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>made fat by mother as a kid
>everyone hates me and says im greedy and ugly
>made to be on an on/off again gluten diet
>get fatter and develop loads of problems in puberty
>at 12 i grow shitloads of boils
>my mother forces me to let her squeeze the boils on my ass
>she convinces me im fat becuase of autism or gluten intolerance or thyroid some shit

I got away and officially lost 20kg eating all the food she didnt wany me eating.

Shes killing herself by being unhealthy as fuck now.


Just wanted to bitch.

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Oh and i was meantally fucked up in every way and failed school cuz of all my severe parent enflicted health issues.

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OC bois

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>that increase in views
fuck this gay world

>That glorious feel when you're Dad was Veeky Forums growing up and your Mom made a meat, starch, and vegetable dinner every night.

They weren't perfect. More candy, soda, and fast food than I would give to my kids, but they were pretty damn good. Thanks Mom and Dad :')


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Oh my fucking god

/fph/ how disgusting are fatties who aren't fat anymore but are so hopelessly lost in fatlogic that even now that they've made it they still insist it was hard? We all know losing weight is the easiest thing in the world, it's literally just putting down the fork, these self obsessed pansies are just touting it like some kind of medal to protect their tiny still-obese egos because they can't bear to admit they stayed fat as long as they did for no reason. Even worse are the ones who keep losing weight and become """""""anorexic""""""" so that their weight loss will become something people feel bad for them about. Fucking sympathy sponges

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This is the exact same guy who posted a series of videos in which he cries in bed with the camera 6 inches from his face while telling everyone the doctors said his kidneys and liver were failing or some shit and that he needs to stop doing mukbangs and then like a month later he's back at it again. I don't know if it ever came out that he was trolling for views or what but he's either that or extremely mentally ill and attention seeking.

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What is a "mukbang" I'm not giving this man views

I would imagine its haes talk or a challenge similar to binge everything.

mukbang are livestreams of koreans eating food. The actual genre is not fat people, they are almost always very attractive korean women eating expensive food like kbbq or sushi

Do they only eat when streeming and no other time?

How else would they stay skinny while eating that much?

some of them have disorders. there's one girl who's intenstines don't process food normally or something. other people only do it rarely. Look at matt stonie, one of the best food eaters int he world. He basically trains by eating a lot 2-3 times a week and then 4-5 days a week he eats nothing but veggies and low cal while working out every day

hell yeah mall grab is sick

Holy fuck, this thread is sad.

But you're the one who watches nuCartoon Network, so who's the real loser here my dude?

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Snek Man talking shit to fat people live


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>I have a vagina!

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is that the same 'fat blocker' pills that cause people to have super loose stools that just leak out of the asshole

Yup. That's their main mechanism. Fatties always think there's a shortcut

Posted this last thread before it died but here it is again
>Living with fat room mate
>It's my birthday and my friends knew the perfect present to give me
>So hyped to try it but decided to leave it in the freezer because I was going to leave for a few days to meet my family
>Come back from meeting family and remember the meat i'm going to cook
>Look in freezer
>Don't see it
>Know it's there so I slowly take everything out of the freezer one piece at a time
>Fat room mate see's me and is watching
>Ask her what happened to the meat
>I have 2 room mates, 1 is fat and the other is a skinny vegan
>"I don't know, you ate it before you left"
>Know for a fucking fact I did not
>Mad that my one gift was stolen from me
Why can't fat fucks respect other people's food?
I got some more if anyone is interested

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That poor child.

Fucking fatties
Hit me with another story
Are you the same user that posted the story about the fat roomie that would steal your drinks/condiments and then when they got halfway used she would water them down?

I’m an atheist, but I still want to pray for that child.

I would be fucking furious. The audacity on fat fucks. Give me more to rage upon mate.

did someone fucking season him

share em my man

No but I wouldn't put it past fats. Here is another
>Both of my room mates and me start going to college (this was the fats first and only semester)
>Taking english class together and it was her turn to drive the car for car pool
>We are running late and there is a quiz this day
>Fatty needs to get a Mcdonalds hamburger and diet soda every morning or else she will literally die
>Telling her to not do it because if she does we will definitely miss the quiz
>"But I need it!"
>She drives past the Mcdonalds and I think for once in her life she made a mature decision
>Tell her thank you
>"For what?"
>For not going to Mcdonalds
>"I passed Mcdonalds?!"
>She literally does a U-turn right then and there and spends 10 minutes in the Mcdonalds line to make sure she gets her meal

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>that image
Nobody can be this stupid.
Also, isn’t having a thin, almost obscenely small person eat loads of food the point of Mukbang? (At least I saw it mostly done by asian women, having men and fatties do it seems like missing the point)

these are excerpts from an academic article about obesity in lesbians. I want to know, what do you guys think about it?

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being obese is totally progressive guise

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This is genuinely scary shit, user. I'm glad you're getting better

god bless you if you read all that and still have eyes
and remember, stating that a minority group is at risk for obesity and other life-threatening conditions is bad, somehow

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Be easy with him, user.

