Can be born with a perfect body
Have to work their asses off for years to get a perfect body

What did God mean by this?

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You can delete this thread now, ugly

her stomach just looks like a loose disaster

womens purpose is being fertile and motherly
mens purpose is being producive and vigilant

don't fall for the equality meme. the sexes are not equal, have never been equal, and will never be equal in any way, shape or form. accept this, accept your place in the world with all the advantages and disadvantages it entails. that's the only way to go through life successfully.

that you should praise the Devil

You are talking about muscles on guys to look good i assume. If a female wanted that look so would she. Plenty of guys who dont work out and are perfect as they are if they have decent weight. Its harder for women to have a toned muscular body. Its just its more seen as sexy to see a shapely woman. user do you work out ?

Thank you for your words of wisdom mr. 25 yo virgin skinnyfat, I'll definitely take your advice to heart.

Well said.0

>implying iskra was born with the perfect body

she bought it nigga

you're the one making a thread to whine about double standards in the first place lmao

again - men and women are different, so they get treated different. anything else would be retarded. accept it and move on.

Yes but men actually benefit from it in the end, women age like milk men age like wine

Because He have men self-discipline.

It's just few choose to exercise it

guys can be top value into their 70s if they take care of them selves

girls continuously drop in value when they hit 30 or 35

Pot luck on getting a "perfect body" since mostly skeletal structure and bodyfat%
Can pretty much all attain conventional attractiveness by putting effort in, exceptions apply obviously

Well men can all work for a better body, whereas if you are a girl with a bad body you are fucked.

This. Whilst being any girl guarantees a partner, no blame for anything and inevitable sparing when the muslim takeover is finally complete - you are consigned to the body you have.

Aside from keeping at a decent weight nothing will improve your body, lifting for girls is a meme that accomplishes nothing and spot reduction isnt a thing no matter what they believe.

If i were a girl id just get some giant implants and shake them on the internet to make millions.

Meanwhile Chad eats pizza.

Women can work for a better body too

Literally cant. But keep believing that your surfboard gf will get an ass by squatting!

>lifting for girls is a meme that accomplishes nothing
that doesn't seem right? surely girls can still grow their muscles it just besides thighs and ass that doesn't really help the standard areas people look at, like hips, breast and waist

> lifting for girls is a meme that accomplishes nothing

Thanks for a laugh.

While in a way I agree that women are more screwed than men if they are born with crappy bodies, lifting can still improve it.

If you are a fat blob, you can lose weight. If you are a anorexic stick, you can at least form some oblique definition, which some guys find sexy, and you can get good looking legs and ass.

But in a way, woman has to be born to achieve the god body, girls like Emily Ratajkowsi or whatever you spell her name - slim, great obliques, pretty good hips and AMAZING breasts. No amount of squats will be able to compensate for that.

Girls put on muscle at literally a fraction of the size and speed that men do. Then look at male bodybuilders on steroids, they have pretty regular sized asses, a girl wont even put on a twentieth of that size.

Aside from the ass no other area on a girl can even be theoretically worked to be more attractive, chest wont give bigger breasts - in fact rising androgens from lifting will just shrink those. Core will just give them a large waist and no-one wants sinewy arms. Add to this all the fact that women lifting dont eat with commitment like male lifters do.

All this said, women can put on some decent leg size and often this can mildly give the illusion of some shape.

> obliques on a girl
Those should be as small as possible. Also your model doesnt have amazing breasts, they're fine but pretty small to be considered amazing.

Have you not seen Tyrone and D'shawn and Koonta? It happens with guys too

>women lifting dont eat with commitment like male lifters do
baseless generalisation
>Then look at male bodybuilders on steroids, they have pretty regular sized asses
that's because bodybuilders don't aim for a big ass and focus on other areas more

> dont aim for a big ass
They work all muscle groups and deadlifts and squats are a major part of that. Go check out the top olympic deadlift female champions for a real look on what a girl working an ass to its maximum whilst eating to support it looks like. I honestly cant believe we still have newfags arguing "squatz 4 ass" broscience.

Have to be born with a perfect body
Can always work their asses off for years to get a perfect body

What did God mean by this?

>Can be born with a perfect body



She is fat.

