How can you be this muscular and this vascular, yet have zero noticeable abs?

How can you be this muscular and this vascular, yet have zero noticeable abs?

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roid gut

have you seriously never relaxed your abdomen?

the guy is at equal or less than 10% body fat and has literally 0 abdominal definition

Those are some dumb fucking tattoos. Especially the one around his belly button. Makes him look like a complete faggot.

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Normal if you relax.

Oh wait, you think "abs always visible" is a thing. Haha, carry on then, chobo.

Okay so realistically speaking, he’s flexing, posing, but doesn’t have good lighting. Probably 3.5-4.5%bf, he has multiple abdominal veins, and chest striations + veins. His physique isn’t natural in the slightest, his upper body is large plus shredded simultaneously, a natural pro bb would look dyel at that bf% and in that lighting.

Conclusion: The guy is bloated from either super bumprick doses of a couple sunstances, or he’s on a bunch of shit +hgh.

you're a dumbass dude. always visible abs is a thing.

Roid gut, I'm a higher bf% yet my ab outlines are visible when I sit down
Don't know what the fuck these two clowns are talking about

Wtf man how dyel are you

Bad genetics


are you drinking bleach

My abs are always visible.

My abs are always visible. Do you even lift?

>not having visible abs at 20%


Different people have different distributions of fat.

If youre at 12% bf or below and all your muscles are defined besides your abdominals you need to train heavier. That is if you want your ab muscles to show through the thin layer of fat covering them. Deadlifts, squats, weighted hanging leg holds and weighted sit ups. Ab defintion is about bodyfat, fat distribution genetics, and lighting

>Deadlifts, squats,
Stop lying about this.
Doing those and nothing else will not give you better abs.

I've seen a lot of people with that same sun tattoo. What does it mean?

yeah they will. doing almost anything with your abs tensed gives you abs, even pushups and pullups

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