GHOST IN THE SHELL (live) thread

GHOST IN THE SHELL (live) thread

I'm surprised there isn't one already and you aren't all raging/in denial about it.
Cause myself, I just saw the movie.

I'll give them this : The source material was too rich and complex for them to truthfully adapt the themes (they only had 2 hours), yet this is a carnival of reference. I'll let you decide where homage start, where filling thread and where copy end.
Also, it isn't anywhere close to be as sexualized as a Shirow Masamune work, or most anime, so we can't reproach them that.

Do not expect to see the Major Motoko Kusanagi in this, she isn't "in". I expect the tomb with her name to become a viral meme here. And I'm not talking of Hollywood whitewashing, I called it, it goes well enough with "custom made cyborg". Scar Jo is a shit actress, fortunately the role DON'T ask for expressiveness.

Expect a typically American vision & understanding of technology dumbed a little for the most common spectator. But don't take my words for fact, I know so much about transhumanism that even good stuff is starting to look tame to me.

I just want to punch whoever dubbed some of the characters in my language, and whoever thought it was a good idea to advertise it solely on Scar sexiness when they had plenty of iconic scene that fit the (new) themes.

That's all from me.

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>Adaptation excludes the flagship character of the series to be "its own thing"
This will always knock any piece of media down a full two letter grades for me.

Is it good though?

>that spoiler
Top jek.

I got semi-hyped for this movie, so I decided to read the manga. Not gonna lie, I have no fucking clue what is happening. The translation seems stiff, the plot aimless, and the art crowded.

I'm not very familiar with manga, but it seems like such a hit would be a little more...accessible.


Thanks for convincing me not to waste my money on this, OP.

It kind of starts off as a series of future cyberpunk set of cop stories and then veers off in another direction. If you want a tighter presentation of the same concept check out Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

>yet this is a carnival of reference.

Of course it. It was always going to be a parade of shout outs and familiar images. No one expected them not to copy paste the most visual and obvious images from the series into this.

Bear in mind you're probably reading the official translation which was flopped, and reads left-to right. In case you're reading it right-to-left.

Yeah, I guess some of it's a little rough.

Yeah, it's 'image flipped' so it's read left to right and the pages are mirrored.

Oshii's adaptation is resposible for the version of GITS that's firmly embedded in the pop culture lexicon.

Shirow wrote smutty fun lighthearted trash with random stabs of techno-autism worldbuilding and ultraviolence.

I think the first Oshii movie might be a better choice, since it's what seems to have inspired the movie the most. (At least judging by all the previews.)

SAC is pretty great, but it's also far more focused on the politics than on the Major's existential crisis. I honestly view SAC and the movies as two different beasts altogether.

Is it watchable like Edge of Tomorrow?

>SAC is pretty great

I found it to be dreadfully boring and little more than someone's Major fanfic wank off. 52 episodes to develop the world and they still don't do shit but go on about how Major is better at everyone on her team in each of their fields. combined.

>I honestly view SAC and the movies as two different beasts altogether.

You mean like you're supposed to?

About to watch a prescreening I won in melb. Will be back for comments & rage

They copied scenes straight from the movies and somehow made them look unimpressive.

That's not what the word lexicon means u dumb fuck

So is it basically just RoboCop 2014?

I'm not even memeing, RoboCop 2014 is a thing, check imdb, RT, etc. if you like.

>Who slips into my rogot body and whispers to my ghost?
What is this and why isn't it a meme.

i didn't hate it.

RoboCop 2014 could have been better, but it also brought a few neat ideas to the table.

It's a weird movie, it's paced like a SAC procedural story but it's laden with imagery from the Oshii film. A strange mixture to watch play out.

It's honestly not terrible, though. The story is pretty decent and the actors are mostly good, if the villain wasn't complete shit and the pacing wasn't so choppy this could have been Edge Of Tomorrow tier.

You've seen it? I was going to but I've got to write a lab report. I'll see it tomorrow or Friday, anything in particular to watch out for?

