Zinc ruined my life

this is my 3rd time posting this thread, cause i have no one else to ask for help....
this is not a troll, and to anyone who thinks im trolling or im talking about a placebo fuck off

basically, i took zinc 60mgs a day for 2 months and eventually it crashed me and i got terrible side effects,
shrunk dick (peyronies probably)
no libido
sleep problems
muscle spasms
no morning wood or nocturnal wood
less cum, watery cum
digestive issues (constipation)
also sometimes diaria
orgasms felt 3/10 as opposed to 10/10
no energy
no appetite
emotional numbness
depression, some days id be suicidal from it
swollen testicles
brain fog/memory problems/cant retain information

so basically on the end of the 2nd month i got all these symptoms in the course of 1 week. it took me another 2 months to even realize it was the zinc ( i had stopped taking 2 weeks after getting these symptoms though). so i figured it was a potential copper deficiency, so i started eating cashew nuts (rich in copper) after 1st day i felt amazing, after first week of eating cashew nuts i felt close to my old self again.

my sex drive was coming back, my cum became white and lots of volume again, my zest for life came back and my emotional numbness subsided. however after that week went by, i noticed the symptoms were slowly coming back even though i continued to eat the same things that made me feel amazing again (cashew nuts). 2 weeks since that week of me feeling almost "cured" im feeling okay now, but i still feel fucked up. i still dont feel my old self.

i took a blood test to see my copper/zinc ratio and it was on point, perfect mid range. so i currently dont suffer from any deficiency in regards to copper and zinc. so i dont understand why i still feel fucked up. could anyone give me some understanding on why i still feel so fucked up? my sex drive dropped again, my appetite is low, my zest for life is gone and my sleep is shit, wtf can i do?

all advice is welcome, please

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Hahaha get rekt fag

You've stressed yourself out.

Stress kills the penis.

why laugh at me bro, im literally at rock bottom looking for any answer possible, im always close to tears, im a mess and i just need help. no ones life should be this fucking way...

Just stop the zinc completely, and stop with your other supplements. Don't look at porn / and don't masturbate and see how you go.

yea bro im stressed out atm, cause ive been this way for probably almost 3 months now, i feel like it will never end and so alone

Its your own fault. Who told you to take such a high dose?
If you say Veeky Forums and you followed that suggestion you are a fool.


I remember your last thread. You probably did have a copper deficiency, then corrected it with the cashews.

Then you started panicking about it like a spastic retard. Like you are now. Its all in your head m8. At least it is now.

Your stress is probably causing most of the symptoms.

Stress can fuck up your body, chill out mang and stop having obsessive thoughts.

>Zinc ruined my life

ive been off the zinc for 2 months now, i dont take any supplements and only eat food, however i just started taking magnesium for these past 2 days to help with my sleep and muscle spasms thinking thatd help me. i feel like maybe ive caused an imbalance somewhere else and idk how to fix it or what to do, i feel like crying all the time. which is completely unlike me, it feels like i have high estrogen perhaps idfk, getting blood work done on tuesday. i had my bloodwork done initially when all this bs started, 2 weeks into these side effects and it all came out normal HOWEVER my free test was low range

my test was 13, too much zinc lowered my test ?

you really think so bro? i still feel off but perhaps im still imbalanced in other aspects? you think a healthy diet and exercise will fill in those gaps? or i should just hop on TRT? im only 21 12-13% BF 70kgs 5'11 Ft tall, healthy in every respect until this BS

yeah i literally have been obsessing over it all day every day researching videos/forums/articles reading nonstop trying to fix it. i do notice when im more relaxed and calm i do feel hornier or more prone to being horny however not to the point i was before all this madness

Take a benadryl relax and stop being a cuck


baka why laugh at a man when he is at his lowest, i wouldnt wish this upon any of u guys srsly

It's most likely in your head.

But do a hormone blood test anyway.

Don't go on TRT straight away. Look up testshock lite, it's a guide for boosting test naturally.

Maybe an user can post a pdf.

