Hey Veeky Forums...

hey Veeky Forums, im trying to stop playing videogames but i need something fun to do in my free time in place of videogames.

How do you have fun?

I go to the gym 3x a week but that barely fills up time, and the few friends i have are rather unavailable, pls help

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watch Anime. watch select fitness youtubers. go on fit exercise whenever I want.

Take up fencing. It's like a video game but it's better for you.

Nothing wrong with video games desu

I picked up photography and cars as a hobby, even better at the same time

Read literature books....Become smart....

And why give up video games The fuck is wrong with you?????!!!!???!!!

Find a constructive hobby.

I paint.

cars are pretty cool

the best hobbies are ones where you actually make something

try to find one of those

Learn an instrument. Self teaching isn't that hard with the internet at your disposal

get a dog

I used to paint, don't you ever get bored of it?

My problem with creative hobbies like this is that they start to feel like work, and it doesnt feel like im chilling, with painting i ended up only enjoying the finished product and getting there wasnt fun enough to warrant the effort

i WISH, small apartment and travel to my parents home often :(

bro dude

what a bunch of FUCKING stupid tattoos

No I don't get bored, but it's my passion and I'm good now. Also I sell them so I get paid to do it.

wtf i love tattoos now

Women think that tattoos make them unique, it's memes for insecure women

like blue hair

how do u enjoy it so much (!!!)

I'm afraid i might just be used to such passive activities and i just need to push through some grinding, until it becomes a habit, to enjoy such things?

There is nothing more unattractive than a girl that uses comic shit as part of her """"""""""personality""""""""""""""

That's the thing a lot of people think tattoos are unique now. In a couple of years the people that are unique would be the ones without.

Tats used to be counter culture. Now they're pop culture, so being clean is counter culture. Way more punk rock to have no tats these days.

Agreed. Trashy tats on an otherwise cute girl is tacky and depressing. It's like putting bumper stickers all over a Ferrari. Sad!

she'd look good if she had a one big theme, maybe some stupid shit across her back, but no, she has to ruin her body with some stupid fucking trend to look like a criminal from the 60s

>In a couple of years
Are you retarded? It's already at that point.

Hi, user, I got the same feeling. Videogames do nothing for your future life. They can even hinder your development. Everytime I critically think about them, I realize that gaming is really frustrating and not relaxing. I try to stop playing myself but I don't know what I can do with the freetime and what even fun is.

>hot body
>ruins it by getting a tattoo of something other than "property of

I like progress and get mad when I don't do as well as I think I can. Every time I finish something I see flaws and it makes me want to make another piece. If I get burnt out I go to a museum or read art books to get inspired again.

the gym is my fun desu and I spend the rest of my free time relaxing and doing stuff outdoors

Perfect Pump and dump material. Is she a camwhore?

Look into any form of mountain biking

that's really lovely!

do you actually look forward to the process of painting or only to the finished result?

I want to find something that makes me want to stay up to finish it, or makes me want to finish my homework so i can relax with x-activity.

you know my feels brother

i dont wanna b a hungry skeleton thnx brother, i used to do it with my dad as a kid though

Generally stuff that gives you instant gratification isn't healthy.

The things in life that are most rewarding take more effort to reach.

You need to be self disciplined, motivated, and willing to put in the work in order to get the payoff.

in order to deal with my addictions, I started by regulating things that I could control, until the structure and self control felt comfortable, and then I was able to apply it to my vices.

for example, I was able to force myself to quit eating pizza and burgers pretty easily. It feels good to have solid bowel movements now. I started eating salads regularly and enforcing study habits on myself.
I quit drinking and smoking cigs since neither of them were addictive to me, and then that helped me to quit smoking pot.

dunno if it makes me a beta but saggy cowtits are hot

If this makes me beta then i dont wanna b alpha

>tfw unique

Noo its not

I've literally gotten to the point where I feel like shit if I'm not improving myself, learning, exercising, cleaning and what not. Been on a 1.5 year journey to stop being a degenerate faggot. I'm making awesome gains.

Feels good man. Just gotta pull yourself up by the fucking bootstraps and say you aren't going to take any shit anymore.

>feel like shit if I'm not improving myself, learning, exercising, cleaning and what not.
>posting on a Bulgarian Beat-Boxing blog.

pick one



Girl with saggy tits detected.

I think he's implying that lurking / posting here is a waste of time.

