How can I learn to talk with people...

How can I learn to talk with people? In social situation my head is usually empty and I just can't think about anything to say. My coworkers now avoid talking to me because they think I hate them.
Any tips for social gains?

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Not much different than the gym famalam

Talk to everyone. Simply saying "hello" is enough. Make sure you acknowledge and talk to EVERYONE.

Let them talk for you.Find out what they like and ask them about it."Hey,Dave,how was that ballgame you went to?" Or
"What did you think of that movie you saw,Amanda?"Just be friendly about it and let them talk.Just smile and nod.Wait for them to ask you things in the conversation and keep answers brief.People love to hear themselves talk and love a good listener even more.Good for girls too.

Practice and alcohol.

that's a girl(male), right?

Please post feet of this girl

I'm much the same but I have a job where I have to talk to customers. Slowly getting better at social situations

I'll let you in on a little secret OP, social interaction is a skill that can be trained. Ever had a class where you had to present a shit load? The first time you get up there you're shaky and you stutter, but eventually with lots of practice it stops effecting you at all.

Try this, go onto omegle with your microphone and video camera turned on, everyone that comes up just try and have a conversation with them for as long as possible. Rinse and repeat, eventually you'll notice it feels less and less uncomfortable

>tfw worked in customer service for three years in college calling alumni for donations to the school
>was best caller there, easy conversations with people
>figured it would make me very good socially

>still a complete social retard in person, barely even talk to people
>literally just sat at a bar for 3 hours with coworkers on friday and never said anything

The first trick i learnt was to play dumb to an extent...if u know someone likes something....ask about it...vein interest...vein ignorance and ask questions u already know the answer to but u know it will make convo...
>what where how who...not when..when is a shit question.
Buy cakes once a fortnight...go in early n dont try for acknowlegement...just know everyones actually happy for cake and will hate u just a little less...pretend ur putting half n hour wages towards buying less hate...

Watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood


Needs to be face to face

Depends on your level of autism. A true high function autism cannot be reversed unless you unlock a genetic error which causes you to act the way you do

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take phenibut

This is why I don't talk to people. I don't give as hit about Dave's washed up loser olympics or what subliterate Hollywood trash Amanda spent her money on last weekend. I don't want to hear about it, what most people talk about is inanely boring. I'd rather read.

>Try this, go onto omegle with your microphone and video camera turned on, everyone that comes up just try and have a conversation with them for as long as possible. Rinse and repeat, eventually you'll notice it feels less and less uncomfortable

does this actually count as face-to-face?

or would it only give me confidence if I feel like i'm hiding behind a computer I can turn off at anytime?

don't people get ridiculously addicted and dependent on Phenibut and have horrible withdrawals when they try to stop?

Don't try to "talk to people." You need to be thinking about the thing you're talking about for it to be natural.

Try to do interesting things with your life. Talk to other people who do those things. Before you know it you'll find yourself making small talk without even thinking about it.

>inb4 doublemint dave

pay attention to people and use it as a platform to conversate

Yeah, but those are retards that take ~2g at least 2x week.

Most suggest 750-1500 mg (at most) per week. Just don't be a retard when using it, and follow directions

>vein interest
Gotta keep it fit related somehow

>doublemint dave
Jesus, I completely forgot about that story.

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You have to be genuinely interested in them. Faking it will get you no further than a surface level butterfly.
I suggest you work your issue in relating to the world with a therapist

I'll bite. Why?

It's cause you put on filters about you talk to different people about. Surely you have at least one person you can talk endlessly to? Even if thats yourself notice how you just talk about everything that crosses your mind? Just do that. Every little thought you have can be vocalized.
Also asking questions can help get a conversation going.

>You put on filters when you talk to different people

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>>You put on filters when you talk to different people
I didnt even know there was another way to interact with people. Usually people say I seem really standoffish when they first meet me but I warm up as time goes on. I feel vulnerable when I speak my mind to new people though because I say a lot of weird things that are only funny if you know me.

i can talk to my best friend about dumb stuff to and he'll run with it, but if i try to pull that shit with anyone else they just treat me like a weirdo

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tried upwards of 2g, didnt do shit

start reading out loud. it build the articulacy part of your brain

for extra practice, when you're driving pick a topic and try and talk about it for as long as you possibly can draw it out

>tfw actually tried this years ago, just typing, not voice or camera
>other person disconnects very soon after connecting
feels bad man

I'm going to try this

I learned how to talk to people by watch video game commentators on youtube. Obviously not people who sperg out and over react to shit, but normal people who play video games and talk during the gameplay.