To be completely honest it sounds like you have schizotypal paranoia. Your constant obsessive thoughts about this indicate some for of mental illness, at the very least. Seeking at mental healthcare would probably do more for your dick than any diets or supplements

u have to be trolling lmfao, so prostate/testicular/penis pain is a sign of a mental illness. u must be jking lmfao

It's not that.

It's just a severe anxious reaction to stress.

I had it before. You start obsessing over why you feel shit, and it becomes a circle of anxiety getting worse and worse until you learn to chill the fuck out.

Just be patient and try to get out of it on your own. Don't hop on any drugs.


that may be it for my response, and the way i generally feel. but that doesnt really explain why i have no morning/nocturnal erections, thats what im concerned about .

honestly i think you're overthinking it, chill out and go to a doctor if you want to, 2 months isnt a long time and you should just wait longer

>my test was 13

You could say.. you litrelly are a low-test.

yea no shit its low smfh, it still isnt low enough to have all these issues, is it?

Yes it does. Because stress can cause low test and ED.

so what you're saying is, im cured and all these issues now are stress related? that would explain the restless sleep aswell

Ok obvious suggestion, but have you checked your test levels? Are they within their normal range?

Talk to a fucking doctor, man. It could be a variety of things. For all we know, you may as well have problems with your thyroid gland.

Only laughing because he seriously thinks a micronutrient is responsible for his issues.

its within range bro, but its low range
range is 8-28
mine is 13, super low for a 21 year old who is athletic and active

Read the thread before replying


You're fine in terms of zinc and shit, but you're not cured of your stress issues.

Your stress has probably messed with your glands.

So he voluntarily gave him self Zinc toxicity? What a retard, he deserves this.

ugh what? i didnt voluntarily give my self zinc toxicity, i sent u that video to prove to you that too much zinc can mess you up...

You might have your answer right there. Also good that you are getting your bloodwork done. Just be 100% transparent to the doc about what symptoms you have and why it started.

And like other anons said, there is a chance it is in your head. So take it easy, it will be fine.

Yeah, my bad.

Didn't your pills have a lot of other shit in them too? Why mention just the zinc?

well it had some 7.5mg of mangesium per tablet and some vitamin B,
i had elevated vitamin B,

B12: 849 pmol/L ( 170 - 600 )

Kek you're such a fucking faggot and there's a reason you're supposed to take zinc and mag together. Should've just got zma. Also stop crying about low test. I know people in the lower 300s that are huge.

so basically i had high B12 and zinc in my system, my zinc is now stabilized however idk about my b12?

Too much zinc = zinc toxicity. I have had vitamin B6 toxicity and it was literal hell. I couldn't sleep, I lost my apetite, and a whole range of other shit.

im srsly not crying about low test, im crying about these side effects that i cant really shake off.. idk why my hands go numb every single night i go to sleep (i sleep on my back, there is literally no reason my hands should be going numb from that position. i have some sort of circulatory issues now, or so it seems)

Test drops and spikes often. I've had it as low as 340s and as high as 700s. Shits in your head. Suggest you read up on /r/steroids so they can rip you a new one for blaming low test as your problem.

are you serious? how long did you suffer the side effects from too much vitamin b bro, let me know what they were and how long you had them for, please !!!

>hands to numb

Name your other symptoms.

You get shit like that with anxiety.

Ever get shakey legs?

Now that's something you go to the doctors about. Heck I would suggest the hospital if you're that scared.

i literally wasnt blaming my low test for it, i was just saying it MAY be the reason im having these issues, im not sure at all, all i know is, i took too much zinc and now im messed up, or it was perhaps vitamin B? but i havent read any symptoms that vitamin b gives you all of these, but i have read too much zinc can give you the symptoms im suffering from

i have muscle spasms in my arms/shoulders/legs, like im getting these jolting responses.yes sometimes i kick my legs in my sleep, or i completely jolt my self upright for no reason in my sleep. also i get muscle twitches all over my body repeatedly, also facial ticks, namely around my eyes. (this never happend before zinc)

yeah im very scared bro, no one has answers for me and these drs dont really help at all, they tell me im fine or its in my head. idk what else to do, im so afraid this is permanent

You should try homeopathy, it will cure your """""""illness"""""""" with absolutely no chance of side effects.

