Overnight Oates

What do you think of overnight oates? If you eat them, how do you like it? I'm a pretty big fan of flaxseeds and strawberries or just plain.

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Stop adding flax seed. They are a strong xenoestrogen

Low fat yoghurt, frozen rasberries and mango pieces, splash of whole milk. Mix that into your oat of choice and fridge overnight. BOOM so good.

Bullshit. Been eating 2-3 tablespoons daily for at least 2 years, my estradiol sensitive from mass spectrometry is 22.4, range is 8.0-35.0. Post bloods or gtfo with that non sense.

thats not even close to true tf where did you hear that?

not him but flax seed is one of the most phytoestrogen-rich food out there, worse than soy.

Just started this

Steel cut oats
Freeze dried strawberries
Mixed nuts
Chia seeds
Dash of honey

Keeps for days so I make 5 jars on a Sunday and have breakfast sorted for the week


did you even try searching? maybe googling something like "foods high in phytoestrogen"? it's literally at the top of the list.

again, bro science bs. if that were the case my estradiol would be through the roof, but it's well within normal range.
>Phytoestrogens have the ability to cause antiestrogenic effects by sitting in and blocking receptor sites against estrogen.
Source: Sexual Pharmacology: Drugs that Affect Sexual Function. Read a book.

i feel pretty bloated after eating oats, it gets me irritated and i cannot get to sleep

This morning I had overnight oats with milk/cinnamon/blueberries/raspberries.

Aside from pancakes it's my breakfast of choice.

>overnight oats
o boy you just stepped into my territory son
maple syrup (watery pure kind not gay pancake kind) and chopped dry coconut like a fuck ton of coconut and i could live on it for years

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Fuck yeah coconut..I love it with almonds


whey, milk, natty pb or almond butter, dash of salt, diced apple, das it mane

more like overnight bloats

Whether or not phytoestrogens increase estrogen in humans is kind of a hot topic right now, it's not clear cut either way.

Your sample size of 1 isn't going to change anything, but for you they're clearly harmless, so go nuts.

Any recommendation for poorfag´s oats ? Anything but with just water.

I do: A mashed banana, cinnamon, half a teaspoon of honey, high fiber oats, some chiaseeds and then soak it with oatmilk. I eat this every morning with a cup of coffe and it makes me have a crap 10 minutes later like clockwork.

You need fiber just mix a tablespoon of this with steel cut... and eat steel cut oats like a man.

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Where I come from whole oats are the norm. I think the high fiber ones might be cut oats since they're in smaller pieces. Hard to tell since they don't use the anglo-terminology when describing how the oats are prepared.


yes, that's why they're good, you fucking retard

Half water half milk
1-2 tbsp brown sugar
1 chopped banana

trips of truth detected

Kill. Yourself. Now.

u mad we're on to your game, kike?

the fact that highly phytoestrogenic foods like nuts, seeds, and tofu are recommended to women with low estrogen to boost their own estrogen levels should tell you all you need to know about this shit.
if you eat anything other than meat, leafy green vegetables, non-jewed dairy, and water, you are cucking yourself.

>freeze dried strawberries
listen you fuck i'm standing in the grocery story right now because i came here looking for freeze dried strawberries

this is a bag with like half an ounce worth of food in it, advertises that it has 100 fucking calories

what a preposterously uneconomical food, shame on you

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it's for the flavor you dope

Holy shit god trips, flax seeds are devil food, jesus has given this post his seal of approval.

That's what I love about Veeky Forums:

>"*technical explanation of physiological process*, you fucking faggot."

Hey, if we have protons as a macro, quarks would be a micronutrient.

What's the US RDA for quarks?

>Raw strawberries are economical

probably because you have an awful diet and have caused decades of damage to your digestive system


phytoestrogens dont actually effect human estrogen because we arent plants. who'd thunk it....

Actually yes, I literally just finished making ten 16oz mason jars (5 for me, 5 for gf) of overnight oats. Strawberries were on sale, 2 pints for $5, so each jar got a seriously hefty pile of chopped fresh strawberries.

>here's one idiotic anecdote supported by another idiotic anecdote, it all makes sense

Dubs of deception detected

... Lad....

Those ranges are an average from a sample size that includes really fat people, which have elevated estrogen levels. Stop immediately, and hopefully you won't end up with permanent gyno.

Godly macros

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tastes like shit and has an awful texture. meme. just make them the old fashioned way, hot.