The original manga is the only one I've liked

Just finished watching. Disliked it but it was enjoyable. Wouldn't watch again. The one thing thats important to note is that it is essentially the same movie as Oshii's concept-wise, and the "they made me but they cannot control me" bullshit doesn't really stand out, more than it did with Oshii's at least.

+visual aesthetics was definitely the film's strong point
+pacing isn't terrible such that the film becomes unwatchable
+Takeshi's chief was on point
+so was batou
+I thought how they handled the name 'Motoko' was pretty clever

?soundtrack isn't anything special
?it's pretty much the same movie, just executed far from as good
?strangely enough I found quite a few of the new scenes to be good, while the remakes of scenes were bland and just plain not done well

-holy shit fight scenes look like quick time events
-wtf did they do to Togusa
-another user mentioned above about how they can show such spectacles on screen and have them be so boring. I agree.
-subtlety is thrown out the window. 'Major' literally shouts out "Nothing I know is real!" at some point
-there were a lot of scenes which could easily have been removed to make time to develop the themes more.
-the fucking ending

Overall the core of the problem is that the director plain doesn't understand why the original movie worked so well, or what makes movies good in general. It's easy to tell because of how they can copy scenes from the original film but only change the things that make them important to the final product.

One example is the scene with the garbage men. By making it such that they directly get controlled, the audience is less likely to understand why 'Major' is so distraught about not knowing what real and what isn't because they were never given the chance to believe what the garbage man believed..


It makes it such that when the villain tells 'Major' that they are the same, it's much less effective than when the Puppet Master did it.

It becomes such that the movie probably isn't about the Major's existential crisis anymore, but instead something something muh corporations muh human feeeeeelings

All in all, the movie is just GitS but turned into a typical Hollywood action flick. Enjoyable, but completely forgettable. There's just nothing of substance, but somehow I'm not as bothered about this as I'd usually be.

Maybe I just stopped caring at some point.

Does the ending differ from the animated film at all?

Also I forgot to mention that they use terminology from the series very heavy handedly, an example being something like 'Your mind, your human spirit, your GHOST' or something. But I guess that's the fate of all adaptations created for the general public, making Edge of Tomorrow really special in a sense.

Also, the last scene was really franchise-bait, and that honestly annoyed me quite a bit.

Yes, very different. It's actually pretty much the opposite of the original.

Not gonna lie
I actually liked Robocop '14

Honestly, that DOES sound terrible.

Robocop 2014 was brilliant, only flopped because americucks can't accept a Brazilian director making fun of them.

When Robocop 2014 was announced, everyone was raging about how they made Robocop's design black, generic and edgy. I told them: it's pretty obvious that Robocop is going to switch back to his classic design once he breaks free of the mind control and that the tacticool design was just a parody. They literally thought it was serious and played straight.

Everyone on this board told me that I was stupid.
They all said it wouldn't happen.
Fuck them. I was right. Those goddamn morons. I'm still bitter. Yes, I mad. Mad about idiots.

>wtf did they do to Togusa

Chin Han is a pretty good actor, but you can't give a 40 year old guy an anime haircut and not expect it to look retarded.

He looked wet and tired the entire movie.

>The original manga is the only one I've liked

The original manga is shit. No one would even fucking remember it if it weren't for Oshii's film.
Not even the floof could save the original GiTS manga. Shirow did one good thing and that was Appleseed even though he never fucking finished it.

It's Japanese people trying to speak English. Unfortunately, they appear to have fixed it on the upcoming blu-ray re-issue.

>Shirow did one good thing and that was Appleseed even though he never fucking finished it.

>we never get to read Shirow's autistic take on Gundam with aylums

Aw, I like it when this stuff gets into print.

Shirow was always a terrible mangaka. But he made great mechanical designs and techno-details. He was extremely popular during the 90s in America because he was one of the most translated mangaka at the time. Probably because the late 80s/early 90s were cyberpunk af.

>Shirow's autistic take on Gundam

Doesn't Shirow hate Gundam because mobile suits are unrealisticly huge and that triggers him?

