She's cute but she reminds me of a certain someone else

She's cute but she reminds me of a certain someone else.

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Aida? Except impure?

>Except impure?
You stop that!

She looks like ma waifu I guess.


remind me of redhead from IGLOO

The Zeek girl?

Bianca has a pure love of combat though

aida got banged by cahill for sure

>cocky, confident, flirtatious, and unladylike
>in a Gundam series

She's going to fucking die, isn't she?

not yet

Mick, aka best Gundam waifu, survived

Its not directed by Tomino so unlikely. Then again she IS a red head.

>best Gundam waifu
That isn't Exia you faggola.

She cannot die, she is too cute and cool.

she's a slut

I want to taste her lips

You're a slut!

Looks like Iriya from Zeiram the Animation.


Give me more Guntank-chan over Bianca anyday.

She dies.

Something about this style's eyes is really weird to me. It's not so much that they're too big (since this is anime after all), but more that there's so much going on with them.

I don't know. It's hard to describe.


They look like camera lenses.

I hope Mask and Bellri DPed her together.

Man, Aida is so hot. Too bad she was basically furniture in the show.

>tfw artist deleted his own entire existence
Still mad.

>Pilots a Guntank
No shit?

She doesn't die, she's in one scene capturing a Zeon research and production facility. Its successfully captured with no losses, whats with these fags spreading misinformation?



Nvm i want her lips not banca

What was even the point?
I don't think they ever interacted since that one moment.
Tomino is a strange dude.

You're welcome.

>Zeonfags are always edgy
At least you got it right this time Sunrise.

Paralysis or whatever her name was didn't die.

So wait she's alive?

Episode 2/Manga spoilers:
Yeah, the monks got her and she's in their cult now.

I think it is to show the crew is generally on good terms and supportive of her. Especially after losing her boyfriend

Is this good or is it as bad as the first season

Worst than the first season.

I uploaded a thunderbolt logo t on redbubble if any of you nerds like the show

Its fine.

what kind of loser feels compelled to make unlicensed shit like this and sell it to idiots online?

She isnt bald now is she? her hair was top tier

Did Zeonic stop translating Thunderbolt? There hasnt been a new chapter in over a year.

>not a ponytail
>top tier hair

Yes, she still has her hair.



Don't sexualize the combat chuuni!

i hope that says something vulgar

yes, female piloting something heavy

I want to cummy in her tummy.

user. Guess what? That guy isn't Zeon.

What are those extra leg things?


Well never mind then.

Thruster assembly binders on moveable arms that mainly function as rocket skis or a reentry shield board.

Fucking GARBAGE taste fueled only by christcuck upbringing but your weaak ass NEET psychology makes you think it's "Standards" and anti-normie semtiment, but it certainly has nothing to do with your mommy complex after all Mommy doesn't have Tattoos

Very definition of Cancerposting

jesus how the fuck those small manipulators even able to lift that hueg boosters

I'm more bothered by the fact that the boosters are taller and look heavier than the mobile suit they're attached to. Like, why even bother with the mobile suit at that point? Just make a ship or an aircraft.

Someone's projecting

Gundarium is strong stuff and also has some fuckery that aids in generating magnetic fields or something, which would be good for induction motors.

They're probably mostly empty for fuel.

Tattoos are obscene and only trash gets them.

Link to the scans please? Google gave me nothing

Shame. i kinda liked her and Io's interactions. And her jealously over his obsession with claudia.

Does Claudia show up in S2?



Are you gonna sit there and tell me that this kindve posting hasn't brought /a/ to shit. Its an accepted founding tenant of being an /m/ poster you newshit. Faggot, I've been here since before anybody even cared about fucking Reddit, I remember when Waifu threads got rightly shat upon.

>everyone in the 1800s hated Homosexuality, therefore, they were all secretly gay
FLAWLESS logic user. Take your buzzword elsewhere. I've actually browsed /r9k/ I know full well it's where anti-Tattoo sentiment in Veeky Forums came from.

Everything else about her face looks more on the realistic side except her eyes. So they 'are' to big. They don't fit the rest of the style.
The irises are also way to perfectly round.

>nose as wide as a finger

Have you even seen a real human being?

I said "on the realistic side" not completely realistic or even close you idiot.

What you should be bothered by is that they are the mobile suit's primary thrusters, and would likely tear off and fly away without it.

>that voice
>those vertical rockets
Man if only she was in more missions.

I like to know who dubbed the Japanese voice, very sexy with personality.

It's CPR.