Pretty sure there has been many threads made to talk about it but I just saw the movie last night and was wondering...

Pretty sure there has been many threads made to talk about it but I just saw the movie last night and was wondering what did you people think of it? Did it match your expectations? How would you rank it compared to others Godzilla movies?

I thought it lacked tokusatsu shots, every English-spoken scene is top cringey and the ending is pretty dull, but Anno outdid himself on the direction and the global rhythm of the movie. The Tokyo destruction scene is breathtaking.

But the visual feist of vs. Biollante makes it still a better entry than Shin, at last that's what I think.

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The second best movie in the franchise, Anno did perfect with the budget and crew he had.

Maybe not a masterpiece but it was a remarkable movie without any major flaw

Liked the cinematography, the editing, the fast dialogues, the politics and the action scenes, also Shin is one of my favorite Godzilla designs


From a cinematic perspective, Shin shits all over pretty much every Goji movie to date.

Unfortunately it's so bland and unoriginal that it did nothing for me. I kept comparing the movie to Contagion in the back of my head because it was essentially the same story but with a giant radioactive lizard instead of a lethal disease, and the execution and characterization of Contagion makes Anno's movie look like a bootleg by comparison.

I loved it a lot, and saw it in theaters twice. Easily my 2nd favorite Godzilla movie after the original. The song that played when he fired his atomic breath for the first time still gives me chills.
>they put shin godzilla in DaS3

Probably my favorite Godzilla film ever.
As far as plot goes, it's pretty basic. But the execution is fucking great, they managed to make most of the political discussions thrilling as hell, through great direction, dynamic editing and fucking great camerawork. The commentaries made about current bureaucratic Japan, its place in the international background and the handling of the earthqueaky/fukushima were really intersting and added a sense of realism and respect that 2014's wishes it had.

A lot of people criticized the lack of character development, but as I saw it, the only real character was the Japanese Government and the many parts that form it.

Thanks for the only honest opinion here.

>favorite godzilla movie
>2nd favorite
The delusion is real.

It was okay. Didn't find it as great as some people, nor as horrible as others. I don't have a ranking of Godzilla films, but it's a better crafted movie than most (not a huge accomplishment) and I liked that it had a relevant message. The series really needed that to finally reach out of decades of stagnation.

I spoiled myself from since the movie first came out, cause I didn't want to avoid discussions for who knows how long. So I knew what would happen in it plot-wise and I recognized some of the cultural references and Fukushima symbolism. I have no idea how I'd have reacted had I seen it in theaters, but that wasn't an option for a Yuropoor fucker like me.

Boardroom scenes were always among of the most insufferable parts of kaiju movies, and the first scene of the movie did worry me, since I found it boring. But later on, I actually found the political plot more interesting than the monster bits.

I didn't even mind that the movie dragged after the Who Will Know scene, but I agree with the complaint that the ending felt anticlimactic. Would have liked to see more of Godzilla, or rather see him do more, because as interesting his design, powers and biology were, he somehow still felt pretty dull. I liked most of his effects, how they made him seem like he was a physical prop, the old-school sound effects were an interesting touch, and I would have liked to get a few minutes more of it.

So I guess I liked it overall. But I don't think I'll ever rewatch it.

Fucking stupid. Shin Godzilla? I mean really? Is he a fucking foot or something? Hella dumb.

They're all Eva fanboys who worship everything Anno touches. They haven't seen any other Goji movies so be nice to them.

Except that wrong. Eva fanboys despite this movie because it delayed 4.0 from being made.

Is there a place where the sub and movie are combined?

As an Eva fanboy I am thankful this movie delayed 3.0+1.0

I hope that piece of shit never gets made.

Biollante is a much better movie overall. Shin bored me to death.

>Biollante is a much better movie overall

No, it isn't.

It might be more entertaining to you (which is subjective), but it is most certainly not better overall. Please learn the difference.

The hatred directed at the Rebuilds have long since gotten out of hand. We get it. They aren't as good as the original series. But they are nowhere near as bad as this excessive whining suggests. As standalone features, they're actually quite satisfying watches. It's natural to expect more than that out of Anno, though chill out with all the hostility.

>But they are nowhere near as bad as this excessive whining suggests.

They are.

>though chill out with all the hostility

Hacks gets called out for being hacks, sorry fanboy.

No they are. I'll never stop being angry.

The muddled production, introducing characters while not knowing what to do with them, the lack of planning or direction leading to whatever seems good at the moment, Yui Ayanami.

Fuck those movies. They're not good on any level.

So what do you think (or hope) the next nip movie will be? More mutating horror-zilla? Back to the standard?

