Hello guys. I've come to the terrible realization im just a loser. And I don't know how to fix myself

Hello guys. I've come to the terrible realization im just a loser. And I don't know how to fix myself.

>Im a kissless virgin at 22
>Watch cuckold porn unironically everyday
>Still live with my parents, simply because they feel bad so they don't kick me out
>Not good at a single thing in the world
>Have spent 5 hours average on Veeky Forums per day for the last 3 years
>No friends
>Never had a gf
>Not even fit despite being on Veeky Forums for so long

I know this is starting to look like a blogpost deserving to be on tumblr but I'm just losing hope. It was fun at first but now I'm realizing I'm becoming the person Ive never wanted to be.

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>Watching cuck porn
>Never had a girlfriend

I don't think you get it

I'd suggest killing yourself but you'll probably fail at that too

But why instead of improving on one of those things are you making this thread?

Get a fucking job so you can move out of your parents. Stop watching (cuckold) porn. Stop sitting on Veeky Forums for 5 hours a day.

These are all things you can go do RIGHT FUCKING NOW to make your life better.

it took you this long to realize that?

Join the military.


>It was fun at first
never gonna make it. I've been at my parents' home since I graduated from college in December and I absolutely fucking hate it.

this is a meme, but its true. if youre in that deep of a shithole, the military is perfect for losers like you. gets you into schedule

>>Watch cuckold porn unironically everyday
out of that entire list, this is the worst thing

Why? user just wants to feel like he has a gf

Honestly what's so bad about cuckold porn?

I only self insert as the cuck occasionally.

It's not worth it to be honest mate.

>Started gym when I was 16
>Now 22
>Blood pressure is through the rough of steroids
>I am fat because I couldn't cut again after bulking
>Have gf that I hate because she's so boring
>Wank about 3 times a day because no sex
>Browse Veeky Forums so I don't have normal social skills
>Have anxiety and panic attacks over stupid little things
>Drink every weekend because I'd have no friends if I didn't
>Eat so much bad food. I'm eating a McDs right now

Just play your games because ignorance is bliss.

then jerk off with your imagination which is sad but not as bad as watching cuck porn for it

>Honestly what's so bad about cuckold porn?

Not gonna make it.

dump the gf. I did the same yesterday and I feel 100000x better.

Cuck porn is hot I don't see the problem

found the Jew

it's funny because Jews actually DO find cuck porn hot

in few week you are ognna feel a bit sad and empty for a while.

quote me on that

after that tho you're gonna be fun again

I'm already sad and empty. She was my first everything. I ended it though, and I ended it for myself. I put too much time into her and didn't spend enough time on me. She cut contact 2 months ago and only rarely ever spoke to me (LDR) so I said enough of this shit and ended it at 4 in the morning yesterday. I was sad because I felt like I let her down, that I was too hard on her for nearly 4 years of putting up with me, but she did some pretty bad things and I was way too forgiving. Realizing this made me feel quite a bit better.

No one's gonna come save you, you either change now or be who you are right now forever.
All my friends drink and they respect the fact that I don't because I tell em that I don't drink. If they can't respect that from you then they aren't your friends.

You obviously dislike what you're doing.
You're still doing it, because its the only thing you know. Bad life experience and choices I assume?

You're still young, that's the only good thing in your situation. Unless you're horribly ugly, you can make it out alive. Work on yourself until it becomes habitual. Don't focus on getting a gf or friends in your current state, but improve yourself. Since your state is the reason you don't have what you want.

TL;DR: You already know what to do yo, you're just a coward.

Would you cuck me?

Ok let's cut up each of these things into small objectives that you can tackle so it seems less overwhelming.

>Watch cuckold porn unironically everyday
Stop watching porn entirely. Look up shit to do to help you build the willpower to stop doing it. Some tricks I used was to convince myself that I am not deserving enough to watch stuff like that and that until I achieve some modicum of success I won't watch it anymore. Stay off the internet too.

>Still live with my parents, simply because they feel bad so they don't kick me out

If you don't have a job, start on your resume. Write it out, print off 100 copies, and hand them out to every single place you can. Google how to write a good resume. If you have a job, ask for more hours then move out.

