*blocks your path*

*blocks your path*

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id suck on the fat clit of hers till she would move out the way

"You better not sit on my face if you know what's good for you..."


double yuck!

pierce her w/ my boner as she snaps it off.


psssh....i'm afraid you're not my type m'lady.....i, like many other high testosterone alpha males, am attracted primarily to fat women in tight-fitting clothing.

rape her

>please be my KGF please be my KGF please be my KGF


t. rapist

*blocks her plastic surgeon's path*

please stop posing in the middle of the gym, lift weights or leave.

For a muscle chick, she's not too crazy and has tits.
wouldfug+source var/10

This photo isn't real obviously

Is 100% real.


Wits her name lad



plastic Surgery Done Right.

>tfw no var'd up korean gf

*walks between your legs*

What's this broad in the first posts name. Always see her posted but don't know her namr

>mfw I'll never have a qt3.14 asian musclegril on anavar gf

Song Naeun

So does that mean with feminism he will feel manly taking a strap-on up the butt?

>tfw you like pegging but would never admit it to anyone

Although, this dude is just being a bitch. Instead of complaining about people deeming you unmanly, just stop giving a fuck.


I'm terrible at guessing weight but she can't be more than 140-150.
I have at least 80 lbs on her.
She's not in my way for too long.

>you will never accidentally stumble upon a village of sex starved oni

Yeah and I don't think I could ever trust a woman not to tell everyone about it either

propose her

Fucking pegging fags.
We get it you two or three sub/queer men and queer/thirsty loser women who'd fuck anythingf who just want to get da strap on that pop up in every thread can stop pretending to be every other man on the entire board now.

Man I wish I was a 1.75m midget, it would be so much easier to look buff.

But on the other side you're still 1.75...

>Legit used to have autistically indepth fetishes to amazons.

>used to

>"double yuck"

on a side note, why do female BBs do that shit with the fingers?

Used to play defensive end so swat the outside arm then rip under as I turn the corner

They're the hottest of the Asians you damn chinese bastard.

Asian is everything from Middle East, Indian subcontinent to Japan you fucking American idiot.

...and the post you're replying to somehow implies that those places aren't Asian how?

Turn 360 degrees and then leave.

I'm wondering if they're real though. Asin+muscle should more or less=flat normally, but those are lookin' nice.

Are indians asians are true aryan whites?
The fuck are they today?
Why can't they just be happy with being fucking indian and calling it a fucking day goddamn.

Remember what she looked like before the anavar.
Easily overpower her
Throw her light ass on my shoulder
Spend the rest of the night tenderly yet brutally raping the absolute shit out of her
Leave her unconscious, sore and filled with my seed
Get instantly pissed when I remember that it was my arms day.
Wake her ass up then sink my dick deep in her ass. I'm getting a workout one way or the other today.

she's gonna need to up the celltech game fin she wanna hang w/ ma boys

They're called south asians. Makes it easier to describe neighboring regions as well.

left looks much more attractive to me desu

>triggered sandnigger detected
we all know asian is shorthand for east asian within certain contexts, now kys

*humps leg*

That's because you're retarded

>C-can you train me and then let me date that one girl in your family that you all have disowned already?

Me too.
This guy probably thinks that all asians should look like anime.