The ending gives a pretty good way to set up a sequel, but I'm not sure I'd want to use what was shown specifically. It'd be too radical for my tastes, much like what was shown in the concept art.

There was one on nyaa, but it seems to have been taken down. I'll see if I can find it if someone else doesn't post it first.

Its sad how the movement animation is better than shin godzillas

>The ending gives a pretty good way to set up a sequel

I see that as being no different than Dr. Yamane's warning at the end of Gojira or Godzilla's beating heart at the end of GMK.

I know you've probably invested years into bashing these films, though I implore you to reconsider. They might be disappointments. But they are not bad films.

>I see that as being no different than Dr. Yamane's warning at the end of Gojira or Godzilla's beating heart at the end of GMK.
Yeah I suppose that's true, but I can definitely see them branching off into a Humanoid Godzilla movie.

Which Godzilla movie influencied Resurgence the most? I mean besides the original

Most of influences come from the early movies.


How did you guys watch it? I'm willing to pay for it but for the least amount of money possible

I wouldn't hate Rebuild so much if all the buildup the first two movies had weren't thrown out the fucking window due to a time skip.

Shin is also in Nier: Automata

Anticlimactic as fuck. I get why they went with the ending they did but man that movie just started dragging and never pick up again after Shin goes dormant.

>every English-spoken scene is top cringey
It wasn't that bad.

In a theatre.

There is a blu ray rip out there right now, and an older rip from like december that's missing 15 minutes.

When I watched it in theaters a few months back the theater was completely empty except for me and my friends, and during the laser show a fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate

Gave me a spook

Saw it three times in the theater with different groups of friends.
I thought it was fine until Godzilla fell asleep. Then the pacing slowed to a crawl. The anti climax didn't help either.

I still think it's overall fine and will recommend to people, but I'm probably not gonna watch the whole thing again like I do with other Godzilla films.

I saw it in November on a plane.

>the theater was completely empty except for me and my friends

I envy you so much right now. When I saw it the theater was full of dipshits who felt the need to laugh at everything no matter how serious it was.

Except the atomic breath scene that still managed to make them shut the hell up.

I watched it tonight for first time too.
And damn, as a Godzilla fan I loved it, for me its a 9/10. The rythm decrease at the middle/end of the movie ruins a perfect and square 10.

I don't know why they would, Shin was cool but it was pretty much a Godzilla remake of best girl's arc in Eva.

It was as painful as watching a Mexican soap opera. You know that the director could do better, so you get mind boggled by how shite the movie was

Oh fuck off, I've seen EVA once and after hearing "DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN-DUN" the whole fucking movie along with the boatloads of EVAxShin merchandise that's been vomited out, I'm sick and tired of the whole goddamn thing.

9/10. I like how Anno doesn't give a fuck about the usual melodrama characters and just goes straight facts and bureaucracy. The second half is somewhat lacking though.

By far the best Godzilla film ever made.

Not saying any others are shit, just that this one makes Godzilla poignant again. Idiots who haven't seen many or don't understand what Godzilla is will chat endless shit about Godzilla's design or how there's no other kaiju or whatever. No. This movie is fucking great and is Anno's magnum opus. It tops Evangelion.

But yes the English speaking lady was cringey as shit.

>But yes the English speaking lady was cringey as shit.
za deeoh eeez codd nemm iz GADZILLER

parsinal sarbice

>But yes the English speaking lady was cringey as shit.

Should have been better. Though it really wasn't that bad.

The English in Godzilla films has been worse before.

So Anno only liked the original?

He drew the most influences from the original. But that particular image is a nod to pic related.

I really loved it, it helps that one of my best reads this year was a manga that had a similar premise and execution: country is fucked and the bureaucrats needs do organize shit to help the population, as a geographer, this is really interesting to me and the movie also does it with even cooler disaster.

The film adaptation of that was actually directed by Shinji Higuchi.

Oh, I read that not too long ago. It's originally a novel by Sakyo Komatsu, though. And there was a movie starring Hiroshi Fujioka of the Kamen Rider fame. There's an english translation, but it's not worth it. The translator didn't really "translated" it, he rewrote the entire thing to sounds like a Roland Emmerich movie. Well, I think this translation was even older than Emmerich's disasters flicks, but it has the same feel. I guess they thought american audiences would never get into this.

After 3.33 and Final Wars my expectations were in the pits. I was even more worried about them trying to be the opposite of 2014 Goji and going too far and fucking it up that way too.
Turns out it exceeded my expectations and made it to my top 5 of Gojira films
Anno did a good job of tackling typically Oshii style themes. Of course, they're good friends and probably planned out this movie together.

