Know this girl from middle school

>know this girl from middle school
>packed on a lot of fat throughout hs
>thinks she’s attractive because milkers and guys want to fuck her because of them
>naked she’s fucking gross and flabby
>posts to her snap story all the time about fitness and how she “needs a workout buddy”
>posts video of her walking on treadmill like once a month, it’s without a doubt all she does at her gym
>”what sort of exercises so you do, ____?” “oh i just squat sometimes that’s all really”
>posts tons of “”””””””meal prep”””””””” photos of her putting unhealthy food in plastic bowls
>today, posts video of her eating a fucking ton of fried food/wings/chips/other nasty normie shit
>this is what she normally eats on a daily basis
>continually asks why she doesn’t lose weight

This is how most women I meet/know see fitness. It makes me feel disgust. Anyone with similar experiences?

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The best part of this post how obvious it is that you're into her and she isn't into you. Stop internet stalking girls who don't want to fuck you and get back to your own life

delete social media OP

I’m dating someone a good bit more attractive than her, I genuinely only care about this because of how much her idea of being fit pisses me off

I’ll say I used to have a thing for her when she was thinner, yeah, but that’s been years ago now. If I wanted to fuck this I’d own up to it, I’ve no need to lie to strangers on a Chilean seismic surveying imageboadd.

You're lying to yourself and using Veeky Forums as a sound board to bounce your inner turmoil off of. If you weren't still obsessed with her you wouldn't be looking st her Insta or give a fuck what she thinks about any topic.

I mean, okay buddy, continue to assume that, lol. I have no desire to debate my lack of interest in someone I think is fucking gross, I just wanted to see some greentexts

She's hot, post more of her

If you didn't care about her then why didn't you just post in the FPH that? Why did you feel the need to make an entire thread dedicated to this girl you mong?

Why do you care so much?

fuck off roastie

He obviously wanna smash her cowtits.

>H-hey, I don't n-need to justify to y-you.

Post milkers

Jesus christ people on this board are fucking children, the thread’s for other stories similar to this. I never thought I’d have to explain the purpose of a fucking thread in my life. I’m interested in hearing if I’m the only one on this fucking planet who gets pissed off at the specific way this bitch makes a mockery of my lifestyle. I don’t give a flying fuck about her as a person. The specific way she is completely okay with making fitness look like a fucking joke infuriates me, as it does with everyone else who does this same shit.

>ITT faggots who try to impose their view of someone they don’t know onto OP ruin a thread



her face is gross user are u sure about this

Excellent thread op include me in the screencap

Phoneposter no greentext. I knew a girl in college who was absolutely /fit and truly beautiful. A singer too. Ate like absolute garbage. Pizza and fast food every single day.
By the end of college she had chubbed up. Now, 5 years later, shes almost 300 pounds if not over. Always finds ways to work her new cowtits into every conversation. The desperation in her voice for approval, the need for dick (have been fwb with her to my shame) all is very satisfying to me for somw reason. Her face is still 10/10. Something about the ruined potential, while i transform into a god, really activates my almonds.

>caring about faces
what are you? gay?

what’s phoneposting got to do with a lack of greentext?

post pic

yea i’m browsing Veeky Forums of course i’m fucking gay what are you talking about

It's just more of a hassle to greentext
>on a phone
>wrapped up on a sunday morning with a 3d girl and cat but i swear user ill post comp pics of my former fit model singer goddess and the fat lump of shit she had to become before letting me come on her.

bahaha i got u

Pussy don't have no face yungin