I'm on 1 week of nofap, this isn't gonna break me

are you sure? there's nudes of her online, a video even! >:3

so what do u do after a long day of study? how do u relax so your day doesnt feel like 100% grind, having to wake up the next day to grind another 8 hours

I can relate to the eating healthy part, it's easy af when healthy food tastes good, and i also stopped smoking a few months ago after like 2-3 years. But this is different because if i stop doing what i do for fun, when i chill, im gonna get tired, i need to replace it with something else but i have no idea what! im having trouble having fun i guess!

start playing an instrument like guitar or drums. You wont have time to do anything else.

>are you sure? there's nudes of her online, a video even! >:3

I know right. It's just a collection of random stamps all over. No consistency at all. The design doesn't even work with the lines and curvature of the body. In fact, it works against it. These kind of doodles belong in the leftover space of a notebook, not on a surface as interesting and full of possibilites as a human body. Even ricardo piano understands that.

what if i tried playing guitar but quitted because i didn't enjoy it as much

I figured, but damn, what Veeky Forums has to do with Beatbox, bloging and Bulgaria oO

>are you sure?
yes i'm sure fucking get out

Play piano then

pianos are expensive

How old are you? Are you studying? If so, let's give a try joining a rowing team at your school. It's fun as hell and will take pretty much a lot of time out of your week.


If you're in uni, most that I've been to have an open one somewhere to practice on

You now are just making excuses. You don't need to own piano to learn how to play it. Also keyboard...

I was in the same spot with wow user. Got too into hardcore raiding and realized it wasn't where I wanted my life to head. I ended up joining a baseball team since that's what I've always loved to do. Do you have any other interests user? Join a group or team or do something you've always loved or wanted to try.

Take up an instrument. Piano or cello. Something to calm the mind.

I WISH THERE WAS A ROWING TEAM AT MY SCHOOL ARGH , or any cool teams involving sports, i tried track and everyone was so individualistic, i might try the dance club next cuz it's not fucking cardio and hopefully it's not all guys either, cuz the all guys teams i've seen arent like bro-cool teams >:0
tho it wont take much of my time i guess

did you make friends in the basketball team you can hang out with? I feel like it's not the same if you get into the sport but the people there aren't interested in socializing, it becomes the same as just doing exercise by ur own which u might already do

22, I don't go to school, I have a full time job
>You don't need to own piano to learn how to play it
Then how do I practice and get good?

One more: woodworking

martial arts
musical instrument


>>You don't need to own piano to learn how to play it
>Then how do I practice and get good?
Keyboard is good and cheap substitution to piano. You can play the real piano in some music school or like this user suggested just find a way to get an access to one.

Find a few hobbies, put them on a list.

Then when you have free time, select one from that list and do it, another day if you dont feel like doing the same thing you could always do something else.

If you are getting bored, change scenery. Lets say you like to paint, dont stay at home painting the same things over and over. Why not go to some busy place in your city and do some people watching, take your sketchbook with you, maybe you'll feel inspired and draw something. Go hiking, rest and draw at the top of the hill or on another hiking day you can bring a guitar or flute and play.



your comment speaks truth, finding what i like is a matter of trying many things

another thing is that i was painting (at my computer) and trying to do music (at my computer) and learning stuff (at my computer), such a magical device, but sitting here to study for 4 hours and then try to have fun in the exact same sedentary ass position where i work and where i used to do my degenerate activities might be fucking stupid.

Perhaps I just need to do hobbies, outside, or at the very least not looking at a fucking screen.

São Paulo?

motorcycling, brah.

it's fun as fuck, gets you out of the house and if you want to put in the effort you can get really good

Dude that's your problem. Don't do everything at your fucking computer.

Get a sketchbook and some pencils, go out into the world, leave your phone at home, draw.


>watch Anime

So you're suggesting he gives up the somewhat socially acceptable hobby of vidya (you do play competitive fps right op?) for the autistic hobby of watching jap hentai?

Fuck you.

>watch select fitness youtubers

if your in college or highschool join a rec wrestling club

if not, do no gi bjj

and swim. Swimming is goat for your back, decompresses the spine, low impact, moderate resistance

can be hard on the shoulders though

also lifting helps you in all of these activities.

swimmers have the worst bodies

be my friend

6ft 5 lean and broad shouldered?

fuck off manlet.