>I've never read Dominion
>I've never read Orion
>I've never read Black Magic

>I've only read GitS and Appleseed

Okay so it's simply just not worth watching.

big surprise here

>Expect a typically American vision
That's why it's shit. It was already over when hollywood decided to adapt it.

Shirow has never written a good story in his life, his works have good visuals and cool ideas but their stories are only good as adaption bait.

Black Magic in particular is one of the worst manga I've ever read.

Only read Shirow's manga for floofy hair and memes.

>Yeah, it's 'image flipped' so it's read left to right and the pages are mirrored.

In those days, they would have artists retouch the art. It's not just "flipped". Also the hand lettering is superb.

Little snots don't know good localization when you're literally staring at it.

>RGB mode image of a greyscale comic
Yet you dare to tell others that they are wrong.

>Also the hand lettering is superb.
It wasn't hand lettering and it was badly done. Everything is barely crammed into the world bubbles with tons of awkward line breaks. It was amateurish at best.

>It wasn't hand lettering and it was badly done.
There was literally no other way to do comic book lettering in 1994

Except digital typesetting for comics has been a thing since the 80s.

>Except digital typesetting for comics has been a thing since the 80s.
Name one example

>The first digitally created comic to be published online was Eric Millikin's Witches and Stitches, published on CompuServe in 1985.
>The first digitally created print comic was Shatter, written by Peter Gillis and illustrated on the computer by Mike Saenz. Shatter appeared simultaneously as a one-shot special and as a backup feature in First Comics' Jon Sable title in 1985. It was published in its own 14 issue series from 1985-1986. Shatter was serialised in the British computer magazine Big K from the March 1985 issue.
>Shatter artist Mike Saenz went on to create Iron Man: Crash, the first digital graphic novel in 1988.
Also, I just posted one in That's digital lettering. To even propose that to be hand lettering is insanity that only the uninitiated would even suggest. It's pretty obvious you have no clue about this subject, so if I were you, I would refrain from chastising others about it. Get a clue.

Neither of these have computer lettering. The first digitally created comic was Batman: Digital Justice in 1990, and that was lettered by hand.
>It's pretty obvious you have no clue about this subject,
Says the guy who doesn't know who tom orzechowski is. Go to sleep, kid

No I meant that Togusa's role in the team dynamic and the way he acts about cyber enhancements isn't like the Togusa I know

I've already read the manga and finished Oshii's movies, and I'm still not finished with SAC yet. Nor have I touched Arise.

Only traitors pay to watch this.

>Neither of these have computer lettering.
I listed three. And Iron Man: Crash most definitely has digital lettering.
>The first digitally created comic was Batman: Digital Justice in 1990
Actually, that would be Buichi Terasawa's Black Knight Bat created in 1986. Which also had digital lettering. Get gud, kid. You're out of your element. You seriously can't even tell the difference between hand and digital lettering. To think Ghost in the Shell had hand lettering is pure insanity.

and here's Black Knight Bat. Do the world a favor and stop trying to school people about comics. You need to lurk, not post.

Better image.

They did well with the Robogeisha though

Normally one would shout

>The original is better


>Read the book

But fuck Shirow, it's not particularly good, so that's not true this time.

This movie is in no way necessary and a waste of time, watch the 1995 anime film.

Is Logan still running? Go watch that if you have to go to the cinema

Didn't he only get silver armor in the final seconds of the film? He never fought in it by my understanding, though I haven't seen it to know for realsies.

>source material too complex
The gist is what makes life life? I bet you also think NGE is deep
>(they only had 2 hours)
The original wasnt even 90 minutes long

too me it looks like the coloring is off like everything is darker and more gritty in the movie whereas the anime had lighter and softer color

We've all literally seen hundreds of books, videogames, anime, LNs, VNs, movies and manga with every type of sci fi and cyberpunk story imaginable. Normal people not so much.

>The source material was too rich and complex
GiTS is confuse and retarded, but if you think this is "rich and complex" you are a pretentious faggot.