>Not good at a single thing in the world

Try a bunch of shit. Shitloads of musical instruments you can learn to play. Try looking for sport clubs near you and see if you can join them as a rookie. Put time into improving your skills. If you don't even lift, get the fuck out of here the fuck to /adv/ and stay off my board.

>Have spent 5 hours average on Veeky Forums per day for the last 3 years

This will be the hardest part for you aside from abstaining from porn, but, stop coming here. Realize everyone who regularly frequents this shithole does so because they have no social life or aspirations. This is the equivalent of Facebook for social rejects. It's psychologically damaging you every minute you spend here.

>virgin/no friends/no gf

This will come after you figure out the other shit, but this will be your next biggest challenge. You're going to have to force yourself to do shit you are EXTREMELY uncomfortable with. That means awkwardly talking to people in the streets, going to bars and clubs by yourself, as well as joining clubs and shit. Try to be everyone's friend, even if you feel they have nothing to offer you. An example is fat girls you don't wanna fuck because they have girlfriends you DO want to fuck.

Ok, dude slow down. All this stuff is about your self esteem. Forget about the bigger problems at the moment, like living with your parents, which incidentally at your age is nothing to be ashamed of. Try to find one small thing everyday that will help improve your confidence. I'm a lot older than you, I have had girlfriends and have been married and have had friends, all that comes and goes, when you least expect it your life can change for the better, or at least get more complicated, sometimes it changes for the worse. You are only 22 you don't need to be so hard on yourself. Just change one small thing.

Hey man, I'm almost 25 and am also a kissless virgin, except I'm not as in deep as this guy. I live with roommates but don't have a job as I go to school full time. It's a small school and I've already established myself as the big scary guy nobody wants to talk to(6'4 and lift) and only have a small group of friends who I feel don't respect me at all. I feel like shit and don't know how to branch out socially. Are there any good exercises for building confidence or social skills that don't involve throwing myself into the fire?

I remember this thread.

dont worry user , more bitches will come, better bitches

Thanks mate.

I don't want to give you bad advice, again though at 25 you are still young. Don't take it the wrong way I'm not belittling you or OP because of age. Some of the things you all think are so important at that age really are not. Do you think you have maybe created this tough outer shell to keep people at arms length? Sometimes you have to do that, being independent in thought and action is about being yourself and thinking for yourself a lot of times. Try maybe putting yourself into situations that are unfamiliar, like joining club or taking part in some group. Its difficult at first obviously and you will have flash backs in 40 or 50 years time of that embarrassing moment, but you will be the only one to remember it.

>No one's gonna come save you, you either change now or be who you are right now forever.

Damn. That's some real shit user.

my best advice is to treat your transformation as a marathon you need to pace yourself or youll burn youself out
you have to wean yourself off of Veeky Forums and (eventually) limit yourself to 1 hour a day max, you need to pick up a hobby even one you can do alone. learn an instrument. learn a language. learn to code. learn to cook.
eventually if you stick to it your discipline will grow and you will mature as a person
after you have stuck to a hobby for 2 weeks its time to get a job. this will impress your parents and depending on there level of financial security if you stick to your job for a year or more you could ask them for a loan for college if you want to go or else try find a decent paying job and move out yourself.
you should have your shit figured out by then
also never stop lifting and eating healthy

this is literally all your fault tho
just had to hop juice early

top tier advice

> I've come to the terrible realization im just a loser

So you were just sitting there today, after ejaculating to cuck porn, browsing Veeky Forums and it suddenly hit you? 3 years of the same shit, and it just hit you?

I am really interested to know what exactly triggered this thought, because you sure took your sweet time to realize it.

Apparently this fetish is so bad a whole generation based their political ideaology around their hatred for it.

It's okay, it could be worse, I'm 23


You have a choice, right now, user. You can either pour the rest of your life and energy to improving your life, or you can just stay the same.

I wasnt in as bad a situation as you, but whdn i started college, for about two years I did nothing with my life - i had no purpose. I lifted, made gains but never got ripped or anything.