Also, she promotes the whole

>"hur dur everyone is beatiful at their own size even when you go to uncle donald and order 5 big macs and a large diet coke

Which is fucking retarded

What a tiny ass and manly back, no fucking thanks

I did not mean it as "they have to get those huge pumping obliques". Obliques on a girl look best when they have that vertical separation line between them and abs, and not in a muscly kind of way, but just a line that makes it clear where her abs start. Without them, they just have a one-part stomach.

And you have a hard big tits fetish if you think her breasts are "too small" to be considered perfect. Google "emily ratajkowski nude" and just look up the images, her boobs are perfect - perfect size, perfect shape.

I am the kind of guy who watches porn with the biggest breasts he can find, but that is in a pure sexual way (like I would want to fuck Nicki MInaj, but I wouldnt want to date her). When it comes to the beauty and aesthetics, breasts like Emily's are the perfection at least to me.

Yeah she promotes that to sell shit to idiots, meanwhile she controls her diet heavily and is born with a great physique. Its hilarious how fat messes are so easily strung along.

> big tits fetish
I've never been with a girl below 30F, its half the reason i lift so that i can get the top tier girls. I never said your model was bad, but she isn't amazing. 32G is the pinnacle size.

And no, no lines on abs. A girl's abdomen should be flat but with no muscular contours.

>great physique

pick one

Also, her face is maybe a fucking 5/10 on a good day.

> big ass is fat
You need to go get a certain androgen checked

There is a difference between an ass made of fat, and one made of muscle.

>bigger is better hur dur

Honestly, if you think she is worth more than a 6/10, you probably have low standards of have never seen a 10/10

All female asses are made of fat and hip bone, muscle plays almost no part. You are a fucking idiot if you genuinely believe anything other than skeletal boy asses can be just muscle.

Not him but he's 100% correct:

>implying her ass doesn't have too much fat on it compared to others.

>Emily Reighfgh whatever the fuck

She's as average as they come senpai. I see better looking girls walking in LA every fucking day.


*I see better looking jews walking in LA every fucking day

Maybe if that's your preference, but all good asses are made of fat. You will never see a photo online of a girl whose ass is just muscle, it would be minuscule and badly shaped.

the point is that she is overrated.

Probably; she has no chest, her face is pretty standard and her personality seems about as predictable and vapid as they come. But her ass is great.


It fills me with great joy when the instagram whores inevitably pair off with black guys because their faulty line gets BTFO the white race, their kids wont look like them at all and they'll end up either abused or alone. It sounds *tips, but its true.

>born with a perfect body
>ruined it by getting fat

Why is not eating like a hippo so difficult for these idiots?

Not everyone wants a girl with tits that size. I dont find it aesthetically beautiful when a girl has enormous breasts.

There is a big difference between hot and beautiful. Hot is someone you want to fuck, and in this case 30F or 32G (i am not american, so I dont really know the sizes you are talking about, but I can assume) might be the perfect size, and hot also includes a massive waist to hips ratio, huge ass and a skanky look. Beautiful on the other hand is a girl that you can admire, that you want to date, that you want to pass her genes to your kids.

Huge tits is not "top tier". Look up any list of the most beautiful women in the world, only a small minority will have breasts bigger than C, and almost none will have bigger than D. You have a fetish, so it is top tier TO YOU, but for majority of people it is not. Huge breasts look unproportional and that is a huge part of aesthetics.

Aesthetics is all about proportions. Massive tits is not proportional, and in my opinion, it is not beautiful. Anything above the size D will be in most cases too big, it will look too sexual in most clothing and it will become a nightmare with age.

To put it in a male perspective, do you think 25 inch arms would look good on an average body? Is "the bigger the better" always true in your opinion?

I've gotten a bit away from the topic, but ill give one last comparison between what I think is hot and what is beautiful. Megan Fox is crazy attractive in my opinion, yet if it came to one night stand I would much rather fuck Kim Kardashian. On the other hand, I would never date Kim Kardashian, but I would love to date Megan Fox. Do you see the difference?

> searching google for "most beautiful women" lists
That will tell you literally nothing. Furthermore an amazing girl is hot and beautiful, you've failed if you dont get a girl who is both.

To say something large is not proportional makes no sense, it just requires large hips as well, it may look sexual but that is desirable. Who doesn't want to look sexual.

Megan fox is not beautiful, she looks harsh and slutty. Kim kardashian for all her flaws would be a better long term choice physically, she has a better body for children and is less clinically sexy looking.

If you're a real lucky guy, you can just sit on your ass and be ripped as fuck if your natuural test is high enough.

Or just inject 100-200mg of test and gain muscle while sitting on your ass compared to the guy hitting the gym 3times a week.

Or inject 300mg of test and tell everyone you dont even gym its just genetics and watch all the natty lifters cry.

This, i wanted to see if that study that one user posted was true regarding this so i decided for 3 whole months i would just blast test @200mg while doing nothing but eat sleep and shit, no lifting whatsoever, i actually gained muscle + fat, total of a 40lb increase in weight over 3 months.

Amazes me the wonders of test and how much that shit actually has an impact of building muscle and strength

>taking steroids without training and good nutrition will make you look good

nice meme

ur gay as fuck never post in fit again you flaming queernigger



Your rebuttal?

look at the growth in testosterone no exercise vs no testosterone exercise. You literally build more muscle injecting test and playing video games than you do as a natural going to the gym

Ok, and then they get heart problems

That guy has hypogonadism as a result of anorexia, injecting test literally piles on more muscle than eating right and training hard does. Its why so many frauds i know irl were huge for a while and then totally give up on lifting when they come off - because its actually hard work.

> That will tell you literally nothing
Why? Because you dont agree with it?

> Furthermore an amazing girl is hot and beautiful, you've failed if you dont get a girl who is both.

You are taking a different approach to the words I used. In my case, I meant the first word men would use to describe a woman. Sure, beautiful women can be hot, and hot women can be beautiful, but if you saw a chick on the street you wouldnt say "wow, she is hot and beautiful", you would either call her hot OR beautiful, because one of those sticks out more.

> To say something large is not proportional makes no sense, it just requires large hips as well

There is a line, and when breasts are E or larger the hips would have to be huge to fit them, which is not attractive.

> Megan fox is not beautiful Kim kardashian for all her flaws would be a better long term choice

This is entirely your opinion, and the majority of men would disagree with you.

You are the minority. You find huge breasts more attractive than Cs or Ds, majority of men dont. Every single poll that has been conducted on the topic finds that men find the sizes B to D most desirable, I have never seen a poll where size E or larger would have more votes than those ones.

Your arguing is stupid, because I always say that it is my opinion, while you claim your opinion as a fact, when in fact you are a small minority who thinks so.

Finally, shape is more important than size, and breasts sized E or larger almost never look good naked, because they cant maintain their shape due to their weight.

>Testosterone and coronary artery disease.


>Despite this, coronary atherosclerosis increases with age, whilst a marked fall in serum bioavailable testosterone levels is observed. Similarly, low testosterone levels are also associated with other cardiovascular risk factors and increased expression of mediators of the atherosclerotic process. This in itself suggests that testosterone does not promote atheroma formation. Moreover, epidemiological studies show an inverse relationship between testosterone levels and surrogate markers of atherosclerosis, which suggests that it may be a testosterone deficient state, rather than male sex which is associated with CAD. In cholesterol-fed animal models, atherosclerosis is accelerated by castration and reduced after testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone has also been shown to improve myocardial ischemia in men with angina pectoris. Consequently, increasing evidence suggests that the process of atherosclerosis is beneficially modulated by testosterone. These studies are the focus of this chapter.

>However, more recent studies show no increase in cardiovascular disease in men taking testosterone therapy. Some research even shows a lower risk of death in men receiving testosterone therapy compared with those not receiving therapy. A large 2016 study following more than 1,000 men for three years found that testosterone therapy did not increase the risk of cardiovascular events.


600mg a week of testosterone isn't going to do shit to your heart lol

No because those lists are compiled by women or numales asking people on their socially acceptable answers, so everyone goes for someone like scarjo because its safe. Never anyone more intimately attractive to them. Plus these lists are so agenda'd half the top features will be ethnic and feminist.

Large hips are attractive, there's nothing more attractive seen as its directly related to birthing capability. Even then Fs dont look out of size on normal frames, you have to be going G and above to really need hip balancing.

The majority of men would not disagree with me, go check internet search statistics, who features on /s/, its not megan fox there. In fact i hadnt heard of her name is years until you mentioned her.