>Don't do everything at your fucking computer


im so getting the sketchbook and go outside, even if it's just sitting around uni lmao, this place sucks

the next paragraph is the stupid anecdote of how my life ended up like this, im mostly writting it for myself:

in highschool i was really shy, and videogames were really fun back then, the only thing i would use a computer for which was fine, this molded my personality into being interested on computers. Eventually this led me into thinking that CS/programming was the best choice for me, so i got into uni with that in mind. Now I'm playing videogames and studying at the computer. Then once i sought to do creative things, there's just so MUCH shit you can do on the pc that i thought it was silly not to use it, especially when you can get it for free, and alas, now almost every single activity involves me sitting in the same 3 square meters in the same fucking room, I don't even have a tv cuz i can use my computer for it. Right now i regret going for computer science, i much rather have picked a career where i'd be working with people, and not looking at a fucking screen, but im already halfway through my degree and i want to be fucking done with school to become financially independent and move the fuck away from here.

> Swimming

i used to swim all through middleschool/highschool, i don't like it cuz it's one of those lonesome sports, at least lifting is very varied and makes u feel powerful as fuck, running/swimming is just doing the same thing for an hour, even if u are doing all 4 styles it's just like cardio, and instead of powerful it makes me feel like a fucking energy-depleted wimp

Learn a language. It's super time consuming, valuable, and also interesting.

see wrestling, it was my first suggestion for a reason bud

Any tips for learning a language without spending money on classes?

Anime y duolingo......


Bitcoin trading. You don't need, or its not even advisable to use money to start with.

Just learn the trade, and use a demo account. Its like a strategy game but eventually you can make cash from it.

>pick any other degree (other than sports)
>spend days sitting in cubicle doing your job

>stick with CS
>all the employers/startups have those weird 'fun' based offices
>being able to work at home half the time
>walking around entire offices for lols pretending to help people with IT shit

dont be a fucking retard dude

op here,
look up grammar books online, start with the easy baby difficulties then look for more advanced ones, for me it was really hard to find books that werent like super advanced but u can do it. You are gonna need google a lot.
And for vocab, download Anki, someone might already have made a deck of virtual flashcards with a lot of vocabulary for you (there's a german one with like 2k words called howwedu, completely free)

I did this for a couple of months, trying to do around an hour daily, i really felt i was learning it was good, but it was work, not recreational at all, then i got too busy with school and dropped it but i could pick it up if i felt like studying more than i already do (i dont)


I had not seen it this way because school is the opposite

picture related
all i know about bitcoin is that one of my classmates used to have a lot from trading loli pictures on TOR LMAO
stocks are super interesting but like i said, i dont have the time to study more than i already do for school RIP

but to be fair engineering careers that get to work with physical stuff get to be away from the computer a lot more, they get to do onsite projects and cool shit like that, and anything involving more contact with other ppl sounds really fun too, not to mention the school part would be easier with cooler classmates (it's insane how much CS students tend to live up to the stereotypes)

I like it better when she doesn't cover her freckles like here:

Your smileys piss me off
I get the feeling you watch anime from them. Idk why, but smileyfaces like that or :3 make my blood boil

What does that tattoo say never comes from happiness?

i only do them because they are retarded LOL
im sure the next series of characters make you want to smash your wall jajajaja xD



Yoy seem like the kind of kid who'd be looking at stuff on his laptop in class, kind of giggle and then look around. You'd then feel a wave of crushing disappointment when you realize no one will be asking "haha whats so funny man :)" like in your fantasy where you make a friend

It says "Art never comes from happiness".

Meaning that she's broken inside.

Meaning that bitch niggas with a save-a-ho complex/daddy complex will try to take care of her. While the guys who'll treat her like shit or a walking fleshilight they can be fairly violent with will be able to have her at their leisure.

>projecting this hard

>look if i call projecting it'll be less devastating h-haha

oh user, you know me so well, this made me giggle really hard, but since most of the time the stuff that i laugh at on my laptop/phone is full-blown internet autism i prefer when ppl not ask

I'm not even the guy you've been arguing with

I'm just an user who sees another user who is pissed off at the world and taking it out on a literal retard anonymously on a lebanese cardigan making forum

Back up from your computer and take a breath man

go here 4chanint.wikia.com/wiki/The_Official_/int/_How_to_Learn_A_Foreign_Language_Guide_Wiki

and scroll way down to the Language Guide section

Can you explain me what bitcoin trading is in short?

wew this has books, that's good, i'll just leave this site here, it's the piratebay of books, very useful for anything: