


I would say it's totally possible for a young guy. At his age though? I start to question, but who the fuck knows

>that vascularity

This and only this.

I sincerely doubt it.

Eastern Promises and Prisoners had some interesting meaning behind the tattoos for their characters

>tfw he's not even that vascular
lmfao dyel?

What is it about Gosling mode that is so hilarious?

He probably looks better than 95% of normies but when you see his body on this board it just looks absolutely pathetic.

>those quads
Could cut them off and serve as a thanksgiving turkey dinner

dysmorphia is strong in this one

He's also Arnold without the charisma or alpha personality.

He's right and you're right too.

He went to moon rune land and is now taking care of a girl he calls "little". He also buys houses to fix them up and sells them.

Not gonna lie i hope the leeman returns desu.


What do natty pecs look like?

Cocaine isn't natty


with jews you always lose

>tfw this is unironically the natty limit but Veeky Forumsfags won't accept it

usually like shit

Imagine this with half natty lighting, pump, IG filters etc. He would look better than most fake natties.