Honest question, why do people like Heisei when the suit is too stiff to even really fight? Beamspam gets old fast.
The suits looked fantastic for all the monster of course and the plots got marginally better but... It just doesn't do it for me. Give me 60s vs Mothra over Biollante any day

>Anno did a good job of tackling typically Oshii style themes. Of course, they're good friends and probably planned out this movie together.
oshii is IN the movie

I'm aware. He's only my favorite fucking Anime director and I've seen the movie 3 times including in theaters. Are you the guy in college that likes to throw out annoying factoids half the class already knows and makes the professor cringe visibly?

It always fucks with my head to see pics like this. Say what you will about rubber suits but they really can sell that there isn't a man inside and that they aren't actually giant


My exact reaction to you too buddy.


Anno has strong feelings to Godzilla vs Megalon. I seriously doubt he liked it but he definitely felt something

I highly doubt that since this movie had a fuckload of references to the other movies as well it's just the original that gets the most. Like half the soundtrack was lifted from previous Godzilla movies.

Most of the references are towards the Showa Era. Heisei got a few though: G84's roar is used in the climatic fight and GvM93's theme in the end credits. Goro Maki is a reference to both Son of Godzilla and Return of Godzilla.

Tonally, Shin Godzilla feels like its ripped straight out of Honda's early 60s movies.

>any positive opinions aren't honest

> Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi's Shin Godzilla film's Special Edition Blu-ray Disc release and the standard edition Blu-ray Disc ranked #1 and #2 respectively on Oricon's overall Blu-ray Disc chart for the March 20-26 week. The Special Edition sold 81,919 copies, while the standard edition sold 55,402 copies.

> The film is the first Japanese film to place in the top two ranks since Oricon's Blu-ray Disc rankings began. The last film to perform the feat before Shin Godzilla was the Interstellar Blu-ray Disc Steelbook and the Interstellar Blu-ray Disc and DVD Set in April 2015.

> Shin Godzilla's Blu-ray Disc Special Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Package also ranked #4 on the overall Blu-ray Disc chart. The film is the second Japanese film to place three releases on the Blu-ray Disc chart top five, with the last film to perform the feat being Odoru Dai Sōsasen THE MOVIE3 Yatsura o Kaihō seyo! in February 2011.

Let us also remember it's the highest grossing film of Annos' career, the second most successful Japanese film of 2016, most attended Japanese Godzilla film since the 60s, and won seven Japanese Academy Awards.

> According to Otaku Magazine, Japan's nearly 100 year old film publication, Kinema Junpo, is sometimes considered more prestigious than Japan's version of the Oscars. Knowing that, it's an honor that writer/director Hideaki Anno was awarded Kinema Junpo's best screenwriter prize for his work on Shin Godzilla.

> Shin Godzilla was honored highly and ranked #2 in Kinema Junpo's Top 10 films of 2016. It was beat out by In This Corner of the World. The full Top 10 list is below:

1. In This Corner of the World
2. Shin Godzilla
3. Harmonium
4. Destruction Babies
5. The Long Excuse
6. A Bride for Rip Van Winkle
7. Her Love Boils Bathwater
8. Creepy
9. Over the Fence
10. Rage

>typically Oshii style themes
Like everyone being able to quote philosophy?
Or everyone being magically being well read?

>typically Oshii style themes
This film is nothing like Oshii's style, retard.

biollante is lightning in a bottle
100% satisfying

When I went to a theater in my city, it was full and sold out, so we rushed to another one.

>oshii is IN the movie

What part was he cast in ? The old cranky professor ?

I love Biolante, but I like Destroyah even more. And my favs are actually GMK and Final Wars, plus the original.

Looking forward to watching this one tonight.

Godzilla's mouth and tail were creepy looking, in a good way.

Destroyah is the fucking best.

Cool monster. Not so cool movie. Remove the last twenty minutes and it loses most of its strength.







This picture is a goldmine.



It really shows how much the music really contributed to the impact of the scene

Does anyone have any retarded theories about this movie?

I have one, but I am honestly too embarrassed to talk about it because it's so autistic.



I like the Atomic Breath scene but the movie becomes pretty boring after that. The final battle makes sense but it's just not exciting to see.


Absolute trash, worst Godzilla movie since Godzilla 2000... but then again, Im not a huge fan of the "Godzilla is an evil monster" meme (like '54 and GMK).

Are the torrents on nyaa the ones missing footage?

It could just be a series of mistranslastions from the user subs, but I got the distinct impression that Goro either made Godzilla, or committed suicide in order to create Godzilla, or something to this effect.