Sips and Sjin did a really long minecraft series where they just shoot the shit with each other while mining.

I'm being completely serious.

what do when other party doesnt ask me questions? most of, if not all the time im the one doing small talk questions and then when that thread is over i give them a bit of silence time to come up with a question for me yet they never go through so i do another small talk question to keep things going, rinse and repeat. not even talking to girls here just classmates (which granted, are from CS grad which could mean they are also turbo autist) but im tiered of trying to make friends, i dont even think im bad at talking to people, its more like people have a tough time talking to me which i think my is due to my scary face.

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Girl in the OPs pic Instagram is mirukawa and her is mirumiru

Beware if you have anxiety you run at high risk of addiction to phenibut.

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Don't talk to them. What people say is 99% of the times stupid shit with no information in it. If they have a story then listen, but usually they don't even have a story, they just want to stretch their mouth.
the worst are those who can go on and on and on for half an hour without any coherency and with NOTHING relevant being communicated.

Chances are your colleagues are just stupid fuckers and you share nothing with them.

h-how many episodes do i need to watch until i'm no longer autistic?

Well not a giving a shit isn't going to help. For me it helped to realize that we HAVE to get along somehow. Also maybe you'll learn something new or discover a new train of thought. Most people dont do interessting stuff or stuff that you have never seen because you can look up the craziest things online. How many Poeple do you know that bench 315 for reps, yet on youtube that is a joke, coimpared to what the likes of larry wheels are lifting.

Try to be a little bit more open minded. I still hate most poeple around me tho

I would still put effort in. Sometimes people have really interesting or insightful things to say. You should always try to listen to others, even if you don't hang on every word.

Every single person you meet knows something that you don’t

These are all really good advice, just listen m8, if they're saying just bullshit you've wasted some minutes, but if they're saying something you didn't know you made a great investment

This works.
I feel like a sociopath when I do it, but it works. Just keep asking questions and simulate interest in what they're saying.

>I feel like a sociopath when I do it
Why? You shouldn't. I always feel like more people should listen instead of talk.

Don't expect to make friends. Say hi and try to not look depressed. Ask people questions and try to get to know them.

Monday: How was your weekend?
Tuesday; What's for lunch?
Wednesday; How's your week going?
Thursday: What's for lunch?
Friday: Any plans for this weekend?

If your feeling really extroverted, talk about your self. If you talk about lifting just say you workout. Never shit talk any form of fitness. Assume co-works are normies or worse when it comes to fitness.

Being social is not a gain. Either you are or your aren't. Everyone knows this and nobody cares.

Because I typically don't care about the answers to the questions I'm asking. I'm asking questions simply to make them feel comfortable around me. It's feels manipulative.

Doesn't matter how you feel. Fake it till you make it.

Meh. People like to hear themselves talk, and even if it's not true, they like to believe that other people like to hear them talk too. It's not really manipulative, so much as it is practice for real conversations.


too much sugar, gonna fuck up my macros.

Models by Mark Manson.

It's aimed at picking up women, but if you apply the lessons in the book to general socialization it works really well.

but what if i'm ugly

This is true. Play games and shit on discord or other voice chat things. Get ino gaming or other kind of online communities like guilds or clans etc.

Try to find places where u can hang out on camera and chat. Shit like this is your go to social skills homegym.

Then go out and do some sport or any team based activity there are always places that need more participants doing whatever dumb shit they like to do like board games for instance


stop giving a fuck
stop giving a fuck
stop giving a fuck

don't think to yourself "what if they dont want to talk to me right now", DO WHAT YOU WANT, SAY WHAT YOU WANT. You are more than the other person, so don't be scared to do or say what you want, get it off your chest. You are a great human being and your opinion/time is valuable, sharing with other people is a gift to them, not yourself. Nothing is wrong with smiling, raising an eyebrow, rolling your eyes, laughing, making weird facial expressions, it's all natural

all this is going to roll off of you because you need EXPERIENCE. Its a skill like everything else, YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD IN SOCIAL SITUATIONS WITHOUT EXPERIENCE, there is no book, no magic formula, no mindset, just EXPERIENCE

>i can now comfortably make small talk with females, even with my crush
thank you Veeky Forums

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tfw watch youtube all the time and think I would get along well with other people who speak English, problem is, I live in a shithole so speaking in the native language feels uncomfortable and I can't express myself as well as I can when speaking English.

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>watching minecraft gameplays to cure your autism
You're being meme'd m8

Unironically this

Thing is, if you have legit autism you wont view your behavior as something that you want to change.

But do you just ask another question after being answered, or do you talk a bit about the answer they give you before asking another question?