I'm in the market for a fat burner, any suggestions?

I'm in the market for a fat burner, any suggestions?

cardio, its free

more like a dietary supplement with things like chromium. Maybe something like cardarine too.

man, you are one stupid fuck if you think any of that works

my stepdad started using it and now he has abs and he used to be a fat fuck

Got this fat burner from the brand Chained Nutrition a few months back, wanted to try it out.

The pills just contain a ridiculous amount of caffeine and some chili and green tea extract. It also contains some ingredient that is actually classed as a fucking mutagen.

So yeah, doesn't do much, and just contains some weird ass ingredients.

Nowadays I mostly just use it for a substitute for coffee if I'm in a rush.

Wouldn't buy again/10

If you want a real fat burner, look up DNP. (It's literally rat poison, but it works)

Don't trust any of these caffeine based fat burners.

Why don't you go on Facebook and get in touch with those girls who sell plastic wrap and carb blocker pills while you're at it.

Where to buy DNP

Don't. You're too stupid to use it and you will kill yourself.

basically the best browser for ordering dietary supplements

10cc of air injected into your vein

It's a supplement too

low fat diet
eat fat before training,after waking up and before bed, carbs only after training
high protein
boom you are shredded in a month

>literally rat poison
Lol no. It's an industrial dye, but not rat poison

Bronkaid contains ephedrine HCL and costs only 20 bucks, don't buy high priced " fat burners" that don't work. Have fun fagit

dnp is used in: some explosives (rarely anymore), pesticides (rat poison), industrial dye, fertilisers (that's why you can buy dnp in "farm shops")

Can I get at Walmart

not eating is the best fat burner and its free



Kills gainz

Ephidrine, synephrine, yohimbine, and caffeine all work with the right combination/dosages. Synephrine makes me feel great too.


I started using this, along with my regular supplements, and after a few months I shed thirty pounds true story.

What products do you recommend?

I hope this is a joke and that you aren't really this stupid

You had the best answer handed to you and you were too stupid to accept it. Not gonna make it brah.

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Meth from some hells angels.

Or from some bad hombres.

Hi scooby. Also
If you're looking for a fat burner that ACTUALLY works I'd suggest anavar

under rated.
I got my yohimbine and caffine coming in the mail as we speak. Will post results when i finish using them desu.

Get yourself some clen or eca stack, works fine trust me bro

where can i watch these eps

>tfw you'll never get your hands on Gaspari's Detonate original formula
>mfw have 5 bottles left from hoarding

Thermogenics definitely help OP. Appetite suppression, increased focus and energy and mental clarity.

Ofc, some self discipline must be at play too

Ask your stepdad then you stupid fuck

I'm on a cut that's going really well. I have some DNP left over from like a year ago that I'm considering taking to increase the speed. I know DNP works and I'm not retarded so I know how to take it (250 per day, drink lots of extra water, keep cool in general, no alchohol) and I don't see that there'd be any negatives. I figure combining it with an ~1000 calorie deficit is going to get me some fast results.

This was the best post in this thread

List of effective weight loss supps
>Bronkaid (the ephedrine in them)
>adderall for the appetite suppression
>and DNP, it's MILES better than the others but sides can be permanent (INCLUDING DEATH, if your a dumbass)

You'll also feel like complete shit and won't be able to workout or do anything in general. DNP ups your TDEE by ~25% so adding in a 1k caloric deficit on top of that is irresponsible and reckless.

just count your calories you fucking fatass