He was working with the DoE on Nuclear Waste, and blamed Japan for his wife's death from radiation sickness. Then suddenly he returns to Japan under everyone's radar, gets a boat, takes his shoes off, leaves some information behind, and disappears -- and out of nowhere at pretty much the exact same location, Godzilla appears.

Afterwards Godzilla is seemingly drawn endlessly to Japan, to just continuously destroy whatever he can for as long as he can. Specifically Tokyo. He isn't trying to eat people for biomass. He doesn't need to. He isn't trying to escape some sort of greater predator. He hasn't been forced out of his natural habitat.

Then at the end of the movie we get the tail shot with all of the Humanoid Godzilla's trying to emerge from him.

My personal theory is that Godzilla was Goro in some capacity. That he was trying to take his revenge on Japan for what they did to his wife, and he used his knowledge of genetics and nuclear power to do it.

>He was working with the DoE on Nuclear Waste, and blamed Japan for his wife's death from radiation sickness. Then suddenly he returns to Japan under everyone's radar, gets a boat, takes his shoes off, leaves some information behind, and disappears -- and out of nowhere at pretty much the exact same location, Godzilla appears.
No, the DoE FOUND Godzilla while he was working for them.

It's suggested that he may have done something to wake Godzilla up and sic him on Japan, but he definitely did not make him or turn into him. Godzilla was already there, feeding on the nuclear waste.

This pastebin is still relevant.

According to the user TL, one of the guys reviewing the illegally dumped nuclear waste mentions that Godzilla's stupid teeth wouldn't have been good enough to chew through the drums when he was presumably extremely little.

Shin Godzilla, the third Japanese reboot of the Godzilla franchise and the 31st Godzilla film in total (including both American ones) is a perfect mess of an exploitation film. It is, of course, a movie about a monster that shoots lasers out of its scales. But it is also a jingoistic pontification on current Japanese political culture, and a really, really, really dopey satire.

This is the first film in the series to go for the jugular in trying to elicit rah-rah support for the military and sympathy for the government, like the blatant flag-waving found in Roland Emmerich’s 1996 sci-fi epic “Independence Day.” Godzilla was originally imagined as a metaphor for the horrors of war and the devastation war brings to people, whether deserved or not, and how this new approach will play domestically and internationally is anyone’s guess.

Norman England is a life-long Godzilla fan and former reporter for Fangoria magazine who has spent months on “Godzilla” film sets and saw “Shin Godzilla” last month at a special industry screening. He notes a dramatic departure in the new film from the series’ traditional pacifistic stance.

his is a film fed up with the last 71 years of Japan’s relationship with America. Post-World War II Japan was aggressively demilitarized. Japan can have no standing army. Instead, since 1954, it’s had the Japanese Self Defense force—a kind of National Guard—for internal protection and dealing with natural disaster. For all external threats it relies on a treaty penned, post war, with the US.

North Korea’s increased shows of force in the Sea of Japan and Japan’s own struggles since the massive 2011 earthquake have rapidly changed the public’s opinion on anti-militarization. It’s reflected in Shin Godzilla, where there’s a very specific kind of pride in the military capabilities of the SDF. Is unusually hawkish—a major taboo since 1945.

I don't recall that, when does that happen?

And anyway Godzilla DID exist in some form before, the DoE even gave him the name.

When they get the pictures from the US Ambassador. It should be around the part where they are looking at that one photo taken underwater with the drums filled with presumably nuclear waste.

>the DoE even gave him the name.

See, about that, I took this to mean that Goro was looking into creating a bio-weapon. He had all of the genetic information and so on about Godzilla on hand, named him Gojira, and then it got turned into Godzilla by the Americans. I am personally having a hard time believing that Godzilla was just some natural phenomena that all of a sudden decided to rear its ugly head. Especially since they had so much information. I can swallow the idea of Goro researching into how to make a creature that runs off of nuclear fission, and thereby Godzilla being a man-made organism. Which more or less mirrors the theme of the original movie with Godzilla = Nuclear Weapons.

>It was beat out by In This Corner of the World.
Though it's to be expected that an animated film about Hiroshima would do well. It's supposedly really well done too so I'm looking forward to a bluray rip, if it ever gets subbed.
And considering it's not a big meme /a/ or facebook type movie I doubt it will get subs this decade. Maybe in the 2020s.

>and then it got turned into Godzilla by the Americans
Kayoko said Goro did it too

Either way, Goro had more info on him than the Americans or the Japs. This is why I believe that Godzilla was man made and not merely a product of natural selection.