Youve made the first step to becoming a better person.

But what you do right now, will decide the rest of your life. Will you get off the fucking lifeless vacuum of the internet and work out and improve some skill, or just sit there for the next 10 years? If you pick the latter, youll realize, again, in the next 10 years, you havent done anything with your life. That you wasted so much time doing nothing, when you could have done somethimg with your life.

Everyone wants to follow their dreams, but few actually put in the work to achieve those goals.

Watch this everyday youtu.be/wqS2d_OZ-Xg

Thank you for this.

Probably time to start weaning off Veeky Forums and get out into the world a bit more.

You need to start planning for the future, user. Work towards something and keep at it.

How to leave Veeky Forums?

Going cold turkey would probably be counter productive.

Just change your behaviour/viewing/posting habits in small steps every week or so, so that it turns out to be a big and noticeable change over a longer period of time.

I've read that Cold Turkey is best for tough addictions because addicts cannot be trusted to self-regulate.

Seems to make sense to me. I've quit videogames before after playing them non-stop. Countless times I had tried to lower my weekly playtime to no avail. Always went back and binged or only spent marginally less per week.

One day I said "I'm tired of this" and I deleted/uninstalled all my games and changed my email to some random shit and said to myself "I'm done with this. This isn't me anymore". Haven't played a videogame in over 1.5 years.

That's also an appropriate movie, I'll admit.

It should really come down to your situation. What do you think will be both most effective and achievable?

For me personally, cutting back on videogames over a longer period of time has worked better. In conjunction with part time studies, full time work and training 4-5 days a week on the side, that's probably why I found it so effective.

Either way you go about it, I wish you the best of luck in your goals user.

High quality

This is unironically good advice. "Zero to hero" is the idea that the military's entire training philosophy is built around, and they're actually pretty decent at it.

Thank you user. You've mentioned an important component as well, finding something to fill the time with.

The other half of that generation based their political ideology on wanting to live it.

A whole country in fact

Well, from experience, don't make the mistake of thinking you'll ever be able to transform into another person and spontaneously turn into your average normalfag. It's a surefire way to build up such an expectation of yourself and burn yourself out when things don't turn out as you hoped. You're likely already hampered with experiences that have defined you which the average person is completely unfamiliar with. Set some small goals, realize you have weak points, and work on building those up before you go any further.

Get a job and start drinking the strongest coffee you can find, try your hardest to get addicted to caffeine, push through your anxiety and your constant need of wanting to feel bad for yourself.
Start talking with your coworkers and make it a ritual of getting fucked up on the weekend's, everything is easier when your drunk, fuck that girl that keeps eyeing you to death and start hanging out with her.
This comes from a guy that has failed all his life and dropped out of high school twice, I now have a decent job, feel like a decent worthy human being and have girl's wanting my dick left and right, money and pure raw sexuality is all that matter's in this society, we drug ourselves everyday just to cope with our miserable 9 to 5 job's (mine it's 9 to 6) and we all known we would be disaster with out them, there is nothing worse to man than feeling worthless, money is unfortunately the only thing that will make you feel like a man, that's what we worship as a society, and you mean nothing with out, looking good is only half of the game.

>money is unfortunately the only thing that will make you feel like a man

Not for me user.
I like to do really /out/ stuff.

For OP and any other hard case reading this thread, consider relocating to a major city with a vibrant economic and cultural life. More people to meet, more opportunties, and more shit to do = greater capacity to grow and develop as a person. You won't transform into a chad and the experience might make you miserable in some respects, but if you're a true hard case and really want to improve then for the love of god move the fuck away from where you grew up and do it yesterday.

Good post. Imagine running into someone who hasn't seen you in a year, or five years or even ten. This will happen to you over and over again in your life. It's a terrible feeling when you realize that you haven't improved or accomplished anything tangible in the time since you've last met. The next time you bump into someone from your past, there should be a positive, noticeable change from when they last saw you.


I don't acknowledge cuckolds as men.

This. Helped me with my anxiety around people