These don't look anything like the lettering in the GitS manga, so I don't know what your point is exactly. You can google "computer comic book lettering" and vomit the results back at me, but this was not standard practice. Computers were not involved at all in most comics production at this point, everything was still being photographed and transferred to printing plates. You look at that GitS page you posted, and say how bad the computer lettering is, you have zero idea what you are talking about. It looks great and is easy to read, unlike the stiff shit you posted as examples of early computer lettering. That is why it wasn't being used at the time. I've been reading comics longer than you've been alive, kid. Isn't it a school day?

If you think this: looks like this: I don't know what to say. Enjoy being blind, I hear food tastes better, music is richer, etc.

It's just a different font. In the late 80s, they started digitizing handwritten fonts like wild words or impact for use on computers.
>but this was not standard practice
It doesn't have to be. You literally said that digital lettering did not exist in 1994. I've proven you wrong. I doubt you've ever lettered anything in your life.
>say how bad the computer lettering is, you have zero idea what you are talking about
Digital lettering is my actual job.

>Digital lettering is my actual job.
And you think tom orzechowski was doing digital lettering in 1994? For Dark Horse?

You proved me wrong, digital lettering did exist then. Congrats. GitS did not use it.

>than on the Major's existential crisis
I thought 2nd GIG had the most subtle but still the best look into the Major's character out of any of the animations.

Well, I learned something today
>In 1992, Orzechowski was among the first letterers to experiment with computer fonts. Working on Studio Proteus's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Orzechowski found the sound-effect work to be so demanding that computer lettering seemed like a way to save time on the extensive dialogue. His font program, however, was primitive, and he ended up doing that series entirely by hand after all. By 1994, however, Orzechowksi was lettering mainly on the computer, and in 2002 he switched completely to digital lettering, using a Wacom pen on a graphics tablet, in Adobe Illustrator. He hasn't looked back, explaining in an interview on's The Pulse that "even then I was losing the knack, as the majority of my work had been digital for a couple of years. The fine motor control slips if the muscles aren�t in continual use."

I think this means I'm wrong? Lettering by hand on a wacom tablet does not sound like traditional digital lettering, but I am big enough to admit I was wrong.
I still think that Dark Horse edition looks great, though.

Even electronic brain crystal pancake elderly.

>+Takeshi's chief was on point
>+so was batou

Thanks, that's all that i need to know

Any tachikoma/fuchikoma vs tank action??

The silver armor is a modern take on his classic look. Jt was actually his first body.

>The source material was too rich and complex for them to truthfully adapt the themes (they only had 2 hours)
The original movie did it in just under 90 minutes.

Just tell me there's some reference to the Major's SAC outfit and I might consider seeing it.

But he didn't actually wear the armor again until the last few minutes of the movie.

I looked at a clip on YouTube and it's more like seconds.

>The original movie did it in just under 90 minutes.

The first movie isn't that deep. Oh no, can an AI be alive? It's not like scifi authors haven't been writing about that for 100 years.

>All in all, the movie is just GitS but turned into a typical Hollywood action flick. Enjoyable, but completely forgettable. There's just nothing of substance

I mean remember the series had an entire episode about a woman who shoots quarters from her arm, and another that was just a big tank fight against helicopters.

nice tits

well memed

Clearly it's about the execution more than the content itself.

>Is shit

Not pretentious enough for you, bub?

OP here,
I've been rethinking about how much work went into the little details even if it lack the execution (or just the novelty!) of the original (to us). It may be clearly retailored for americans' value, but I really think we shouldn't be too harsh with this movie (beyond mocking Scar-Jo acting and the whitewashing of course).
The plot of the live-movie is as consistent as most plot seen in the original manga or anime, only with less time to broach the topics and a requirement to INTRODUCE NEW PEOPLE TO GITS.
We may dislike it but if we want better SF we'll first have to crank up the world until their expectations match ours.