I had the same sorta shit when I had an anxiety episode.

Sometimes I'd just have full on tremors.

I started getting pins and needles at times as well in my hands.

Ever get really hot for no reason? I had that as well.

ive tried homeopathy, the guy just told me to breath and do yoga, WASTE of my time

ive had anxiety attacks/panic attacks
ive had anxiety before and this isnt anxiety, i know the tingling sensation you get in your fingers/hands/feet when youre anxious, this isnt it
my body just twitches and has random muscle spasms for no reason, even in my sleep.

Anxiety doesn't just have one set of symptoms.

I've had two episodes, each day had a lucky dip of symptoms.

I just stopped taking vitamin B supplements for a while and sort of let my system flush itself clean. So I just ate consistently and drank a ton of water. I still noticed the side effects a few weeks after. Those side effects were a reduced immune system, fatigue despite getting a ton of sleep (after the initial insomnia wore off), diarrhea, depression, and some other things. Eventuall it all came crashing down on me. I vomited my guts out and then started catching a cold immediately. It was basically a sign that my immune system was completely fucked. I'm all better now but toxicity isn't something that just goes away immediately. You need to help flush everything out of your system, and you do that with a balanced diet and a ton of water. So my advice is to stop taking Zinc for a while, and once you're better you take low or moderate doses.

okay bro, i will start eating a balanced diet (lately literally been only having bare minimum, protein shakes + spiriluna and cashew nuts) ill try get more of a balance going bro, thank you so much, it feels great to finally hear from someone who has suffered from overdose of vitamins or minerals, thank you bro for your input, truly, i was hoping that you would reply. god bless, so you dont think these will be lasting side effects aka permanent ?

yea i know bro, but this feels more like my body is fucked up as opposed to anxiety, i could be wrong though, cause i really dont know much at this point lmao....


I had my anxiety because I got hyperchondriac over a test booster supplement I had.

I may have had some legitimate sides from it, but getting stressed over it made it ten times worse and gave me full on anxiety (like wanting to crouch in a corner and rock back and forth/waking up each morning with depression that turned into dread)

You just have to be patient and not stress too much.

Also, no wonder you feel shit if you've just been having protein shakes and nuts.

You need carbohydrates man. Eat properly.

>no one else to ask for help

You've never heard of a doctor? We're not medical professionals, why are you asking us?

Stop taking zinc and go see a doctor.

Go see a doc and tell them you have no libido, no boners and are lethargic and depressed. Enjoy your cialis and test rage boners.

thank you man, when u guys answer back with respect and guidance it really warms my heart and almost brings tears to my eyes. yea bro i may have a tad of hypochondria also, you sound like me when u talked about waking up each morning with depression and dread, thats me on the regular. thank you bro, i will get some nice meals in now, just your comment made me more hungry cause it put me at ease, thanks man srs.

If it really is Zinc then it will impossibly be permant. If it's something else then I can't help you.

i dont really want to rely on viagra and shit to stay hard brah, thatll just be solving one problem with another problem. im only 21 i shouldnt need that shit bro

you cunts fill me with hope and joy, srsly bro. yeah it indefinitely was either the zinc or the vitamin b or a mixture of both.

Male or female?

21 year old male
12-13% body fat
weighing 70kgs 5'11 ft
never had any erectile problems, sleep problems, depression , joint problems, cognitive issues, until after this entire ordeal.

GO TO A FUCKING DOCTOR. In my medical expertise the problem here is that you have zinc deposits in your tissue and that wouldnt show in your blood work. You shouldve taken selenium copper and zinc all together. But don't fret, youll normalize eventually when the deposits are gone

Oh and go to a psychiatrist as well, you may be depression which can define your libido issue

yea i dont have depression anymore, just very very sad and disillusioned with my current situation. the depression and extreme emotional numbness has gone THANK FUCK, i literally felt like a robot with zero emotions or intuition, i had no desires, let alone sex. however my libido and my erections have been lowered, im just worried about morning/nocturnal erections mainly. i can achieve an erection from watching pornography or perhaps from imagination, however if i get distracted i lose the erection

I'm currently taking 40mg of Zinc a day. Is this too much?

