Best youtube channels on youtube

Best youtube channels on youtube
1. Alan Thrall
2. Candito
3. Omar Isuf

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I like the ones you named plus alphadestiny
Eliott Hulse was great several years back imo.

buff dudes

athlean-x i fuck with jeff

What about Clarence

Alan thrall and athlean x are probably the best channels, tried, tested and adhering to logic and functionality of human body.

also Elliot for dem crazy vids

Can't relate.

Janoy Cresva

Ricky Boogz N' IRON

and Delray Misfits

Athlean X is a garbage channel.

Oh you want to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? Yeah bro, no problem. You want to look like Zac Efron in Baywatch in 3 months? No worries! You still doing dumbell flies? What is wrong with you, you want to die??

Every single video thumbnail and name is click bait and all his videos basically say what you want to hear.

Best channel I have found is hands down "Vitruvian Physique". The guy has been lifting for over a decade, every video is backed up heavily by facts and research is done by actual doctors and scientists. not "this has been working for me".

Check him out, his videos are pretty long though, as he backs every claim he makes.

And as a bonus, the guy is clearly natural, not like the majority of "natties" on youtube.

Would be great if he didn't stop posting last year.

Ninjatyler, athlean x and 70s big


what do y'all think about Frank Yang?

i remember him and zyzz being talked about quite frequently here back in 2013 when I first discovered this shithole

what happened?

> 1. Alan Thrall
literally talks for no reason for half an hour
> 2. Candito
literally talks for no reason for half an hour. also ugly as sin.
> 3. Omar Isuf
literally talks for no reason for half an hour. also ugly as sin.

hes a fucking loony. hes annoying. hes a 150lb manlet. thats what happened

Zyzz is dead, and Frank Yang stopped bulking and doing athletic lifts and motivation for skinny faggots to eat more and now just makes vaporwave videos

That's not the best photo of him to use while including statement "clearly natural" however if you watch his videos and see 'how he looks in person' he is definitely natural (or physique is achievable naturally).

These guys actually know shit and lift fucking heavy. Dr. Baraki, the guy on the left is Allan Thralls coach. Read some of their articles and stop doing shitty programs.

Yeah, this is one of the best photos of him, but that is why I used it, so people would give his videos a chance. I did a clean bulk this season following a lot of advice given by this guy and made great progress.


looks nothing like him in the vids

pump + angles + lightining + sweat

Guy on the right*

nutrition and injury advice: Athlean X

proper form for the main lifts: Alan Thrall

humor: Delray Misfits

That is actually heavily used by mostly everyone in the Fitness Industrie. (+ photoshop)
Funny thing is that if you see such pictures the majority would say they are on roids, but then you see the same person under normal conditions and they look only slightly better than some one who does Lifting and eating right for atleast 2.5 yrs.
But that's the point of a professional photoshoting, making you look the best possible.

Delray Misfits
Cohn Wolfe
Rip Lipsett
Jeff Nippard

>having lipsett
>not having joey d
bad man

Why don't The Hodgetwins get mentioned anymore?

Trash Tier content; their old stuff is good but they haven't had decent content since like 2015

1. aleksey torokhity

>Boot up camera
>Yell angrily into camera while ordering trash tier fast food
>Harass brother
>Brother pretends to get offended
>Get mad at fast food service people and bitch for no reason
>Finally get food
>Eat it
>Give advice while stuffing face with food
>Repeat for next video


Most obvious case of Napoleon complex ever

Coach Corey Wayne can cure autism

Does anyone know what happened to candito?

Delray Misfits. I've watched every episode over the past month.

Fuck being a cookie cutter porn addict, BMW driving, beer drinking vegan.

And fuck you, Dale

We're freaks

>fuck you dale
no that's wrong
how's about that DAAAAAALE

Isn't that right, TAAAAHD

he's beautiful and i love him

>fatfuck thrall
>compensation beard
>10 years of lifting



I like Dom Mazetti and Bro Science

Nick wright

I only watch Rich Piana, not even joking.

I like calisthenicmovement

Germanbros teaching you how to master your bodyweight.

dale detected

you just gotta get over that hump dale

you bloated hormone abusing peice of shit

what do you think about that DALE

unironically kill yourself


I like Brian Alsruhe he has good strongman videos and his technique and advice videos are good. Lots of little bits to steal and tweak to make work for yourself

George Leeman is really good

>Christian "Power Crunch Bar" Gooma
>Jen Jen Genova
>Clarence "Harry Squatter" Kennedy

tony huge when he isn't shilling is bretty good along with trevor

I like to watch Rippetoe get his dick sucked every so often on the Starting Strength channel.

Catalyst Athletics
All Things Gym
Aleksey Torokhtiy


Vintage Genetics

shame on you

UCThefreak a.k.a Dave crosland

1. that one guy who lifts weights and has a beard
2. that one guy who lifts weights and looks like a transexual
3. that one guy who lfits weights and is a gook
4. that one who lifts weights and is a twink
5. that one guy who lifts weights and is rich
6. that one guy who lifts weights and is deranged

Brian alshrue?

90% of them
dollars harpsichord

Fucking mail man

Big Lenny is the greatest, I unironically gain inspiration from watching him

Alphafaggotry is an overcompensating manlet

Ross Enamait is the only one I've ever watched and he never uploads.


Second for Baraki.
Also Bryan Alsruhe.

I think gook was actually clarence. I don't see Kwan talked about on Veeky Forums
I'm guessing candito is the twink because he is incredibly at concealing his power level
deranged has to be either janoy or lenny

nah the gook must be bart, clarence looks half jap
the twink might be candito or laid
rich might be kinocuck
deranged must be piano man or genova



Chris Duffin if you want to learn how to squat and deadlift

Eric Bugenhagen if you want to get motivated and results as a natty


Why has no one mentioned JTS??? I think they're stuff's pretty decent tbqfwy



Also, "Baraki" means basically "Trailer Trash" where I live.



If you speak german, the best channel is obviously "GoKo Fitness". It might be the best fitness-related channel overall - a shame that most of you can't understand him.

Athlean X



>nicht Markus Ruehl

Mark Bell, Supertraining06, they also have funny and informative podcasts
Starting Strength
Alan Thrall
Juggernauttraining system, JTS

>anything off the trolley, humans

1. literally
2. literally


Do not forget "halbgottschmiede"

topkek he looks like a German Jason Blaha
>all he does is talk in front of the camera
>green-screened background


T. Lanklet


I forgot to add:

Other people you should listen too:
Alan Aragon
Brad schoenfeld
Dave Tate
Jim Wendler

Nah. He also lifts sometimes. But He's also doing pretty good education on the roids of the month/nutrition.


1. Athlean X is BY FAR the most informative no-nonsense fitness channel, and he also teaches and explains things that nobody else is capable ( or qualified) to do

2. Vitruvian Physique is great. Igor is a funny guy, who competes in fitness, enjoys powerlifting and is a natural athlete.

3. Candito is great.

Fronk is goat

One fucking person says supertraining, yal memelords are never gonna make it.

Juji is good for some motivation/laffs

Physique of greatness/pumpchasers

Fuck off and kill yourself, faggot

How does nobody ever mention the Starting Strength channel in these threads? Best compound lift tutorials on YouTube, hands down. The fuck is wrong with people?