The Jewish propaganda broke him.

fuck that guys legs are strange

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And just what sort of post-structuralist meme journal was this published in?

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Gay women tend to be obese and unhealthy. Fit gay women are an extreme minority and tend to just be straight/psychotic women with a homosexuality fetish or gay identity.

I came across this assterpiece because I'm doing a paper on fat acceptance and their promotion of poor health.
You inspire me, Veeky Forums.

Post your paper and are you aware of fat studies by chance?

i'm just collecting data right now, I don't have anything substantial to post, but I could probably post some snippets down the line if I can.

as for "fat studies", in the article I posted they reference that numerous times, though I admit the definition is not clear to me.

Thanks for toeing the line, OP
You're contributing to a less shitty Veeky Forums

I'll contribute tomorrow after I wake up from my beauty sleep.
Stay gold, Veeky Forums. Stay gold.

Old threat for anyone who missed the new paradigm shift. In archive.

>positions pencil in picture
Your drawing was neat but you're a fag

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Ah well Godspeed user

the new normal

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I had to look up whatever channel your pic is, because i honestly can't believe this shit. And IT*S FUCKING REAL. I thought it would be 101% satire but it's fucking real. Then i saw the like/dislike ratio, thank fuck for that, at least.

My bulking diet is around 3000-3500 my God

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"Fat studies" in layman's terms is roughly equivalent to "pseudoacademic whalesong." Just as gender studies is a heaping pile of "muh vagina," fat studies is "muh adipose." Expect frequent mention of how hard society makes it to be fat, with little thought given to how hard fat makes it to be alive.

I'm a 105lb shitlady that does daily ballet... how do you eat that much? 2500 is a complete top out for me, and I'm usually a lot closer to 1350-1800 a day...

To maintain myself when I was 135kg 6'0 I needed 3500. WHAT THE FUCK.

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I only need 1200 calories a day jesus fucking christ

Those cheese fries look absolutely fucking disgusting, if you’re gonna eat like shit at least have some quality shit food

Why don't you just post the bunny picture you draw instead

Someone post the one about a woman who left her greasy shits on a plane seat

I can smell it.

Manlet gtfo

5'9" isn't that short, r-right?

You either hardcutting and fucking up your gains and health or you are a dwarf

You should have your internet privileges removed for being so fucking stupid. Making posts like this is a threat to public sanity. I feel dumber for just having read this.

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I'm 5'9" 140 lbs, I'm guessing that I'm wrong in saying that I need 1200 calories a day and I'm actually starving myself

When I was training 4+ hours a day to swim at sectionals and j nationals I topped out at 3300. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Well it's just critique of other studies not actually doing any investigation on its own.

nice brah

I love this image

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I'm a 5'10 140lb woman and 1200 is what I'm currently eating to cut

I eat 1200 and I'm a 5'4" 130lb girl

You probably need to eat a little more bruh


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Man I'd feel damn full all the time if I ate that much.


sounds normal to me, my maintenance is 3k @200lbs

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[stares in opression]

I can tell
Feel bad for the kid
Who is this beast in every single fph?
I bet this guy makes why can't I bulk up threads
Both ugly as fuck

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Is that a Beastman dedicated to Nurgle?

Thats abt right for me, but im also 6'5 @240

>carpooling with fatties
>letting a woman drive for you

where you 5'5? thats kinda low on calories while swimming 4 hours when you were probs burning around 300-500cals per hour.

You cant burn that much from swimming wtf

Starting in my freshman year of high school my dad started waking me up at 4am to take me to the gym monday through Friday. I miss my dad.

/cbt/ how disgusting are these natties who aren't dyel anymore but are so hopelessly lost in dyellogic that even now that they've made it they still insist it was hard ? We all know gaining weight is the easiest thing in the world, it's literally just picking up the fork, these self obsessed pansies are just touting it like some kind of medal to protect their tiny still-skinnyfat egos because they can't bear to admit they stayed dyel as long as they did for no reason. Even worse are the ones who keep gaining weight and become """""""obese""""""" so that their weight gain will become something people feel bad for them about. Fucking sympathy sponges

5'8" 160lbs here. You should probably eat a little more.


i dont think it works like that pal

nice reddit spacing faggot go back there mods pls prune this blog shit

His channel is a huge goldmine jesus christ

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are you a former/recovering fatty? physically it seems like a simple equation, cico and all that. i think the hard part is like you said, "hopelessly lost in fatlogic." i think that includes not realizing how far one has let themselves go, the delusion in believing it is some insurmountable task theyll never be able to accomplish. I'll throw in thinking one is doing enough to lose weight when they're not. also, not realizing how much damage one is doing and calories they're ingesting. im not saying these are valid excuses, and it doesn't make it any less disgusting. at the end of the day it's all up to personal responsibility. this is just my opinion though

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Hey guys, random user popping in just to say thanks again for motivating me to lose weight. Last year I was 320lbs when I stumbled upon this board looking at a thread like this. I'm now at a 220lbs and still working on losing weight.

Is she wearing an IDF uniform?

do it, user.

I hope south korea gets nuked for creating this mukbang shit, I hate it so much its disgusting