Myself I know enough SF to make GitS look tame, I even bet you can't surprise me with SF concept. Shirow's original GitS is regularly overrated and childishly pervert, most of the good stuff came from revisit. Oshii's Motoko is nothing like Shirow's manga or anime Motoko.

That said here's some of my big disappointment :
- Not enough interaction in cyberspace
The first dive of the Major should have this, a battle of intellect rather than her getting instantly drowned by allegoric zombies. I also actually hoped they would reuse the idea of Motoko hacking Batou's arm to make him punch himself.
- The Major isn't awesome enough. I'm being a anboy here but...
The Major hold that rank because she is awesome and respected, the movie had a good start but it all fell flat to a bratty cybergirl who rush alone and survive thanks to being THE new cyborg, seeing her schooled around break that image.
- The Major retrieving her memory, getting a backstory to define her hurt the few philosophy there was.
- shitty Hanka boss villain

>being contrarian to look edgy
GitS directly inspired movie like Matrix and any idiot know it influenced the cyberpunk genre a lot

Oshii's movie is limited and barely watchable if you don't know GitS/cyberpunk already.

>Oshii's Motoko is nothing like Shirow's manga or anime Motoko.

You're right, he removed everything about her that could be considered a personality. I think that's a shame.

>Myself I know enough SF to make GitS look tame, I even bet you can't surprise me with SF concept. Shirow's original GitS is regularly overrated and childishly pervert, most of the good stuff came from revisit. Oshii's Motoko is nothing like Shirow's manga or anime Motoko.

I was with you until this line. Way to jack off while shitting on the source material. Never seen that before.

>disgusting scan
>not using HD rips of the last version of kodansha

fucking disgusting.

>Myself I know enough SF to make GitS look tame, I even bet you can't surprise me with SF concept.

Yeah I don't get people acting like another "can robots be human" plot is still deep in 2017.

Man, I dont think you and others who tried to adapt Shirow's GITS gets what makes Gits such a big deal.

What Shirow does that others doesn't? He made them alive, the Section 9 itself is very alive, the characters are alive and have their own interests. The deal about the filosophical shit going in the laters chapters is put on perspective about what Motoko and almost all Shirow characters want: to live their lives. Look at Dominion for example, the protagonist and Motoko are very orderly (Motoko way less, she is kinda sleazy), if what you say is real about the live action being about MUH IDENTITY AND MUH MEMORIES, holy shit what a sad thing.

And after all it only adds more one adaptation that completely misses the point of what Gits characters does the most: live their lives, work on their jobs, being really pro-status quo and such.

Anyone who has read the Ghost in the Shell manga...what the hell is going on here?

Page 27.

It'd be pretty obvious if you posted the whole page. And actually read the thing yourself. Major Short Fuse is frustrated that the feed she was asking for was immediately cut off on account of some kid reacting extremely strangely to what appears to be a bog-standard teaching machine which is a thing because THIS IS THE HIGH-TECH FUTURE WOOO.

I hope you're not the guy complaining you have no clue what's happening If so the answer is to stop speed-reading.

Apparently the movie is a social justice nightmare.

And also shitty.

What a cuck. All anime/manga characters are portrayed white anyway, I don't see what's the problem. The Japs have idolised wide-open eyes for as long as the manga medium has existed, who has the right to deny them that?

>All anime/manga characters are portrayed white anyway
I hate this meme, Anime characters aren't white or asian, they are animated pvc models

But the wide eyes come from anthropomorphic animals

It was really just a bullshit counter-argument with as much validity as the whole "whitewashing" thing, I didn't even know it was a meme. It's as pointless as arguing about "anime is cartoons".

Ok so what retcon did they have for why Batou and others aren't Japanese

What the he'll are crisps?

Popped corn?

Basically in the 19th century, all fried potato products made by cutting up potatoes and frying them in oil were known as chips in the US and the UK. Then in the early 20th century when they started to be served cold and wafer thin in bags, companies in the UK called them crisps to differentiate them from normal chips while in the US, french fries became the accepted term for the hot variety and chips became the accepted term for wafer thin fried potato slices.