Lent is ending soon

What have you done to better yourself and to be closer to God?
Will you continue with your new habits after Easter or go back to your old self?

I've been throwing away my life at college for a long period, but have started taking it seriously and studying a lot more, and it has made me feel more fullfilled.
I quit porn, and all nsfw gifs.
I've been praying a rosary, not every night, but more frequently and going to church a lot more. I haven't really been able to go to the gym because of flu and exams, but tomorrow is a new week and I will go there at least 4 times a week again.

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Huh? What? Easter isn’t till next month.

You didn’t help us fight the Muslims in 717, should have turned that Greek fire on the Western Romans, you didn’t help us fight the Muslims in 1453, and now you kiss their bare feet and welcome them with open arms, and your churches full of child rapists.

Greek Orthodox or go home.

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This is why everyone else can't stand religious people.

>I quit porn, and all nsfw gifs.

if you're "Christian," you shouldn't be doing any of that stuff anyway. In fact, there's pretty solid scriptural evidence that you shouldn't even be on sites like Veeky Forums or places online where that stuff is posted in the first place. It's not like giving up soda pop for lent or whatever, as lust is explicitly one of the seven deadly sins. What's more, Jesus also explicitly says that if you even lust after another man's wife you have already committed adultery. Masturbation is also addressed in the old testament as "wicked."

I mean if you're engaging in behavior that makes you more disciplined, more power to you. It's just kind of annoying that you need to wrap it up in a series of supernatural assumptions that are totally inconsistent with your behavior.

I know, I know, people are going to shout "fedora tipping / dawkins fanboy" or whatever, but the fact is you either don't understand lent or don't understand your religion very well.

Holy dubs of truth. Never understood why people get so unironically preachy here. Must be Protestants

non-Christians detected.

I don't know why you'd say that because this fitizen seems to know more about Christianity than OP does.

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Are we seriously going to sit here and argue about who has the coolest imaginary friend?

I thought this was Veeky Forums. Take this kind of stuff to /b/.

Mods, do your fucking jobs.

I've been doing NoFap and going to confession every week. Abstained from meat every Friday. I had sex with two different girls so I slipped up kind of badly though.

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Lucky, I cant even go to confession

>cucking yourself just to be contrarian
Religion isn't any less backwards just because euphoric atheists are being retarded and cringy

Why not?

You don't understand Christianity.

Not him but the majority of the Old Testament is meant for only Jews to follow. I never understood why Christians like to pick and choose what they follow from the bible, if you're following the Old Testament, you might as well be following the dietary and cleaning laws from Levticus too.

I gave up pizza for lent and since then, I've started my Veeky Forums journey. So now I look at pizza very differently. I don't even crave it anymore at this point. Feels good

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It's mostly larpers, the only real religious people are muslims and Orthodox Jewish communities in the middle of nowhere. As I said The majority of Christians seem to pick and choose what they actually believe. The Old Testament says not to put an image onto God, and yet it seems like the entire Catholic sect ignores it with their view of Mary and the Pope, honestly.

That's not an accurate understanding of the old testament.

Like, at all.

St. Paul refers to the Old Testament as a ministry of death, and jesus says in Matthew 5 that he came to fulfill the old testament law (as opposed to abolishing it, as you are suggesting).

Just because you aren't expected to follow dietary laws doesn't mean the old testament is "just for Jews." In fact, the majority of the bible is the old testament.

You guys might laugh, but this guy is a lot closer to the spirit of lent and his understanding of Christianity than most on this board.

>quit porn
>stopped lying

Those ones are big for me. God speed lads.


However, I will say I have met some real Christians in the states. Most are play acting and otherwise using it as a means to give themselves security or look down on other people - but there are some real ones out there.

They're just a huge minority,

WTF do you retards think lent is about?

You don't "temporarily give up" stuff that you're explicitly instructed not to do. You shouldn't be looking at porn and lying if you're a Christian in the first place.

That's like me saying I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan but I "gave up rooting for the Cleveland Browns" for a month.

You give up comforting things that you don't have to in order to illustrate submission and to be drawn closer to God.

Jesus Christ you guys are really lucky this shit isn't real.

>following the commandments of Christ

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>harassing the orthodox for being “keked” by the muslims
>n-no, the pope is just following the commandments when he slobs on muslim feet

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You came into the world in a bewildered mind of a child. A child's mind is interesting because it is unable to question why it started existing, or question its so-called originators (parents) why they brought him into the world. You then continued from that childhood state of deception, to another state of deception implanted in you by society and schooling - that you need to be someone. You made that your point in life. You then chased that dream, got married in order to bring more like yourself into the world. Like a dog chasing its tale, until finally your life ends. Once you die, you neither have the career you worked for all your life, nor your family. Just like the universe did not exist before you were born, the universe ceases to exist. You are back to non-existence and nothing ever existed. From the perspective of nothing, you never existed, never had a family, name or even identity, despite your tombstone carrying one. Infact, Your tombstone does not exist from your viewpoint, or more accurately, your viewpoint does not exist.

I didn't say it was. I'm trying to permanently. It's going well, too.

Counter evidence against the based kebab removers meme is not the same as saying humility is not virtuous. But I understand your difficulty with this since Orthodox can't into reason.

If you’re going to post shit like this, then at least learn to spell

It's been a tricky ride, but i have escaped the gravity of my mind and are in the process of quitting porn and other forms of instant gratification. It was more of a personal problem than a social problem, can't say i regret it. I've only been indulging in this for approx 2 years and i am glad to be quitting early.

Obviously we should not be committing mortal sins. But taking a step towards giving them up, even if temporarily, is a more noble pursuit than something like giving up chocolate for 40 days. You shouldn't trivialize people's spiritual struggles, user.