Welcome to Veeky Forums chad thread

>Welcome to Veeky Forums chad thread
>How "Chad" are you?

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I'm gigamegaChad. Only trips can defeat me.


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I once had a 20 minute conversation with a girl and fucked her right after

I never said a single word

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step aside manlets

What's a chad?

Leave me alone pencil neck man

Oh yeah? Well I'm alphaomikrongigamegaChad. Only quads can defeat me

Outta the way lanklets

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Leave me alone pencil neck man

>C H A D

I don't even lift other than to stay slim. I've banged over a hundred women, I make $70k working 24 hours per week, I have a masters in biotech science, and I'm considered a 9/10 by most women. Tinder is like picking through a hooker delivery catalogue. Personality gains really paid off ten years ago. I can literally go out and pick a women. If she doesn't like me, there's already another lined up ready to talk to me.
I still browse Veeky Forums and /mu/ though... You can't ever leave.

Leave me alone pencil neck man

I once met a girl at 11am for the first time and fucked her at 2pm
she was quite cute as well

I got a girl to send me nudes on snapchat

I once went to a party a few ysars back to fuck a chick who invited me, I ended up fucking her and then later her mom.
I stole the moms g-string so I could take pictures wearing it for Veeky Forums.

post pics

Leave me alone pencil neck man

I once pissed myself at the toilett in my gym, but continued my workout for 1 hour with totally wet pants

I'm so chad I only sob when having sex, never cry.


I one picked up a chick in uni, got her number, she drove me home and then i cock blocked myself by sperging out

The only Chad-like thing I do is lift.

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Nice larp, faggot

Leave me alone pencil neck man

Leave me alone pencil neck man

I have no social skills and can still fuck sluts on tinder just with my looks

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I got a gf

It’s a good feel

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leave me alone pencil neck man

Leave me alone pencil neck man

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Leave me alone pecil neck man


Leave me alone pencil neck man

I’m gigabyte only your mum can defeat me

>I had a tub of whey this morning!
>Yeah, so?
>Without any milk.

I look like this so fucking decide for yourself

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Easy, a hot life guard started talking to me yesterday, as a dyeler...

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>posting your face unsolicited on the internet broadcasting your insecurities
lul nice upper eyelid exposure faggot.

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I went to a gay club last weekend and made out with a guy and an asian woman and I got the number of 2 other guys who wanted to suck my dick.

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Youre a long way from the path of chad. You might make it to chad lite™ if you get Veeky Forums

this lol


Those eyes
>n-no homo

Leave me alone pencil neck man

malaka xristo


on my day 6 dry fast

Leave me alone pencil neck man

nice face gayboy

Leave me alone pencil neck man