I'm 21, 100kg, 6 ft.

>i took zinc 60mgs a day for 2 months and eventually it crashed me and i got terrible side effects,

You are an idiot.

That is way too much. No one should take more that 30mg a day MAX.

Sleep more fag

i took that much thinking it would make my skin look nicer, i know ima fucking idiot and i hate my self for this...

yes u just need 10-15mgs as recommended

unless you're taking huge doses far in excess of what the label recommends, it's basically impossible to get the kind of mineral imbalances you claim to be experiencing from nutritional supplements. especially if you were able to rectify them partially by eating cashews.

you're a hypochondriac.

Maybe you're overtraining

You're looking in the wrong place, I think the whole zinc shit is just a coincidence.. I mean zinc is inside our food as well. Don't be a retard, calm yourself and think about other things that might be the problem. Also see a drand stop being a faggot and posting this shit here all the time.

Just wait it out and take no zinc your gonna be fine fagnutz aside from the painful zinc death

I take 150mgs a day for medicinal purposes and I don't get any of this shit OP. There's obviously something else wrong you're doing.


thats a story of another kid who got same side effects as me from too much zinc also and he only took it for 10 days, a young man in his 20s is recomended to take 10mg of zinc, i took 60mgs. that is x6 of what is recommended, so you tell me if x6 is in far excess of what is recommended. come on bro, im not a hypochondriac, these side effects are very real. yes i have gained some relief from cashews, however im not fully healed.

then how come I take 15x the recommended dose and I'm fine?

>i see no side effects
>therefore you wont see any side effects
sorry brah, but just cause your body can with stand an insane amount of zinc 150MG doesnt mean most ppl can stand high dosages of zinc. you probably balance your zinc intake with copper properly, unlike me.

cause you're you and im me. most ppl would be fucked up on 150mgs lol, but youre not and thats fucking sick. 60mgs is alot for most ppl 150mgs is insanity to me and if i did that, i guarentee id be dead , cause what im going through from 60mgs of zinc, has shattered my life into a thousand pieces

>thats a story of another kid who got same side effects as me
I can find plenty of posts from people who suffer from made up diseases, this isn't evidence of anything.
>im not a hypochondria
The doctors you saw didn't seem to think so.
>cause you're you and im me
Really? What's his body made of that metal poisoning has no effect.

yes zinc is in our food, but only very specific foods, im 95% sure zinc is to blame for this because once i ate copper rich foods my side effects got better, yea im sorry for posting here all the time, its just that im so desperate and frustrated idk where else to go bro, i dont belong to any forums

Your gonna be fine op stop being a faggot and wait it out

lmao, these side effects are not in my head, testicular and prostate pain, penile pain. are not in my head boyo. this is from zinc, too much zinc can lower cortisol, can imbalance other minerals and vitamins in the body. google copper deficiency symptoms or magnesium deficiency symptoms or zinc deficiency symptoms, they match up to mine. and i knew of my symptoms and wrote them down before i even googled these things. this is real, i wish it wasnt, i wish it was in my head, but it really isnt. if you dont believe too much zinc can fuck you up, then youre mistaking bro

>Really? What's his body made of that metal poisoning has no effect.

no but his body may be more tolerant to such minerals than mine is, wtf is ur argument. seriously, aren't you capable of critical thinking? ik its the pot calling the ketel black, but wtf kind of logic is that

look up ashwagandha it's fucking amazing at dealing with stress/anxiety and the effects they have on your body.

150mgs is crazy, why do you take that much?

My body can't process copper so zinc is taken to prevent copper absorption

well that could be why youre not fucked up from all that zinc and i am

no more advice?

Stop overtraining

ive been training at maintenance this entire time bro,

Wow you took almost 6 times the recommended dose and it was bad for you? Crazy.

go to a doctor you idiot

60mg is lots of zinc it can have adverse side effects, go and have blood tests

I've been taking 120mg zinc for 2 months and haven't experienced any adverse effects
Some people are just weaker

120mgs for what reason might i ask bro? yea i agree some ppl cannot take huge amounts