I have literally never seen a poll where B cups were listed as desirable and furthermore as i said people give socially acceptable answers to these things. Most of my friends dont say publicly that breasts feature high on their list but then on a night out they trip over themselves to sleep with the chesty girl.

Shape is more important, funny then that most droppy sad breasts i have seen have been on small breasted women, seen as shape isnt based on size but rather cooper's ligaments and skin elasticity.

Stop bitching you fucking faggot. Soon we all die and nothing will matter.

She ate it nigga

Maybe but if you're born an apple shaped no hipped woman you're kind of screwed.

You can find a ton of lists made by men and if you use the word "beautiful" most of them will have normal sized breasts. If you use "hot" on the other hand, there might be more with bigger ones.

And you seem to still not understand the difference between "i want to date her" and "i want to fuck her". Internet searches are irrelevant, because an insane amount of internet traffic is used for PORN, and men search for women to jack off to them, which is exactly what I am trying to say. Yes guys would rather jerk off to huge tits, but it means shit in this argument.

Another example, let see how you counter this one. Take the most desirable men in the world, men like high-tier handsome actors, professional athletes and so on. Who are they dating? In most cases, it will be women with normal sized breasts (as in B-D). Why? According to you, most men want women with huge tits, and those men can have anyone they want, so why dont they? To be "politically correct"?

> on a night out they trip over themselves to sleep with the chesty girl

Once again, "sleep with", irrelevant to the argument. As I said a ton of times, yes guys would like to fuck women with huge tits, but in terms of what is considered beautiful, that is not the case.

> Shape is more important, funny then that most droppy sad breasts i have seen have been on small breasted women

Not saying small breasts are good, I am saying Cs and Ds are perfect, most people dont consider them to be small, only you do. And those sizes definitely hold their shape much better than bigger ones. For every female in porn with boobs bigger than D that have a good shape you can name, I could name five with size C-D that have a good shape too.

And funny enough, even in porn a lot of most successful actresses either have fake tits, or D or smaller tits. Why? Because bigger sizes usually have worse shape, and MAJORITY of people dont like that.

Men an women can both look good without any work depending on their genetics.

>600mg a week of testosterone

F Cup and Up for me baby, tbqh.

What happened to the "CHAD EATS PIZZA ALL DAY WHILE YOU GO TO THE GYM" pasta?

Lol this. Women are like poor people hoping to hit the lotto with their body. Many, many more men can lift themselves to decent aesthetics.

That girl should never lose weight.

that ass cellulite. fuck no.

That men have low standards and will fuck anything that bends over.

>delete this

is that machine purposefully built just so you can train one leg???

What are you complaining about?
Do you not like working out or something? Seriously, what are you bitching about?

Yeah, it's about hip size for women, I think. Luck of the draw.

Can't exercise to make hips or tits bigger

She has ass implants, retard.

where the fuck did you pull that theory out of loser

faggot detected

>tfw the thought of your favorite instagram whore fucking a black guy makes you so miserable you have to shitpost on /fit

God tier genetics.

She's probably over 30% bf. She just has it all in the right places.

She just got fat. Sexy fat, but fat all the same. She might have had it shaped, though.

that shit looks gross.
abs look weird is that the mirror or is this cg?

Its not though.
Youre just a untermensch that will settle for anything because you yourself come to this imageboard to shitpost, i bet youre either dyel or a fucking neckbeard.

Women are fucked without the right fat storage genes but they get constant make attention anyway, so it's fine.

lol? this body is terrible. I think if i falcon punched this guy he would shatter

Joining this argument, bigger breasts hold their shape just as well as small breasts. They look as if they might sag more just by the sheer fact that there is more there but they dont, i agree that smaller breasts are more often saggy in my experience.

Which part do you taoe exception to? The literal fact that black men are grossly less likely to stick around as a partner and father, the fact that they are more violent and prone to domestic abuse or the fact that the kid wont look like her or be considered white?

Nah, she just had lypo + baboon implants.

Post a better ass then.

Fucking hnnnggggg, would have 12 kids with. Does look fake though

You can do 3 sets of driving 5 miles to a cosmetic surgeon

Whoa. She was hot once.

Goddamn Americans and their glorification of nigger culture.

> fertility is black culture
Wew lad, the jews have really done a number on you.

>fat and ass implants mean fertility

Nice try, tumblr.

>uncle donald